All My Children Update Wednesday 6/27/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By Angela

Hayley and Mateo go to the boathouse (the place where everything in PV happens these days) for a picnic.  Hayley tells Mateo that she's invited Adam and J.R.  Mateo gets really ticked off about that but he can't say much when Isabella and Rosa show up.  (I guess he forgot to mention to Hayley that their day alone before the baby came included his family as well.  Then Liza shows up with J.R. and Adam and Marcus is tagging along as well.

Hayley takes Adam aside and tells him that he needs to help J.R. with his problem.  Adam gets huffy with her and tells her that "his son" doesn't have a drug problem.  Liza comes over and she and Hayley talk about it.  Hayley says that J.R. fits the demographics and it's just typical that he would get involved with drugs.  Isabella overhears.  She calls Rosa over and tells her that she needs to rethink Rosa's going to PVH in the fall because there's a drug problem there.  Rosa tells her that there was a drug problem at St. Agnes and anyone who wanted drugs could get them.  Isabella tells her that J.R. is on drugs and Adam hears her.  He blows up and a big intrafamily fight ensues.  J.R. walks away and takes the XTC that Sweeney gave him the day before.  Marcus asks Rosa to go for a walk with him since her family is fighting and they probably won't miss her for awhile.  They walk by J.R. who is laying on the grass with his headphones on and the music up really loud. 

Leo, Brooke, and Bianca are at the hospital when Zora comes out and tells them that Laura is waking up.  They all go in and when she wakes they tell her that she had the transplant.  She wants to know who's heart she got but they do not tell her.  They tell her it has to remain confidential, but that it was a young woman who was very lovely and caring.  Leo brings her a gift.  It's a razor scooter.  He rides in on it but Zora takes it away from him.  Dr. Martin (Joe) checks Laura out and says she could still reject the heart but things look good so far.

Ryan hears Gillian call him and he gets up to look for her.  Suddenly, he smells gardenias.  He is pretty spooked, but then Gabriel walks in and Ryan attacks him.  Gabriel tells him he just came to tell him that he's sorry about Gillian and he has brought him a gardenia, because he knows that Gillian loved them.  They sit down and Gabriel is trying to tell him how wonderful Gillian was when Dimitri comes in and grabs Gabriel.  He tells Ryan not to listen to him because it's his fault that Gillian is dead.  Gabriel runs out.

Dimitri tells Ryan that he's made funeral arrangements and Gillian will be buried in the Marick masoleum.  Ryan objects, saying that Gillian is still there and he will not bury her.  Dimitri leaves and Leo comes by.  He tells Ryan how well Laura is doing and wants to know if he wants to come and see her.  Ryan says he can't and would prefer to be left alone.

Back at Wildwind Anna drags Gabriel in to see Edmund.  She tells him that she wants Gabriel to stay there instead of going to the shelter.  Edmund tells him that he can stay but he says he doesn't want to because Dimitri hates him.  Edmund defends Dimitri saying that he really hates Charlotte and what she did to him when he was at Bryn Wyd.  They also know that Charlotte did terrible things to Gabriel as well.  Gabriel runs out, refusing to talk about it.  Dimitri comes back and is really mean to Gabriel again.  Anna tells him to back off.  Edmund and Anna tell Dimitri (off camera) all the things that Charlotte did to him at BrynWyd.  Dimitri is appalled and says it's the worst child abuse he's ever heard about.  He thinks Gabriel needs intense psychotherapy and hospitalization.  Gabriel overhears and doesn't like that idea.  He takes off.

Back at the yacht, Ryan cannot find the cameo that he put on the table in front of the couch when Leo visited.  He looks everywhere for it but does not find it until he walks in the bedroom and it is laying on the pillow on the bed.  He wonders how it go there.  Suddenly, the door of the yacht flings open.

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