All My Children Update Monday 5/21/01


All My Children Update Monday 5/21/01

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By Angela

Dixie, Tad, JR, and Adam:
JR has been taken to the hospital to take a drug test and Dixie is sitting in the park wishing that she was there with him. Tad meets her in the park and tells her that they should both be there with JR even though he has said that he doesn't want Dixie there. He tells her that they should go right away to be with him.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, JR has called one of his friends who meets him there and sells him a "clean" urine sample for $200.00. JR pockets the sample and is whisked off to take his drug test.

Dixie and Tad show up and have words with Adam. David comes through escorted by his guard and he and Dixie exchange a *look* Adam tells her that he's glad that J.R. wasn't there to see that. When JR comes back he tells Dixie that he doesn't want her there. She tells him that she loves him and to please come home. They can sit up all night and talk if that's what he wants to do. Adam tells him to "come on" and they will go home. Tad says, "J.R. can speak for himself." J.R. sneers and says, "Come on Dad, let's go home." and leaves Tad and Dixie standing there. (By the way--his drug test came back negative! Big surprise!)

Laura and Leo:
Leo is visiting Laura and she tells him that she is dying. He doesn't believe it and tells her that David might just be making Brooke think that to get out of jail. She asks him to please find out for her. He goes and finds David and asks him if it's true that Laura is dying. Thinking that Brooke has told him he lets the cat out of the bag. He then swears Leo to secrecy and warns him not to tell Laura because her heart is hanging on by a thread. Leo *promises* then goes back to Laura's room. He doesn't have to say a word...the look on his face says it all. He tells her that she needs a heart transplant and that she needs to talk to Brooke and tell her that she knows and they can bear this burden together. Laura makes Leo *promise* that he won't say anything to Brooke because she doesn't want Brooke to know that she knows. Wonder how long he'll keep this *secret*?

Erica and Brooke:
Brooke goes off on Erica and tells her that she trusted her, leaned on her, and poured her heart out to her and now all Erica wants is to get Laura out of the country and away from Bianca. Erica feigns innocence and tells Brooke that she has only Laura's best interests at heart and will keep Brooke and Laura in her thoughts. Bianca comes back in with Edmund, witnesses the tension, and Erica and Bianca leave together.

Brooke and Edmund:
Edmund hugs Brooke and tells her that she needs to eat. He takes her to the cafeteria where she indulges in 3 chocolate donuts and coffee. When they get back Edmund *tenderly* wipes the chocolate off her mouth and they go in to see Laura. Laura pretends that everything is fine and they talk about a shopping trip to NY when she gets out of the hospital.

Erica, Bianca, Greenlee:
Greenlee and Jake are at B.J.s and she tells him that she has a great idea for a skin care line. He tells her she's not qualified (even though she's been to a Dermatologist once in her life) and needs a mentor to get her started and teach her the ropes. She decides to ask Erica who has just arrived with Bianca. She goes to their table and apologizes to Erica for biting her head off earlier. Erica asks her to sit down. Bianca is incredulous! She asks Erica if she can come and work at Enchantment and if Erica will be her mentor and teach her how to be just like her. She strokes Erica's ego and offers to work as an intern. Erica says that she will think about it and let her know tomorrow. She leaves the table and goes back and tells Jake that she will get exactly what she wants from Erica. Erica tells Bianca that she will be keeping a close eye on Greenlee.

Mateo and Hayley:
Hayley is rushed off for tests when she can't move after trying to stand up. After they whisk her off, Mateo tells J.R that this is all his fault. When they bring Hayley back she has a ruptured disk and is told that she has to have complete bed rest. Mateo decides she also needs a "Chandler-free" vacation and tells everyone to stay away from his wife and tells Adam that he needs to do something about J.R. and to keep him away from Hayley because Hayley will just try and make him feel better about what he had done.

The final montage:
At the end of the show we see Dixie very upset and Tad comforting her. Brooke is being comfroted by Edmund, Hayley and Mateo share a tender moment together, and Laura is alone and crying in her bed.



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