All My Children Update Friday 6/15/01


All My Children Update Friday 6/15/01

By Angela  

Leo takes Laura to the hospital where she is admitted.  Zora reads Leo the riot act for taking Laura out and blames the whole thing on him.  Laura defends him.  David comes in and examines Laura.  She tells him that she's no longer afraid to die, and she didn't care that she woke up with a pain in her chest--she didn't want to miss her day with Leo.

Leo and Brooke are out in the hall.  Brooke asks Leo if he really loves Laura and he doesn't say.  She assumes that he really does love her.  Leo yells at David for not doing enough to save Laura.  David tells him to hope for a miracle because that is what Laura needs.  Leo goes in to see Laura and tells her that he wants to make all her dreams for the future come true3 and  asks her to marry him.

Eileen has Gabriel tied up when he comes to.  She has shot him with a tranquilizer gun.  She tells him that if he will not tell her where Anna is, she will have to kill both sisters to make sure she's gotten the right one.  She writes a letter, signs Gabriel's name to it, and puts in in an envelope with Anna's name on the front of it.  She sneaks into Wildwind (where the doors are not locked even though they have hired a top notch security team to protect them) and puts the letter on the coffee table.  She has promised to come back and kill both Anna or Alex and Gabriel.  Gabriel gets free and runs out after Eileen leaves.

Gillian is packing everything but the kitchen sink for their trip to Budapest.  Ryan brings Alex and Dimitri to the yacht to show them what all she's packing.  They have a drink to toast each other and Alex and Dimitri get into an argument about Gabriel.  Ryan and Gillian are very uncomfortable but Alex and Dimitri make up.  Gillian tells Ryan that when they get to Budapest there will be a reception to meet him.  About 400 people will be there and Ryan is nervous because he thinks he is a commoner and people won't like him.  Gillian insists that they will, just as they loved her grandfather Alexi, the son of a farmer when her grandmama brought him home.  She talks about the dress that her grandmama wore.  She decides that she hasto have that dress in Budapest, so she calls the housekeeper at Wildwind and asks her to bring her grandmama's trunk down from the attic.  Gillian goes to get the dress and then decides to go to the turret.

Alex comes in and sees the letter for Anna.  She opens it.  It says, "I am in trouble.  Please come to the turret. Gabriel." 

Ryan gets a call from Adrian who has done a background check on Eileen.  He tells Ryan that she is a paid assassin.

Eileen walks into the turret and sees Gillian, who has her back to Eileen and is looking out the window.  Eileen aims her gun.  

Liza insists that Adam tell Dixie the truth about JR.  He tells them that JR did take one pill and that was it.  He calls JR down and tells him to only admit to taking one pill and nothing else.  He tells him that he knows about how he got the pills.  JR tells Dixie and Tad that he is hurting so bad and a pill helps him feel better.  His exact words were "a pill and 20 minutes are all I need to stop hurting."  Dixie insists that he come home with her and JR agrees.  Liza and Adam fight after they leave.  He says that one day she'll appreciate all he does for his kids.


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