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All My Children Update Monday 5/13/01

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By Glynis

Brooke is trying to explain to Laura that Leo is no good and she has to see that. She is sure that Leo didnít want to hurt anyone. She thinks that people should be given another chance as she was. Who is going to give Leo a break like she had? Brooke believed in her and she believes in Leo. He someone to believe in him no matter what. Brooke thinks that she should get some rest, but Laura thinks that she is sleeping too much. Laura gets in bed and wishes that she could strangle Greenlee. She is like a million trust fund babies. This is Leoís choice and Laura thinks that she demolished Leo that night. Brooke doesnít want to be unfeeling, but there are some people that canít be helped. You only have to walk away from them for good. Laura promises not to try to get out of the hospital again. Laura falls asleep as Brooke is talking about taking her shopping.

Roger is telling Leo to leave his daughter alone. Leo will not leave. He wants a chance to explain. He wants her to give him a chance. They have fought very hard. There is a lot more that was involved with his relationship with Katerina. He tells her that he loves her and he will not lose her. He will not lie to her. She wants a reason why she should marry him and trust him again. He tried to tell her what she didnít know about him, but she stopped him in his tracks. He also offered Katerina a prenuptial, but he didnít sign that one. Leo tells Greenlee that is a lie. Leo wants to fix things with her. He wants to be the father of her children and fall asleep with her every night. He begs for another chance. She cries and falls into his arms as Katerina and Rogers stand by and watch. Katerina tells her not to do this. Leo paints a future so beautiful that anyone would fall for his tricks. He is really good. Greenlee remembers being the one that wanted to get married. Leo knows how to make women want him more. It is hard to hear the truth and he looks like an angel. Leo broke Katerinaís heart and when she looks at him she still feels something. She realized that Leo only loved her money and she still let him use her. She was a fool to think that she could let him make love to her still and mean it. Leo knows that what he did to Katerina was unforgivable and he would like to make it up to her. Roger thinks that he should return Katerinaís money, but it is gone. He stole Katerinaís heart as if it was nothing. Leo was ashamed of what he did, but Greenlee knows that they were meant to be together. Roger thinks that Leo feels that they were meant to be, but love had nothing to do with it. Roger starts to tell the story of how Leo decided to come to town. Vanessa chose a smaller town with less sophisticated fish. She got Palmer in her claws and then she called for Leo to take advantage of Greenlee. She is really the catch of the day. Greenlee realizes that Leo came to Pine Valley because of her and her money. He turns to her and tells her that is the truth. He told Vanessa that he wanted out after a while. He didnít want to rip her off after a while. She really loved him and she gave him hope. She was the best gift that he had ever gotten. Roger thinks that he is acting desperate. He wants her to say that she really loved him. She canít believe that all this time, he only wanted her money. She demands to be left alone with him. Roger and Katerina leave them.

On the yacht, the intruder has a harpoon aimed at Edmund, Ryan and Anna. He is scared and saying nothing. Edmund tries to catch his attention and uses his towel to confuse the culprit and get a hold of his harpoon and pull it away from him. The intruder tries to escape, but is unable. Edmund gets him and holds him down on the bar demanding to know who this young man is. They take him into the cabin and try to get the intruder to speak, but he will not. Dimitri is there now with all but Gillian and Ryan is upset and thinks that they should be calling the police. The police canít be called however, until they find out who the young man is. Dimitri promises that they will not put Gillian and Ryan in any danger. Ryan tells them that they either call the police now or move him. Ryan suggests that they put him in other room. The intruder is struggling and hasnít said a word yet. Ryan thinks that when the man was confronted, he was being defensive. They pick the man up to move him and Ryan sees a scar on the manís hand. He is moved out and Anna suddenly decides that she needs to speak to the young man alone. Dimitri thinks that the young man may be a trained killer. Anna is sure that she can reach the young man. She only needs the chance. Ryan returns and wants an update. Dimitri wants to call Alex and see if she can help them figure all this out. Anna walks away from the group as they talk about the intruder and how he hasnít said a word. They donít notice that Anna has left.

Outside the cabin, Anna meets one of the staff. He thinks that Anna is really Alex and she tells him that she would like to see the prisoner. The boy has an injury and she would like to look at it. Inside the locked area, the intruder has his hands on a knife and he works furiously to cut the ties that bind him.

Erica is visiting with David and she tells him that Laura needs him. Why him? She can get any cardiologist on the planet. David finds it hard to believe that Erica would do something for someone that she doesnít like. She thinks that she is only doing an act of kindness. She is offering him an opportunity to do what he was born to do. She is trying to help him. David doesnít know if he can afford what she is offering. She tells him that she will just go and find another doctor. She turns to leave and he calls her to stop her from going. He didnít mean to treat her badly, he just didnít know what to expect. She will help him to get out if she can get him out of there. All Erica is interested in is getting help for Laura. They have a deal. She has to get out of there because she has a jailbreak to organize. He thanks her for helping him because no one else would take a chance on him. His preliminary trial is the next day. She tells him not to worry because her plan is foolproof. She leaves and David has new hope.

Erica enters Lauraís room and Brooke takes her outside to talk. After they leave the room, Laura gets up and grabs the phone to call Bianca. She tells her that she needs to come over even if she is dressed for bed. She warns Bianca that their mothers are talking outside the door. Something is going on she doesnít know what.

Outside the hospital room, Erica tells Brooke that she has been working on getting David out of jail. Brooke turns to her and asks her what she thinks that she is doing? Is she testing her powers over David with all this? Erica denies that she is doing anything but trying to help. Bianca arrives and hears the mothers arguing. She manages to sneak into Lauraís room. Brooke apologizes to Erica for what she has said. She is grateful that David has agreed to do the surgery. They have to get him out of jail. Erica has an idea that is going to impress Brooke terribly.

Bianca enters Lauraís room and Bianca wants to know why she is there. Laura tells her that she wants to talk about Leo. He was just dying inside. Laura canít believe that Greenlee dumped Leo like that. Bianca feels sorry for Greenlee, but only for a moment. Laura thinks that they should show Leo how they care of him. Bianca doesnít think that they should really get too involved. Bianca thinks that maybe Greenlee stood by Leo and they donít know it. Laura is sure that Greenlee has bailed on Leo. Laura has a plan. They make a plan and agree to put it into action.

Greenlee is alone with Leo now. She is telling him that she thought that he understood her, but it was all a trick. She thinks that he is a liar. Everybody tried to warn her about him and she didnít see it. She even proposed and she thinks that he and Vanessa must have laughed at her. She was an idiot. She wasnít loved. She hates him and she never wants to see him again. Katerina comes back into the room and tells Leo that she wanted him to feel what it was like to be one of his victims. Greenlee is in the hall. Her father is trying to comfort her, but she doesnít believe him either and tells him that she doesnít need him either.

Outside the hospital room, Brooke and Erica come to an agreement about what they are going to do.

Alex goes into the prisonerís locked area and she sees that he has managed to free himself. He is afraid of her and tries to escape. She looks into his eyes and realizes that she knows the young man. He doesnít stop to discuss her feelings, he only breaks out and he runs into the staff member who is punches in the stomach and then he runs off. Anna is left looking after him shouting out that she knows who he is. Edmund and Dimitri hear that there is some problem and shout out as the intruder is leaving.


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