All My Children Update Wednesday 5/16/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By Glynis

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Laura is finally glad to get out. Her mother takes her to BJís. She is glad that her mother took her out for a little while. To get some fresh air. Laura is sorry that she got out the night before to go to Leoís party. Brooke is being very understanding. Laura appreciates that. She wants to know why her mother is being so great. Leo and Bianca enter the restaurant and go to the counter to order some food. Bianca is trying to make him eat. He wants to find Greenlee. She was really messed up the night before and he couldnít find her anywhere. She may never be fine again. Bianca thinks that Greenlee is a survivor and she will be all right. Leo sees Laura and Brooke and Laura waves at them. Brooke knows now why Laura wants to be there. Leo and Bianca come over and greet Laura and her mother. She explains that she is only out for a few hours. They all sit at the table together. Bianca thinks that it was great that Brooke brought Laura out. Laura asks her mother when she can be relapsed from the hospital. Brooke doesnít have an answer. She wants to know what is the hold up? Brooke explains the procedure that Laura has to have and she lightens up the explanation a lot so that Laura doesnít understand the full implications of what is really happening. The procedure is going to happen in a couple of hours and she canít eat. Brooke thinks that she should want to get the operation over with. Brooke tells her that when this is over, she can have anything that she wants. Bianca thinks that doesnít sound so bad. Laura and Bianca leave the table for a minute and Leo and Brooke talks about the procedure. She is going to get David out of jail to get the procedure. Brooke wants to talk to Leo while they are alone. She wants to make herself clear. Now that Greenlee has dumped him, she doesnít want him to get any ideas about her daughter. Laura has had enough heartache in her life. He tells her that things are not the way that she thinks with him and Laura. He is not over Greenlee. She wants to take him at his word. The girls come back to the table and they can feel the tension. Leo has had enough to eat and has to get going. HE has to get back to the yacht and talk to his lawyer. He leaves with Bianca. Laura sits with her mother and knows that something has happened with the both of them. It is time for Brooke to take her daughter back to the hospital. Laura thinks that maybe it isnít too late for her and Leo.

Greenlee is home with Jake. He is telling her to take her clothes off. She is drunk and he brought her in off the roof of the building. She doesnít understand him telling her to take her clothes off and she thinks that he is making a pass at her. He denies that he was trying to come on to her. She thought that he was different. She is sure that he was hitting on her. She is not going to fall into his arms. She really needs to get over herself. He is always rescuing women. She is just telling him the truth. She just takes advantage of him. She finds him attractive but that is all. Jake thinks that they need to talk about things and he is going to make her some coffee. She knows that he is using coffee to keep her there. HE thinks that she needs a cold shower. She thinks that he knows nothing about what women need. She tells him to get out of her way. She gets up to leave and he follows her and pours a pitcher of water on her head. She should have just done what she was told. He is so smug that it makes her sick. He warns her not to get sick on his floor. She tells him to get out and he reminds her that he owns the place. He gives her a robe and tells her to go and take a shower. He hands her the robe again. He starts taking off his shirt and she drops the robe on the floor. He gives her the robe again and she reluctantly goes to shower.

Hayley is in the park when Mateo comes and finds her. He is worried because it is really dark out and she shouldnít have gone out by herself. He doesnít want her to be in any danger. They hug and he doesnít want to take any chances with his family. She tells him that he needs to go to work and look after his job. He agrees that he should go but he warns her to be careful. She promises to be careful with their special little package. He leaves and some teenagers come to the park. It is Shannon and some of her friends who want to party. The kids hear a car squealing its tires and JR appears. He was the one that was driving. JR doesnít have a car; he was driving his fatherís car. He just took it. The kids think that he is pretty neat. JR is not afraid of cops. JR explains that he never went to court. He managed to blow it off. One of Shannonís friends finds that she canít stay away from JR. One of their friends has drugs in his pocket and JR says that he will cover whatever he has. He puts the drugs on the table and tells JR and the others that he has ex and speed. The kids all gather around. The kids get their drugs and JR pays for it. The dealer is going to hang out and the kids split up their drugs. JR thinks that they should do this every Friday. They are afraid that he is going to get shipped off somewhere for being so bad. JR takes some of the drugs and downs it with some water. Hayley appears and asks JR what is going on. The kids are awestruck by Hayleyís appearance. She knows that there is something going on. She asks where Adam is. She saw his car. JR says that Adam is in the back. Again she wants to know what is going on. JR hasnít seen his friends in a long time because he got kicked out of school. Hayley thinks that they should go somewhere and talk. JR says that he will call her. Hayley says that she will go and look for Adam and she leaves. The kids think that JR handled that really cool. JR knows that he has to go. The kids thought that he was just trying to be cool, but he really is. Hayley returns looking for JR and the kids say that he took off. She asks the kids again what is going on.

Adam, Dixie and Tad are before the judge. JR is not there and Adam is trying to make up something to stall for JRís absence. Adam tells the judge that his son is a good boy and he doesnít dispute the charges against JR. Adam tells the judge that JRís mother is going through a divorce and that has proven to be too much for him. This has happened before. Officer Perry is there to say that JR attacked him. Adam thinks that by the size of the cop he wasnít really in any danger. Adam is sure that JR would never do anything thoughtless or reckless. Dixie thinks that JR is usually a thoughtful boy at least until he went to be with his father. Dixie thinks that Adam is the one that taught his son how to bribe officers. That is why he was put in jail on his wedding night. Dixie tries to explain that Adam is a cheater. Tad is trying hard to keep a straight face. Dixie thinks that it is imperative that JR realize that he made some terrible mistakes. The Judge thinks that Dixie has made some good points and he orders Adam to bring in his son to face the judge.

JR is in his fatherís car speeding and driving only he knows where. He has the music blaring and he is on a trip to nowhere. Officer Perry doesnít think that JR was sorry for what he did. He even threatened to have the officer fired. Adam feels that the officer is very prejudiced against his son. Dixie thinks that the problem lies with JR moving in with his father. While Adam is gone Tad and Dixie talk and Adam returns. Adam is not sure where JR is. Adam says that JR has disappeared. Officer Perry is asked to look around for JR and see if he is on the premises. Tad thinks that Adam stashed him somewhere. Dixie thinks that JR should be facing up to his responsibilities. The cop returns and there is no sign of JR. The judge is going to recess the hearing. JR is found in contempt of court and the papers will be filed in the morning. The judge leaves. Dixie doesnít know where they should look. Dixie wants to call Derek, but Adam doesnít want the cops involved. All are concerned that Adam was the one that convinced JR to leave the premises. They have to focus on finding JR. Tad and Dixie leave the office and Adam gets his cell phone and he tells his lawyer that JR has stolen the car. Adam calls his phone in the car and hopes that someone will answer.

Greenlee is finished with her shower and comes out in his robe. He makes her some coffee and he makes her drink it black. She starts drinking and he comes out with a mop for the floor. HE is going to make her clean up when she is feeling better. She thinks that he should be the one that cleans the floor. She takes the mop and tells him that he is the one that is making her stay. He insists that she clean up. She refuses. HE tells her that if she doesnít clean up he is going to mop the floor with her robe and she is going to be in it. HE walks away from her. Greenlee cleans up and then Jake comes out to tell her that she missed a spot. They are messing around with the mop and Leo comes in to find her playing around with Jake and the mop. She is in her robe and Jake doesnít have a shirt on.

JR gets in the car again and starts it up. He starts driving but canít because Hayley gets in the car with him. He asks her if she wants to go for a ride. He starts up the car and drives off quickly. The cell phone in the car is ringing and JR grabs it and throws it out the window. Hayley is getting concerned and asks JR to slow down the car. She knows that he is having a hard time. She offers to drive them. She is begging him to stop driving. He doesnít want her to hassle him. They are running out of gas. JR loses sight of the road and has to swerve to avoid having an accident. The car moves dangerously to the left.


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