All My Children Update Tuesday 6/26/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 6/26/01

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By Angela 

Rosa is down by the boathouse and everybody has left when she sees Gabriel.  He has been beaten up and she tries to help him.  He awakens and freaks out when she tries to help him up.  He shoves her just as Mateo walks up.  Mateo attacks him and it looks like Gabriel is going to get another beating (I swear this kid is the town punching bag!  If it's not Sweeney and his buddies, it's Dimitri and now Mateo).  Rosa begs him to stop.  She says that he didn't hurt her, but that somebody beat him up.  Mateo asks him if this is true, but he won't answer.  Sweeney and Marcus show up and tell "Mr. Santos" that Gabriel had a knife and they tok it away from him and threw it in the lake.  Then they sent the girls home because they didn't want them to be around Gabriel.  They were just coming back to check on Rosa.  They "sir" and "Mr. Santos" Mateo to death, but he doesn't buy their Eddie Haskel routine.  He snarls at Rosa to put her shirt back on (She's wearing that little white half shirt) and after they leave, she blasts him for embarassing her.  She says that their mom knew she was there to swim and she had done nothing wrong.  He quizzes her about what she wants to do with her life (after college) and she says she is not going to be a 21st century Maria.  She tells him he's too much like Hector and he needs to knock it off.  They go back to S.O.S. and continue this little brother to sister lecture where he basically tells her that the world is not a safe place and she needs to stay in imaginary land in her pretend house that she had when she was a little girl.

Meanwhile, Sweeney and Marcus discuss Rosa.  Marcus tells Sweeney he's too old for her and besides, he saw her first.  Sweeney says he has some crystal meth and he's looking to expand his business.  Also, we find out today that Sweeney's dad is a PV Cop.  Hmmmmm!!!

Dixie calls Tad from the yacht and tells him that she needs to see him.  He says he just got back from a business trip and he's at SOS.  She can meet him there.  When she hangs up, we see that he is with Pam, Leslie's sister.  She asks him if they are going to tell Dixie what they did.

Dixie says goodbye to Ryan after he yells at them all to leave.  He just wants to be alone.  Liza stays to put away all the food that was brought and Ryan tells her that everywhere he looks he sees Gillian.  In her earrings, the clothes she left laying around, etc.  He lays down but he hears Gillian calling him.  He gets up and looks for her but can't find her.  He lays down again and goes to sleep.  Once again a breeze blows through the room and he hears Gillian calling his name.

Dixie goes to S.O.S. just in time to see Tad with his arms around Pam.  She looks very jealous.  Tad introduces her and Dixie is very friendly to Pam and talks to her about Leslie.  Tad tells her that someone spotted Leslie in Denver and they went there to try and find her.  Tad put up a reward for her capture.  Pam apologizes to Dixie for what Leslie did to her and J.R.  She leaves and Tad tells Dixie that he was sorry she walked in on the hug, but glad that she was a little jealous.  She tells him about Gillian and Laura.  They decide to go get something to eat.  They leave S.O.S. together and she rides with Tad, leaving her car behind.

reenlee and Jake have sex, but when they finish, they are both suffering from "ooh, I wish I hadn'ta done that!"  Greenlee gets up to go get a drink but leaves instead.  Jake finds her at S.O.S. and they have a drink together.  He gets paged before he can answer her question--does he regret what they did?  She asks him if the pager had gone off during sex would he have left?  He can't believe she would even ask--of course he would have!  He leaves to go to the hospital.

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