All My Children Update Wednesday 6/20/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By Angela

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Laura and Leo are in the hospital room and the justice of the peace is performing the ceremony.  They are getting ready to recite their vows when Laura suddenly stops the ceremony and says she needs to talk to Leo. They ask everyone to leave the room for a few minutes while they talk.   She tells him that she can't marry him because she can't give him the things that a normal wife would--but he convinces her that she's all he needs and they will take things as they come.

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Erica shows up in a panic, sees Bianca and grabs her, giving her a big hug and says how glad she is that Bianca is okay.  She heard that there was a shooting at Wildwind and that a young woman with long dark hair had been brought in to the ER.  Bianca assures her that she's alright and tells her that Laura and Leo are getting married.

Erica goes to talk to Brooke.  She sympathizes with her because she says she knows that this is not the kind of wedding that Brooke had always planned for Laura.  Brooke says that there is so much she wanted Laura to experience--falling in love, burning her first dinner, being pregnant and giving birth, so on an so forth.

Leo calls them back into the room and the ceremony continues.  Meanwhile, Erica is standing out in the hall listening to the ceremony when Greenlee walks up behind her and is flabbergasted when she sees that Leo and Laura are getting married.  She tells Erica that she doesn't care what Leo does and runs off.  Vanessa walks out of the hospital room and sees Greenlee running off.  She follows.  Erica tries to talk to Brooke but Brooke doesn't want to talk.  She tells Erica she's going to the chapel and that's where she'll be if Laura or the doctors need her.  Erica heads towards the ER.

Back in the hospital room, Leo and Laura are preparing for their "honeymoon".  Laura pulls sugar packets out of her purse that she has taken from various restaurants and they have pictures of famous tourist attractions on the back.  The decide to spend their honeymoon at the Grand Canyon.  They lay in bed, close their eyes, and pretend that they are at the Grand Canyon.

Vanessa follows Greenlee back to Jake's apartment, where she proceeds to break everything in sight.  She is definitely Erica's protégé!  Vanessa comes in and Greenlee screams at her to get out.  Vanessa assures her that Leo only married Laura because he pities her--but that he's in love with Greenlee.  And that when Laura draws her final breath (which should be soon), he will be a wealthy man and can come courting her without feeling he's taking advantage of her.  She leaves and Greenlee thinks about what she's said.

Jake tries to tell Ryan that Gillian is brain-dead, but Ryan won't hear it.  He accuses Jake of telling him that to "get back at him" because Gillian chose him over Jake.  He tries to fight with Jake but Jake assures him that he would not lie to him about it.  They go back to the ER. 

Alex is still blaming herself when Anna calls.  She and Edmund are back from England and heard about Gillian.  Edmund is very upset as well.  Dimitri goes to call Eugenia and everyone in Budapest to tell them that Gillian is dead.  Ryan shows up and refuses to believe that she is dead.  He goes into her room and begs her to wake up.

Erica walks into the ER and overhears Alex, Jake, and Joe talking about having her tested to see if her heart matched Laura's.  Erica runs out, finds Brooke in the chapel and announces that she has "found a heart for Laura."


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