All My Children Update Wednesday 5/23/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/23/01

By Angela

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Dixie and Liza are alone in the courtroom before the hearing.  Liza tells Dixie that Tad isn't going to be there because he has an important meeting and Adam, JR, and Barry are on their way.  They talk about what has happened and how Dixie blames herself and Adam for what has happened and doesn't like JR's friends.  JR walks in and Dixie goes over to him and hugs him.  He doesn't hug her back.  Adam starts in about how no child of his will spend time in Juvenile Detention. 

Court convenes and the judge asks JR how a good student with no past problems could get into so much trouble so quickly.  JR says he's sorry and that when he saw Dixie defending Dr. Hayward he got upset and his head wasn't screwed on right.  He is sorry for endangering Hayley's life and sits down.  Barry stands up and starts a tirade about how Dixie is an unfit mother and this whole situation is her fault.  JR attempts to stand up for her and says it's not her fault that he's in trouble. 

Barry goes on about how Dixie was too busy cavorting in a hotel room with her boyfriend to take care of her son's needs.  Liza begs Adam to call Barry off but he won't do it.  Tad walks in and tells Barry to sit down and shut up.  Barry is offended and tells him that he has no right to be there.  The judge tells Barry to sit down and shut up!  He wants to hear what Tad has to say.  Tad  tells the judge that he's been as much a father to JR as Adam is.  That it was Dixie who sat up with him all night when he was 6 and had the croup, reading him soggy comic books on the bathroom floor.  It was Dixie who chased the monsters from under his bead.  Adam had never lost a minute's sleep over JR and the only monsters he knew of were on Adam's payroll.  He goes on to say how much Dixie loves JR and how they've all made mistakes and that JR is angry and disappointed in them and he has every right to be.  However, Dixie is the core of their family and he needs her in his life. 

The judge sentences JR to 6 months probation, 1 year of counseling (weekly) and 50 hours of community service.  Court is recessed and Dixie thanks Tad for coming and defending her and talking to the judge.  He tells her that "Nothing is more important than our family."  He tells her to go and talk to JR. 

JR walks over to Dixie and hugs her.  He asks her what Tad's being there and defending her meant.  She is non-commital and just says that it means that Tad will always love him and will always be there for him. 

Adam, seeing the tender moment that they are sharing, decides to do a little *damage control* and interrupts.  They start arguing and JR walks off.  Liza tries to talk to him but he doesn't have much to say.  He goes to get a drink of water and takes some XTC.  When he gets back they are still arguing about where he's going for the night.  JR says that since his stuff is at Adam's that's where he should go.  Adam, Liza, and JR leave.  Dixie comments that at least he seemed to be back to normal.  Tad questioned that--he didn't seem to think everything was back to normal at all. 

Ryan and Gillian: 

Ryan and Gillian are still celebrating marital bliss.  Ryan goes to get the champagne and turns on the romantic music when he hears Gillian scream bloody murder from somewhere on the yacht.  He runs to see what the problem is.  She says that she heard someone and went to investigate and saw a sandwich with one bite taken out of it.  She knows that someone is on the yacht with them.   

Ryan tells her to lock herself in the stateroom and he will investigate.  She is to call Derek and have him come out.  When he gets back, Gabriel is scarfing down grapes with both hands.  He starts to run but Ryan backs off and tells him that he can have as much of the fruit as he wants.  While Gabriel eats he asks him how he got away before, what he wants, and about the scars on the backs of his hands.  He says they look like cigarette burns and he understands because his father used him as an ash tray when he was growing up.  Gabriel, of course, never speaks. 

Gillian comes in to announce that she's found her cameo.  Ryan asks Gabriel if he put it there.  Gillian thanks him for returning it and Derek and another officer burst in with guns drawn and arrest Gabriel.  Ryan yells for them to stop and says he doesn't want to press charges, but Derek has finally caught himself a crook!  He hauls Gabriel off and locks him in jail. 


Anna and Edmund: 

Anna and Edmund are engaged in a passionate kiss when Alex walks in and sees them.  She looks flabbergasted and walks out.  When the kiss is over, Alex asks Edmund "Who was I?" and "What was that?"  She tries to get him to define their relationship, but Edmund doesn't admit to anything. He promises that it will never happen again.  Anna says she's not complaining about the kiss, in fact, she kissed him back.  Edmund promises again that he won't ever kiss her again and leaves her to look at the pictures he brought back from Paris.  When Edmund comes back he finds that Anna has found a picture with a woman in it that looks familiar to Anna. 

Alex, Dimitri, and Edmund: 

Alex runs to Dimitri and is furious that Edmund is "taking advangage* of her sister.  After all, she has a husband somewhere!  And surely Edmund is only using Anna because she's Alex's twin.  Dimitri accuses her of being jealous.  She denies it.  He tells her they should leave Edmund and Anna alone.  And besides, Robert is most likely dead.   Edmund walks in and overhears the conversation.  Dimitri leaves to tend to a problem that Peggy is having and Edmund asks Alex if she saw him kissing Anna.  He promises her that it will never happen again because when he was kissing Anna he was really kissing Alex.  He leaves and Dimitri comes back.  Alex wants them to go away together.  He says there's no way because they have to take care of Anna.


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