All My Children Update Tuesday 5/22/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/22/01

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By Angela 

First let me say that despite the fact that the local affiliate interrupted twice today to tell me that it was raining, I think I managed to get everything, or at least figure out the gist of what was going on.    

Erica, Opal and Greenlee: 
  Erica and Opal are at Enchantment talking about Greenlee. Opal tells her that she shouldn't get involved with Greenlee and warns her to be careful, but Erica is curious and wants to "trick" Greenlee. Greenlee arrives and Opal leaves to make some phone calls in the outer office. Greenlee is all perky and tells Erica how much this means to her and gives Erica her resume.  

Erica tells her that she's been doing a background check and Greenlee gets nervous.  Erica brings up her time in college when she was suspended for harassing a couple of professors that "dumped" her after an affair. She claimed that they came on to her (she was just a "child") and blamed her after she said "No. I for one have a hard time believing that Greenlee has ever said NO to sex. But that's just me.  Greenlee tries to convince Erica how she'll be good for Enchantment but manages to keep her foot in her mouth the whole time. Erica challenges her to a "smell the perfume" game where Greenlee has to sniff 3 perfumes and name the ingredients. Erica stands back and smirks, waiting for Greenlee to fail, but to her surprise, Greenlee gets them all right.  

Greenlee leaves with a promise from Erica to give her a call with her decision as Opal is coming back in. Erica tells Opal that she needs to keep Greenlee close enough to keep an eye on her, otherwise she'll probably wake up with a nail file in her back.  

Leo, Ryan, Gillian and their stalker: 
Gabriel spies on Leo, Ryan and Gillian on the yacht. Ryan thanks Leo for fixing the broken lock on the yacht. Leo tells him that he had nothing to do with it and Ryan doesn't believehim because they have been the only ones on the yacht for days. When Leo denies it, Ryan jumps on him and tells him that he's a freeloader and very lucky that he's being allowed to live on the yacht. He starts kissing Gillian and they "go get a room" while Leo is supposed to fix the broken lamp.  

Leo tries to fix the lamp but immediately gets shocked. He throws the lamp out on the deck where it gets *rescued* by Gabriel, who will no doubt have it in working order by tomorrow, but that's just a guess.  

Brooke and Joe: 
Brooke is at the hospital and Joe tells her that Laura is stable enough to go home. Basically, there is nothing more that can be done (unless by some miracle a heart appears) and she should take her home and make her comfortable. She goes to see Laura and tells her that she can go home. Bianca arrives andis excited for Laura. Brooke leaves to go sign Laura out. Joe gives her a list of guidelines (which include no stair climbing) and tells her that at this point the best thing for Laura is a positive attitude. "Laughter is the best medicine."     

Laura, Leo and Bianca: 
Bianca is excited that Laura is coming home and goes on and on about their plans to backpack in Europe over the summer. Laura starts to cry and Bianca freaks out, thinking that Laura is concerned that Bianca expects her to "wake up and be gay". She apologizes but Laura covers and says that she's just "overloaded" and isn't at all worried about Bianca's feelings for her. Then she starts to cry again just as Leo walks in the door and tells her that he's so glad that she told Bianca. Bianca (of course) says, "Tell me what?" and Laura covers again and says, "about me going home" and Leo plays along with her. Bianca leaves to go to the travel agency to get more information for their trip.  

Laura tells Leo that she's not going to tell Bianca because the fewer people that know about the less real it seems. Leo jumps on her (not literally) and tells her that if she's going to have a pity party he's not coming. He tells her that nobody said she was dying and he didn't want to hear her say it either. He shows her her "lifeline" and tickles her. She laughs as Brooke looks through the hospital door and remembers what Joe said about laughter being the best thing for her. I guess it makes up for the stress of being tickled--who knows?   

Edmund and Anna: 
Anna is asleep and having a dream. In the dream she is walking up behind a woman who is in a rocking chair and humming a song to a baby. Anna thinks she recognizes her, walks up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder. The "woman" turns around and it's actually Gabriel. He reaches out and grabs her. Anna screams out in her sleep and Edmund is there in a flash to comfort her.  

She tells him about the dream and says that she feels that Gabriel is somehow linked to her past and not sent by Charlotte to kill her like Edmund thinks. Edmund tells her that he went to see Robin and has brought her back a box of pictures to help her remember her past. Anna gets very angry because she's not ready to see Robin. Edmund assures her that Robin does not know that she is alive. He told Robin that he was doing a story on Anna's life and needed the pictures for background information. Anna goes through the pictures but can't remember anything. She gets frustrated and starts throwing the pictures, stomping around the room, and wishing that she had "stayed" dead. Edmund grabs her and (are you ready for this?) kisses her passionately!!!     

Eileen, Ryan and Gillian:
Eileen, (remember her from "The Dream Boat" show?) came to the yacht to see Gillian. She tells her that she wants to do a story about her at Wildwind. Gillian says "no". Eileen strokes her ego by telling her that she's beautiful, unspoiled, etc. and that she should let her do the story. Besides, she would be paid a lot of money. Gillain's eyes light up at the idea of money and she agrees to do the show. Ryan walks in the room and says, "No way in hell!" He is trying to keep Eileen away from Wildwind because of Anna but he's also upset because the pilot for The Dream Boat was such a disaster. Eileen tries to convince him to let her "Shoot Gillian at Wildwind" (not sure if that's a Freudian slip or not!) Gillian tells her that Ryan is right. Ryan leaves the room and Gillian tells Eileen that she will do the show but they have to keep it from Ryan and the money will be a surprise. She tells Eileen she can "show herself out" and leaves the room. Eileen makes a phone call to a mystery person and says, "We're in!" for him.



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