All My Children Update Tuesday 6/19/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 6/19/01

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By Angela 

Leo has just proposed to Laura and given her a VERY BIG diamond ring.  4 carets in fact.  Laura says YES and then David comes in to tell her that she has to go down for a test that will take about an hour.  She shows him the ring and announces her engagement to Leo.  David is very genteel and welcomes her into the family.  He also tells her if she has any sense she might want to rethink joining the family, but she says that she's looking forward to it.  He rolls his "future sister-in-law" down for her tests and Leo, Brooke and Bianca get busy planning a wedding that will take place in one hour.

Everyone leaves the hospital room except for Leo who's trying to find the hospital chaplain and ask him if he can do the wedding.  Vanessa comes in ranting about how Leo has charged a $28,000.00 diamond ring to her room at the Valley Inn.  When she finds out that he's about to marry a dying girl with lots of money (or at least, a mother with lots of money) she congratulates him on not letting the breakup with Greenlee cloud his good thinking.  He orders her out when David walks in and takes Leo's side.  Leo asks Vanessa to use Palmer's influence to find someone to perform the ceremony.  She says that's one thing she can do, and leaves.

David and Leo share a tender moment where Leo confesses that he's doing this to keep Laura's spirits up, not to bilk her of her money.  David says he understands and approves and that he's proud of Leo.  Leo asks him to be his best man and David accepts.

David wheels Laura back to the room and she is greeted by musicians, flowers, and friends and family who are there for her wedding.  Brooke and Bianca get her ready for the wedding and do the "something old something new something borrowed and something blue" bit.  While this is going on, Leo is panicked because he realizes he forgot to get wedding rings.  David produces wedding rings that he picked up as a wedding gift for his brother.

They go into the hospital room and the wedding begins.

Greenlee comes back to the apartment and finds Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" playing on the stereo, candles burning, the lights dimmed, etc.  Jake comes out and puts the moves on her.  She doesn't quite know what to think and then he gets kinky, bringing up the topics of video cameras, strawberry oil, and whipped cream.  He picks her up to take her back to his room to "rock her world" when she calls the whole thing off.  She says that she's changed and just can't do it.  Then the phone rings.  It's Joe telling him that Gillian has been brought in to the ER and that he should hurry and come to the hospital.

Gillian is at the ER and things don't look good.  They take her for a CAT scan to see how much damage to bullet has done.  While they are waiting, Dimitri accuses Gabriel of being an animal who's responsible for Gillian's condition.  Gabriel punches Dimitri.  Joe gets the security guards to pull them apart and warns them to stop it.  Alex tries to comfort both of them.  Meanwhile, Ryan has gone to the chapel to pray.  He begs God for a miracle, reminding Him of all the times he helped him when he was a child. 

The neurologist comes out and asks for Ryan.  Alex insists that he tell them the news first.  He says that Gillian is brain dead and that there is no hope.  Jake is there as well (Greenlee came along and is watching the whole scenario unfold) and announces that he find Ryan and tell him.  He finds Ryan in the chapel.  When he walks in, Ryan looks up at him.


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