All My Children Update Thursday 6/14/01


All My Children Update Thursday 6/14/01

by Angela

Adam tells JR that he cannot leave for soccer practice because Dixie is on her way over.  He had to call her, he says, because she will find out eventaully so they might as well go ahead and tell her.  He tells JR to just agree with everything he says and not to confess to anything.  Liza doesn't hear that part, but tells him that Tad is on his way over too for a business meeting.  Adam isn't happy about that but he doesn't say anything.  Dixie shows up first and Adam whitewashes the whole situation and tells her that Kenny OD'ed on drugs and that JR had the good sense to get his friend to the hospital.  Dixie says that she heard differently from Jake--that JR and his friends "dumped" Kenny in front of the hospital and took off.  She asks JR if he took any drugs and Adam jumps in and says "JR doesn't take drugs!" while Liza looks on in shock.  Tad shows up and says he wants to talk to Adam.  Adam tries to call the meeting to an end saying that they are through but Dixie tells Tad what happened.  Adam says that there was nothing to it--but that JR is a hero for saving his friend.  Tad says that Brooke called and told him that Adam tried to kill David Hayward and accused him of giving JR drugs.  Adam admits that he made a mistake and then drags Liza off to his study to talk to her.  JR tells Tad and Dixie  that he made the whole story up to get David in trouble because he was mad at him for coming to the school looking for Dixie.  He apologizes and hugs Dixie.  Then he leaves.

Dixie apologizes to Tad for not telling him about David coming to school to look for her.  He wants to know why she didn't tell him and she said because she wasn't there and didn't see him.  She tells him that she went to his hotel to tell him to leave her alone--that it was over.  He wants to know if David will accept that.  She says that she doesn't know.

Adam and Liza talk about why he didn't tell Tad and Dixie the truth.  He tells her that JR stole the drugs from David and that David has threatened to turn him over to the police if Adam doesn't get him out of jail.  Adam starts talking about hiring lawyers, bribing judges, and having evidence excluded.  Liza gets angry and tells him that he made this decision without even talking to her.  She goes out to the den and tells Tad and Dixie that Adam lied to them.

Leo and Laura wake up and Laura wants to go out for the day.  It's obvious she's not feeling well, but she doesn't say anything.  Zora comes out and tells her that she's run Laura a hot bath but Laura says she's hungry and a bowl of Zora's special oatmeal would be great.  Zora goes off to make oatmeal and Leo and Laura make a break for it.  But Zora has already figured out their plan and has gone out the back and is standing on the porch when they try to leave.  When she goes back to the kitchen, they really do take off and head to the park.  They play on the swings, with the kids in the park, etc.  They take lots of pictures.  Leo asks her where she wants to go next and she says, "Take me to the hospital."

Hayley is laying on the couch and Mateo is paying bills.  He asks her if she wants to have sex but she reminds him that his mother and sister are coming over.  Isabella comes in and sees that the condo is a wreck and offers to clean up.  She says that she's taken Rosa to the library to work on her finals but she will be there soon.  Mateo tells her that Rosa has probably gone off with some boy to get coffee.  When Rosa shows up she's in her school uniform.  She has the top tied up like a halter and has rolled the waistband of her skirt up.  She fixes her uniform, wipes off the lipstick and goes in.  Isabella puts her to work cleaning and tells her that she's gotten her a summer job at the rectory.  Rosa freaks out begging Isabella not to make her work at the rectory during the summer.  She wants to get a job at the mall.  She begs Mateo to talk to Isabella for her and Mateo doesn't want to, but finally agrees.  He tells Isabella that it might look better on her transcripts if she gets a job on her own for the summer.  Isabella doesn't like that and Rosa yells that she is not going to be a doctor like Maria.  Isabella tells her that she could never be Maria.  And that Maria could never have been her.  Then they leave.  Mateo asks Hayley if she wants to bring another crazy Santos into the world.


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