All My Children Update Thursday 5/17/01


All My Children Update Thursday 5/17/01

By Glynis

Greenlee and Jake are horsing around in the house when Leo shows up. He tells her that she means everything to him. Greenlee wants him to understand that his golden goose has flown the coop. Leo is suspicious that she wants Jake. She tells him that she wants nothing from him. Jake was going to jump in and help her, but she is doing fine on her own. She will not listen to anymore of his lies. Leo wen t to his lawyer earlier and got papers drawn up for them to sign so that her money will be totally safe. Her money was the prize. He doesn't give a damn about her money. He would gladly live with her on their love and his paycheck. He puts the papers to her and begs her to sign the papers and not cut him out of her life. She tells him that it is too late. He doesnít know love and she doesnít know it either. With or without her money, there is nothing for them. He knows who she was and he should have told her the start. He tried to tell her the truth, but she wouldnít let him. He guarantees her that he is not going to treat her like her father treats her. If she had known about Katerina, he is sure that she would have dumped him. He didnít trust her and now she doesnít trust him. She tells him that she has made up her mind. She heard every beautiful word that he has said to her but now they are impossible for each other She makes him feel 10 times the person that he used to be.

Brooke and Laura are in the hospital and Laura doesnít want to go backpacking anymore in Europe. She wants to stay near home. Brooke thinks that it is because of Leo and she is right. Laura is sure that she can help Leo be all that he can be. Her mother hates hearing her talk that way. Leo is no good and Laura has to learn that. She is only going to get her heart broken because he has already told Brooke that he cannot return Lauraís feelings. He is still hung up on Greenlee and he will be trying very hard to get her back. A nurse brings some food for Laura and Brooke doesnít let her have it. Laura is suspicious about having her operation in the night and not the daytime like most patients. David walks in and tells her that she needs to have her operation as soon as possible. Now Laura is really creeped out. Why is this freak David out of jail? Brooke explains that David is the best and that is why she wanted David to work on her. She was under the impression that her procedure was not as serious. David covers by saying that he has a temporary work release. Laura is not buying. Brooke tries to assure Laura. David has performed this procedure 1,000 times. David leaves so that Brooke can have a word with her daughter. Laura is sure that there is something that she needs to know and she wants to know what it is. Brooke knows that her daughter is tough and can take news. Brooke tells her daughter that they are all on her side. Brooke is going to call Jamie and make sure that he is all right. She leaves for a moment. Once outside, she sees David and he is concerned that Laura doesnít know the truth yet. Brooke doesnít want to scare Laura. She already feels that she is holding back. David will have to tell her the truth if she asks him. If Brooke disagrees with him she can take him off the case. Laura hasnít had an easy life. She needs something to believe in. Brooke thinks that she will give up if she finds out how sick she really is. 

The kids are partying in the park and Dixie and Tad arrive looking for JR. The kids are all knocked out on drugs and one girl was getting ready to take her clothes off to really party with some other guy that is there. They are laughing giddy like they are children and they canít stop. The kids say that they havenít seen JR recently. Dixie and Tad want JR to call home but the kids are confused about which home they should ask JR to call. Tad doesnít think that was funny at all. JR had 2 hits of drugs and wherever he is, he is way beyond feeling any pain.

JR and Hayley have had an accident and Hayley is knocked out as JR is. Adam finds the car at the accident. Lucky for him he is the first on the scene. He calls for help and tries to help his children from the car. Hayley is still knocked out and JR realizes that he may have endangered Hayleyís baby. That is suddenly all that he can think about. He has taken 2 hits of drugs, but that doesnít seem to matter now. Adam makes a call to get them help. Adam gets the door on Hayleyís side open and she awakes. An ambulance is waiting and she thinks that she is okay. Adam wants to get her out of the car to make sure that she is safe. JR undoes the seatbelt so that his sister can get out of the car. JR doesnít move very quickly. He gets out of the car and Adam starts letting him have it. JR doesnít know how he was able to do such a terrible thing. He said that he saw his mother talking about David and he was upset. He is sorry and he could have killed his sister. There are sirens coming and the police are coming too as well as an ambulance. JR is panicking. Adam tells JR to get in the backseat and he will take the fall for JR. Hayley is horrified at what she is hearing her father say. Hayley tells her father that JR should be taking responsibility for his actions. Adam thinks that he needs to do this for his son. Hayley wants to know if JR is going to let his father do this. She asks him if he is going to go on letting Adam save him. What if he had killed someone? What if he had killed the both of them? Adam tells him again to get in the backseat of the car and JR does as he is told. They are going to pretend that he was in the backseat and that Adam was the one that was driving. He cops and ambulance arrives. The cops are there and one of the cops there is Officer Perry. He sees that JR is in the backseat. Adam tells the officer that a deer was running in the road and he swerved to avoid it. Hayley will not lie and tells the truth. JR was the one that was driving. Tad and Dixie arrive and find out that JR took his fatherís car. Dixie demands to have an answer. The cop tells them that JR has to be tested for at least alcohol. Hayley knows that her brother wasnít drinking, but what about some other kind of drug. All turn to face JR. He really has done it now. Officer Perry has busted kids younger than that for drug use. Adam is sure that his son is not a drug user. Tad says that Adam is the one to blame. He knew that the car was missing back at the hearing. Adamís lawyer arrives and Adam wants to tell him what happened. Adam wants to know that there is not reason for the cops to give JR a drug test. JR knows that he is fried. Dixie goes over to her son. She doesnít know what to say. He thinks that it is not a big deal. He was stressed. JR doesnít know what he was thinking. JR doesnít want to talk about it. Eventually, they are going to have to talk about this. Hayley goes to her brother. She remembers being like him when she was little. She wants to know what is running through his veins. JR denies that anything is wrong with him. He hopes that her baby is okay and he didnít mean to hurt her. She had to tell the cops because he shouldn't be running out on his life. He has something under his skin. He tells her that he can maintain. He has a lot of problems, but there are all kinds of things going on in the world. She never told him about the time when she was his age and she thought that she could fly off a building. He thinks that he is not like that. 

David goes to see Laura and she tells him that she has been thinking about Leo. She canít get him off her mind. David tells her that she will never know what she is going to get with Leo. David didnítí grow up with Leo. They had different fathers and David didnít even know that he had a brother until a couple of years ago. David doesnít really know how Leo works. Laura wants to know if Leo can love someone. David isnít sure that Leo has what it takes to love someone. David didnít hear what happened at Leoís engagement party. Leoís ex-wife showed up and Laura is sure to give him all the details of that. David didnít even know that Leo was married before. Greenlee dumped him and Laura would have given him a second chance. Laura sees his soul. She knows that he wants to be loved. He is a good person. A nurse comes in to tell David that they are ready for Lauraís operation. Laura is ready.

Mateo shows up at the accident scene and finds out that JR was driving the car with Hayley in it. He learns that the baby is fine and then Hayley tells him that Adam tried to cover for JR who was actually the one that was driving the car. Officer Perry returns to say that the judge would like to see JR immediately for proceedings. Now JR knows that his goose is really cooked. Doesnít look like his father can help him out of this one. The ambulance takes Hayley to the hospital and JR is feeling just terrible for what he has done to his sister. Adam gets the news that he has to go in with the police officers. Adam tells JR that he has to submit to a drug test. JR freaks. He is really going to be exposed this time. Officer Perry takes JR in his car.

Jake is back at the hospital and hears David giving Brooke better odds than she deserved. David is sure that he can save Laura. Jake finds Laura to be his ticket to freedom. 


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