All My Children Update Thursday 6/21/01


All My Children Update Thursday 6/21/01

by Angela

It's the Day of Compassion and Stuart is throwing his yearly benefit for AIDS/HIV at the gallery.  Hayley, Adam, Liza, J.R., David and Derek are there (among others) as well as Stuart and Marian.  David corners Adam and tells him that he's disappointed that Adam hasn't returned his calls.  Adam tries to call David's bluff, saying that David doesn't have anything on J.R. and can't prove his claims. 

David slithers over and has a conversation with Derek--Derek tells him that his court date has been set so don't get too used to walking around free.  David smirks and doesn't seem worried at all.  Adam watches from a distance, looking mortified that David is talking to Derek.  Adam comes over and David produces "evidence" that links J.R. to being in his room and tampering with his medical bag.  He says he hired 2 forensics people and they matched J.R.s fingerprints.  He is going to hand it over to Derek if Adam doesn't get him out of trouble.  Adam agrees to do what David wants.

Liza tells Hayley that J.R. is taking drugs.  Hayley wants to talk to J.R. (even though Mateo has forbidden it) and she makes him promise that the next time he is pressured to take drugs he will call her.  He promises, they hug, and he walks away.

At the hospital, Erica announces to Brooke that there is a gunshot victim in the E.R. who's heart can be given to Laura.  Brooke starts to run out and runs into Ryan, who is coming into the chapel.  Brooke is excited and tells him that somebody is in the ER and if the person doesn't make it it will be a wonderful thing because Laura's life can be saved.  She has to go and find the family to see if they will donate the heart.  Ryan looks mortified and runs out.  Erica tells Brooke that "oops...forgot to mention that Gillian is the gunshot victim."  Brooke goes out to find Ryan.  She tries to talk to him about donating the heart but he announces that Gillian is not dead and will wake up at any moment.  Brooke is confused.  She asks Jake and he tells her that Ryan is in denial--that Gillian doesn't have a chance.

Jake tries to go in and talk to Ryan, telling him that they've one three EEG's and 3 Apnea tests, and Gillian is only being kept alive by the machines.  Ryan attacks Jake, throws him out of the room, and locks the door.  He sits by her bed begging her to open her eyes and reminding her of the promises she made to him on their wedding day.  Her heart belongs to him, he says.  She gave it to him.

Meanwhile, back in the chapel, Bianca has come in and Erica has told her about Gillian.  Bianca is upset because people keep dying and she doesn't think she can bear it.  Erica tells her that she has to be willing to love and possibly be hurt or she will be all alone.  She promises Bianca that she will find someone who loves her.

Laura and Leo are laying in bed and Laura announces that she wants to dance.  She can barely talk, but she really wants to dance.  She stands on Leo's feet and they dance.  Then they go on a series of fantasy honeymoons to Venice and Paris.  She tells him about being out on the streets and how Brooke saved her life.  She asks for something to drink and Leo goes out.  He sees Zora, who tells him that the tests are back and Laura's % is at 8% instead of the normal 45%.  She is going down faster than anyone thought she would.  Leo is distraught.  Brooke comes to him and tells him about Gillian.  She tells him that Gillian is a possible match for Laura (their blood types are the same) but Ryan is not allowing them to remove the machines.  (Gillian signed a donor card but did not leave a living will--therefore Ryan has complete control over the situation.)  Leo goes down to the ER and looks through the door at Ryan.  Ryan looks up and sees him.

Brooke goes into Laura's room and is laying on the bed holding her.  Laura thanks her for saving her life.  Brooke says, No, Laura is the one who saved her.  They say they love each other and the alarm on the  machines that monitor Laura's heart goes off.  Laura is unconscious. 


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