All My Children Update Thursday 5/24/01


All My Children Update Thursday 5/24/01

by Angela

If I had to "name" this episode of AMC I would call it, "ADay of Phone Calls in Pine Valley."

Leo and Bianca are planning a welcome home party for Laura at Bianca's house and are trying to figure out a way to cheer her up when Greenlee shows up at the door looking for Erica.  Bianca is rude to her and tries to get her to leave but Leo wants to talk to her.  Bianca goes outside and Greenlee tells Leo that it will be very hard for them to live in the same town and ignore each other so she wants to be friends.  Leo says NO because he's in love with her.  Greenlee says she's through with love.  They slowly gravitate towards each other with the promise of a kiss when Erica bursts in and demands to know what Greenlee is doing there.  Greenlee starts talking to Erica about some ideas she has and *dismisses* Leo to go and play with Bianca.

Erica thinks that Greenlee has promise and hires her on a trial basis.  Greenlee is excited and leaves.  Erica calls Jack and tells him that she needs him to help her set a trap for Greenlee.  He comes over with an ironclad contract that basically says that Erica owns Greenlee--anything she *creates* belongs to Erica.  She asks Jack if she's wrong in doing this, but Jack tells her that Greenlee deserves it and gives her the green light to go ahead with her plan.

Leo and Bianca go off to find Laura.  Meanwhile at the H.S. gym, Laura and Brooke show up to clean out Brooke's locker.  Brooke gets a phone call from Jamie and Mindy, Heather, and Shannon circle for the kill around Laura, telling her that it's too bad she's a loser and can't get a date for the dance.  (Obviously Jack's little talk with the girls didn't leave a lasting impression!)  Laura tells Brooke that she doesn't care--she'll have lots of parties to go to in college.  Leo and Bianca show up at the gym and Leo asks Laura to go to the dance with him.  Laura says YES (of course!) and Brooke says NO.  Leo tries to convince her to let Laura have this "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

Anna and Edmund are looking at the picture that Anna found.  They think the woman in the picture is the woman in Anna's dream, and also related to Gabriel somehow because she resembles him.  Dimitri comes in complaining because Gabriel's been arrested and he knows that Anna is there.  He gets rough with Anna and tells her that she can't leave Wildwind.  She gets mad at him and tells him that he doesn't treat her sister that way and he's not going to treat her that way.  Dimitri leaves and Edmund makes Anna promise that she'll stay there and not wander around.  Anna promises but has no intention of keeping her promise.  While she waits for the "Brothers Grimm" to leave, she continues going through the box and finds a chain with a ring on it.  She puts it on. 

At the PVPD, Gabriel is in jail handcuffed to the bench.  Since he doesn't talk, I hope he doesn't have to use the bathroom because there's no way he can get to it!  Evidently he's been cuffed since he got there and his wrist is bleeding where he's been pulling on the cuffs.  Edmund and Dimitri show up and try to force him to tell them about the picture Anna has found of her, her family, and some woman who resembles Gabriel.  Anna storms in and tells them to lay off.  She pretends to be Alex when Derek comes in the room and wants to *examine* Gabriel.  Derek gives her 10 minutes and a first aid kit.  Anna asks him about the picture but all he can see is the ring on the chain that she is wearing.  Gabriel screams "THAT'S MINE!" and lunges at Anna grabbing the necklace and pulling with all his might. 

Eileen and Gillian are at BJ's talking about the documentary that Eileen wants to do.  Gillian is trying to put her off because she hasn't gotten permission from Dimitri yet.  Jake comes over and Eileen goes off to take a call.  He and Gillian talk about how they just want each other to be happy.  Gillian tells him to beware of Greenlee.  He tells her not to worry and leaves.  Eileen comes back and pressures Gillian some more.  Ryan walks in and Eileen goes off to take yet another call.  He tells her he knows what she's up to but she shouldn't get involved because Dimitri and Alex want their privacy.  Then he goes off and makes a call to Dimitri to tell him what Gillian is up to and that he needs to do something about Anna right away.   

Greenlee walks into BJs and says hello to Gillian.  Gillian is rude to her.  Eileen comes back and Gillian promises to get her into Wildwind.  Eileen makes a call and tells the person on the other end that she'll be in Wildwind soon and if Anna Devane is there, she'll find her.  

Greenlee finds Jake, tells him that she's been hired at Enchantment.  She plans to learn the business, open up a rival company, and ruin Erica.  Then she grabs Jake and they kiss.  Gillian and Ryan see them and Ryan makes the comment that he feels sorry for Jake.


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