All My Children Update Monday 6/25/01


All My Children Update Monday 6/25/01

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By Angela

Laura has gone into cardiac arrest and it looks like it's the end.  Brooke and Leo are thrown out of the room by the many doctors and nurses that respond to the code blue.  They are out in the hall when David comes running down the hall announcing that Gillian's heart is a perfect match and that he will do surgery immediately.

Ryan is still saying goodbye to Gillian when they come and tell him that it's time to unhook her and take her away.  He cries and says he's not ready yet.  Jake comes in and tells him that it's over--Gillian is gone and they have to take her now.  Ryan is left alone in the room as they wheel her away.

Several people come in and try to console Ryan.  Leo goes in and holds him while he cries.  Alex and Dimitri try to get him to leave, but he refuses, saying that Gillian is still there and he can't leave her.  Finally, Brooke comes in and holds his hand.

David comes in the room and announces that it's over.  He takes Brooke out of the room and tells her that the surgery is finished and that the next 48 hours will tell them a lot.  He says that the heart was perfect and beating on it's own, but they have to watch to see if her body rejects it.

Everyone is happy and celebrating except for Ryan, who is still sitting in the room where Gillian was.

Greenlee tells Leo that she know why he married Laura and she understands.  She also knows that he still loves her.  He tells her that he now loves Laura and would sacrifice anything for her--including Greenlee.  Greenlee walks away.

Jake goes home and is very upset.  He throws a glass against a mirror right as Greenlee is walking in.  She makes a joke about how she thought she was the only one who threw things.  He screams at her to get out!  She tells him that she knows that Gillian died and that Laura got the transplant, but not to feel too sorry for himself because he's not the only one who lost something that day.  She throws something and goes and sits down on the couch.  He comes over to her and they start kissing.  They end up in bed but are still dressed in the last scene together.  Will they?  Won't they?  I guess we'll have to wait and see if they really do become "bed buddies."

J.R. is waiting at the condo when Hayley and Mateo get back from the "false alarm" at the hospital.  Mateo is upset that J.R. is there because he's still mad at him because of the accident.  They try to talk but Dixie calls him while he's talking to Hayley.  She tells him she's at the hospital and is going to be late and wants to know where he is.  He's very snotty with her and she tells him there's food in the refrigerator and he should go straight home after he leaves Hayley's.  J.R. assumes that she's there to be with David and leaves Hayley's.  Hayley is worried and upset and convinces Mateo to go look for J.R.  She suggests the boathouse, since that's where Rosa said there was a party going on.

 J.R.  goes to the boathouse where the party is being held in his honor.  Sweeney gives him some XTC and says it's a gift from the guys for covering for them for stealing the drugs out of David's bag.  J.R. gets mad and tells Sweeney he can afford to buy his own stuff, he doesn't need charity.  He also says that nobody tells him what to do.  Marcus implies that he's a mama's boy and Sweeney gives him the XTC.  Will he take it?  I'm guessing yes! 

Marcus really likes Rosa and she's flattered that the most popular boy in school has noticed her.  Phil tells her that he's only the most popular boy in his own mind.  J.R. asks Rosa not to tell her family that she saw him there because he's supposed to be grounded.  She promises.  Gabriel is there and Sweeney, Marcus and Kenny go after him because they don't want him there.


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