All My Children Update Monday 6/11/01


All My Children Update Monday 6/11/01

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By Angela

Greenlee and Leo argue in the ER and he tells her to leave him alone while Brooke, Laura and Bianca watch.  Greenlee and Laura get into a cat fight and Laura basically calls her a whore.  Greenlee stalks off and goes back to the mall to change her clothes.  (She is still wearing the lingerie and a trench coat that she's not bothering to keep closed.)    Jake drives her there and he tells her that he's proud of her for talking the manager of the lingerie shop into doing business with Enchantment.  Greenlee kisses Jake and when he asks why she kissed him she tells him it was to shut him up.  Then she walks away.

Laura thanks Leo for loving her and Brooke takes her home.  Bianca and Leo get into an argument over whether Leo's intentions are sincere or if he's just pretending to be in love with Laura.  He accuses her of being jealous but they quickly patch things up.  Bianca decides to go to Wildwind (even though it's night) and ride because she's upset.  Leo tries to talk her out of it but she's made up her mind.

Edmund and Anna kiss.  He tells her that he's going to England with her and there's no way she can change his mind.  She says that Alex and Dimitri will be mad so she's going to let Edmund tell them.  Edmund decides that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission, so they leave.  Before they go Anna gives Gabriel the ring that belonged to their father and promises him that nobody will ever hurt him again.  After they leave, someone starts banging on the door.  Gabriel answers it and it's Bianca.  She's seen something at the stables and grabs his hand and drags him with her.

Adam hears that a boy has been brought into the ER with a drug overdose.  He is scared to death that it's JR.  He and Liza go to the hospital and talk to Jake.  He tells them that they had to pump Kenny's stomach and that he's going to be okay but he's sure that it was JR in the car that dropped Kenny off.  Adam doesn't want to believe it.  JR gets into an argument with Sweeney and Marcus.  They don't care if Kenny is okay and don't want JR to check on him.  JR goes to the hospital anyway and Adam and Liza find him there.  JR swears that he wasn't taking drugs but Liza says that she doesn't believe him.  Adam demands to know the truth and JR comes clean.  He says that they scored the drugs from Dr. Hayward.

Dixie comes to David's suite to tell him that it's over and to please leave her alone.  She says that she's lost her family because of their affair and she wants to try and repair things.  He tries to talk her into giving their relationship a chance but she says absolutely not.  She leaves.  David has a headache and looks in his medical bag for aspirin.  He realizes that someone has been in his bag and taken drugs out of it.


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