All My Children Update Wednesday 6/13/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/13/01

By Angela

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When we last left Pine Valley, Leo was trying to pull Adam off of David at Brooke's house.  He finally manages to pull them apart and David tells Adam that JR has a problem and he can prove it.  Adam goes with him to his hotel suite where the bellboy who saw JR and his friends in the hallway comes up and tells Adam that he saw JR go back to David's room after David had left, go in, and then leave with a bunch of boys.  Adam accuses David of buying the bellboy off, but David offers to have the place dusted for fingerprints, although he warns that getting the police involved may not be something Adam wants to do.  He tries to broker a deal with Adam--If Adam finds a way to keep him from doing time, he will not mention that JR stole drugs from his room.  He gives Adam the night to think about it.  Adam leaves (speechless for once) and David gloats, laughs, and thanks JR for insuring that he won't have to go back to jail.

Meanwhile, back at Brooke's, Brooke and Jamie have made popcorn and they all sit around eating popcorn and drinking lemonade.  Jamie asks Laura if she's afraid, and she tells him that she is, but she knows that she's going to be okay and even if she's not and dies, that Jamie shouldn't be afraid to live his life.  They hug and Jamie goes off to bed.  Laura goes to bed and Leo tucks her in.  She asks him to stay the night but he objects (because of her heart) and she says she only wants him to hold her.  He gets into bed with her.

Alex and Gabriel are talking while Eileen has the gun pointed at them.  When Gabriel calls her "Alex" Eileen backs off, realizing that she's not Anna.  Gabriel hears and goes after her.  Dimitri comes out and accuses Gabriel of making things up to get on his good side.  Gabriel gets mad and accuses Dimitri of not liking him because he's Black and then stalks off to find out who he heard.  Alex questions if this is true and Dimitri gets very defensive.  He denies it and says it's only because her family is so kooky--why wouldn't her brother be just as nuts as everyone else?  She hugs him.

Gabriel walks in on Eileen who has her back to him.  He tells her to turn around and she does, pointing the gun at him.  He tries to convince her that he's not an intruder (still thinking she's a security guard) when suddenly he recognizes her.  He tries to grab the gun (a pretty gutsy move since it was pointed right at his chest) and she shoots him.  She then drags his body off.

Greenlee and Jake are at the Valley Inn having champagne when Greenlee sees Erica and Jack at another table.  She goes over to Erica, fully expecting to be congratulated for her stunt at the mall.  Instead, Erica is livid and threatens to have her arrested.  She says that people are threatening to sue Enchantment.  She tells Greenlee she is not to make any moves without approval and if she has a problem with that, well, "there's the door!"  Greenlee slinks off.  Roger shows up and thanks Erica for taking Greenlee under her wing.  He then goes over to Greenlee and tells her he's gotten a job and he'll pay her back every cent he stole from her trust fund.  Only he didn't use the word "stole".  She tells him she'll believe he's changed when she sees it, but until then to stay away from her because she's not ready to trust him just yet.


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