All My Children Update Monday 6/18/01


All My Children Update Monday 6/18/01

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By Angela

Eileen has her gun pointed at Gillian, who is looking out the window of the turret.  She says, "Goodbye Anna" and the scene ends.

Bianca runs into the hospital and finds Brooke.  She had gone to Brooke's house and was told that Laura was rushed to the hospital.  Bianca is afraid that Laura has died.  Brooke tells her what is wrong with Laura and they head toward her room.

Leo is with Laura in her hospital room.  He tells her that he loves her and wants her to marry him.  She is astonished and doesn't answer.  When Bianca and Brooke show up, Leo says he has to run an errand and will be back.  Laura tells them that Leo proposed.  When Bianca and Laura are alone, Bianca tells her that she is worried that Leo doesn't really love Laura, but Laura is convinced that he does.  She asks Bianca to come each year and commemorate their friendship by visiting the spot on the beach where they had spent the day in case she doesn't live.

Leo shows back up out of breath.  He tells Laura that he is rescending his proposal.  She looks panicky until he tells her that the proposal wasn't good enough for her.  He pulls out a huge ring and proposes again.  She promises to love him forever while Bianca watches with a shattered look.  Laura accepts.

Mateo pushes Hayley into S.O.S. in a wheelchair.  He announces the opening of the new S.O.S. 2001.  The whole club has been redone and those horrible orange and green colored chairs and tables are gone.  Hayley and Mateo are kissing when Rosa walks in.  She is dressed in a low cut, spaghetti strap dress that has every man in the place ogling her.  She begs Mateo for a job as a waitress but he tells her absolutely not.  She's too young to serve drinks and Isabella would kill him.  She begs him to get their mother to give her a break.  She tells Hayley she envies her for being able to do whatever she wanted when she was a kid.  Hayley tells Rosa that she's the lucky one.  Mateo finally lightens up and tells her that he will be the go-between with her and Isabella.  He gives her cab fair and sends her home.  Then he makes a big speech about how Hayley is the most important person in his life and kisses her.  Everyone applauds.

Meanwhile at table 6, Greenlee and Jake are having drinks after Greenlee called Jake and told him he had to come there for a "life and death emergency."  He is a bit perturbed that she's called him there just to have a drink.  Erica pages her and she promises Jake she'll be right back as soon as she's found out how high Erica wants her to jump this time.  As she's leaving, Pat walks in and joins Jake at the table.  Greenlee decides to hang around.  Jake gets paged (it may have been Greenlee who paged him to get him away from the table) and when he walks away to use the phone, Greenlee goes over to Pat and tells her that she and Jake are bed buddies but they have an open relationship.  Jake overhears the conversation.  Pat is furious and leaves, believing what Greenlee has said.  She brushes Jake off when he tries to stop her from leaving.  He sits down at the table and kisses Greenlee.  She is shocked.  He tells her he heard what she said and it's obvious that she "wants" more, so he's going to take her home and give her what she wants.  He walks out dragging a shocked Greenlee behind him.

Alex is looking at the letter to Anna that is signed from Gabriel when Dimitri walks in.  They argue again about Gabriel when suddenly, the guards come in dragging Gabriel in.  He jumped one of the guards and tried to take his weapon.  Dimitri goes off the deep end, convinced that he's been right all along about Gabriel.  Alex demands that they release him.  They finally do and when Gabriel stands up, he passes out.  Alex checks him out and says that he's been drugged.  When he comes to he tells them what happened and that Eileen was trying to kill Anna.  Dimitri orders the guards to find her when Ryan comes in dragging Eileen with a gun to her head.  He says he found her outside the turret and tells them that she works for Charlotte.  Dimitri demands to know how many people are trying to kill Anna but she just smirks and refuses to answer.  

Ryan remarks after she is gone that he needs to get back home and get ready for his honeymoon.  Stella walks in to find out what's going on and tells him that Gillian had been there earlier to get the dress.  About an hour or so.  Ryan relaxes and says that he's sure that she went straight back to the yacht.  Stella says, no, she went to the turret.  Ryan runs out and Dimitri promises to send the police.  That didn't make any sense.  I'm not sure why Dimitri didn't go too.  When Ryan gets to the turret he find Gillian lying on the bed on her back.  He goes over to her, thinking she's asleep and tries to awaken her.  He starts to get worried when she doesn't respond.  When he pulls his hand away from the back of her head it's covered in blood.  He screams.


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