All My Children Update Friday 5/25/01


All My Children Update Friday 5/25/01

By Angela  

Erica is looking at Greenlee's "portfolio" when Bianca walks in.  She makes a comment that it looks like something that Greenlee threw together in a hurry.  Erica comments that Greenlee has talent and she's glad that Greenlee came to her first instead of going to the competition.

Bianca is angry!  But Erica reassures her that she has no intention of turning a blind eye to Greenlee.  Bianca wants Erica to fire Greenlee, but Erica tells Bianca to listen and learn! 

Greenlee is at BJ's with Jake.  He is annoyed that she kissed him, but she blows it off and starts talking about her job at Enchantment.    He  basically tells her that she has no talent and is pretty much a total screw up who has no chance of making it in the cosmetic business, and besides, Erica is never going to forget that she blackmailed Bianca.   Greenlee remains undaunted and tries out some of her ideas on Jake--like "Makeovers for the Homeless"  Jake is not impressed with her idea.  

Greenlee gets a call from Erica who asks her to come right over.  Greenlee shows up at Erica's to find her waiting with a contract.  Greenlee wants to have her grandfather's attorney read it first, but Erica is insulted and stalks off in an annoyed way to take a call.  Greenlee doesn't know what to do and Bianca goads her.  They get into a verbal spat and sparks fly.  Greenlee accuses *LesBianca* of being jealous that Erica prefers an all-American girl to her *un-natural* daughter.  "I'm here and I'm not queer!"   Bianca tells her that her mother requires complete loyalty and that Greenlee is not capable of that. 

When Erica comes back, Greenlee jumps at the chance to sign the contract.  (without reading it) 

She leaves and Erica congratulates Bianca on a job well done.  She now has Greenlee right where she wants her--under her thumb! 

Brooke and Laura arrive home with Leo right behind them.  Evidently Brooke said YES to the dance because Laura is freaking out that her dress is not back from the cleaners.  (I'm not sure when she had time to send her dress out to the cleaners since I assume they are returning from the school)  Brooke finds the dress has been delivered and Laura goes to get dressed. 

Brooke asks Leo what he meant by his comment that the dance could be a "once in a lifetime" event for Laura.  He admits that he knows about her heart condition but *promises* that he won't tell Laura.  Brooke changes her mind and says that Laura can't go to the dance.  She accuses Leo of just being after Laura's money.  She tells Leo to break off the date. 

Leo refuses and Brooke apologizes for the accusations.  Leo convinces her to let Laura go.  Laura and Leo leave for the dance.

When they arrive Mindy, Heather, and Shannon make remarks about how Bianca is probably at home pining away with lonliness since Laura is out with someone else.  Laura gives it back to them and they go away.  (none to soon!)  Laura and Leo dance and he tries to get her to sit the fast songs out but she insists on dancing every dance.  She gets dizzy and starts to fall.  He insists that they leave and leads her out of the dance. 

Anna is being attacked by Gabriel.  Edmund and Dimitri pull her away and Anna asks him about the necklace.  He says it belonged to his mother and father.  Anna says it belonged to her father.  Gabriel tells her that the woman in the picture is his mother.  Dimitri doesn't believe him and acts like a jerk the whole time.  Anna suddenly remembers the woman--it was her nanny Cecilia and Gabriel is her half brother.  He says that his mother sent him and told him that when he found her she would know what to do.  Anna insists that he be released by Dimitri goes bezerk.  Gabriel is crouched down in fear.  Suddenly, he leaps at Dimitri.  Dimitri punches him with his fist and Gabriel runs to the cell and hunches over in fear.  Anna runs to him and asks "What has been done to you?"


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