All My Children Update Friday 5/11/01


All My Children Update Friday 5/11/01

By Glynis  

Edmund thinks that he knows why Anna can’t remember anything about her past. They are on the yacht and the intruder is listening to there conversation.  Erica comes to see Brooke with Jack. She tells Brooke that David’s operation was a success. All they have to do is arrange for David to work on Brooke. Brooke tells them that Laura has left the hospital and doesn’t know about stress on her heart being fatal.

At the party, Bianca and Laura are talking about her Leo and if they should really be there. Laura wants to test her resistance to Leo… Adam and Liza arrive at the party and don’t want to be there. Liza would rather be home with her daughter. Adam thinks that they should walk around and say hello to everyone then get out of there…. Vanessa sees Roger and goes to get him for a short conversation. She wants to know when he is going to take his money and get out of town. Roger tells her that he has only just begun. Roger spots Greenlee’s grandparents and goes over to speak with them.

Greenlee and Leo are on the roof of their building being happy and discussing their upcoming wedding. Leo thinks that the very next morning after they sign the prenuptial agreement, they should take off and get married. He wants her to be his runaway bride. She doesn’t believe that he wants to elope. That is romantic and unexpected and she would do everything for him, but they are engaged and they are practically living together now. He wants them to run off now. She is getting a vibe and it seems that he is ready to run off and do this like it is a nasty thing that has to be accomplished. He reminds her that the people that they have at their party don’t even like them. She thinks that they have to have people in their lives. He thinks that they are Riviera and not Ranch house. Life should be sharp and exciting. They will not give a forwarding address. She doesn’t want to leave. She wants a home for the first time in her life. She wants to be a plain Jane and learn how to stretch hamburger. This is her dream and it isn’t silly. He wants to do whatever makes her happy. He loves her. She wants to go downstairs and check out the loot that they are getting for presents.

Roger is at the party trying to make nice with Greenlee’s grandparents, but it is not working and they leave him… Vanessa thinks that Roger should leave before he makes an ass of himself. No one really wants him there and he is just being an irritant to her son. Vanessa tells him that his own daughter might disown him if he is not careful. He is sure that he will not be disowned, she has to make it work for him to get in better with his daughter. She has a lot at stake too. He leaves her and Palmer comes over wondering how she could be talking to that man…. Jake is with his date and offering to get Opal a drink. Opal is not happy because Roger asked her to be his date and now he is ignoring her. Opal goes over to talk with him and Jake’s date wonders how much champagne he has had.

Erica is explaining to Jack that Brooke needs help and Erica is going to help her out. Jack thinks that she is being just great. Erica is showing great tenderness and compassion. Jack’s phone rings and it is Rusty telling him he can go and see David. Erica insists on going with him to see David.

Roger has done his horrible deed. He is trying to expose Leo for the fraud that he is. There is a woman there that Leo used to know. She tells the story how Leo and Vanessa preyed on her when she was first an heiress. Brooke is there and listening to the testimony, she tries to make her way over to Laura. Greenlee is hoping that the woman is lying and Leo can’t deny the truth. Leo tells her that he loves her and he never loved Katerina. She was an easy mark and he was a good mark at it. He did know that she had money when they met, and then he fell in love with her. He couldn’t care anything about her money later on. Katerina knows that she trusts Leo and that he can make her live on love. She warns Greenlee not to suffer the same fate. Greenlee wonders what everyone is looking at. She tells everyone to go home because the party is over. Everyone starts moving to leave. Lars is there and tells her that he will be there for her if she needs him…. Opal thinks that Roger was terrible for exposing Leo that way. She thinks that he should be horsewhipped… Brooke takes Laura and ushers her out the door to go back to the hospital… Vanessa is upset and Palmer drags her out of there…. Greenlee turns to Leo and asks him to save them before it is too late. He tells her that she is his love, his only love and he doesn’t want her to forget that. He reminds her that he was going to sign a prenuptial agreement. Only Greenlee, Leo, Katerina and Roger are there now. Roger feigns care for his daughter. Greenlee is crying now. Leo goes to her, but is stopped by Roger. He is not leaving.

Liza and Adam are talking about the way that Adam is handling the way JR is behaving. They are at the police station and Dixie and Tad are there. The police are releasing JR to the custody of his father. JR is happy about that. JR wants to get pizza on the way home and Adam agrees to that. JR walks out without paying any attention to his mother. The police are ignoring Dixie and she is upset that Adam is pulling the strings again. She feels that she is losing her son again. Tad thinks that they should just wait and let some time go by and then they will know what to do.

David is in jail looking at his bandaged hand when Erica walks in to visit him. She tells him that she is going to break him out of there.

Laura is placed back in bed and she isn’t feeling very good about what she has just witnessed. Brooke is doing to have her checked out. She had quite a shock that night watching Leo get exposed. Laura thinks that Leo has changed and that there isn’t a bad bone in his body.

Edmund and Anna are still on the boat. They are dancing together and now they have stopped. They are wearing bathrobes. He leaves the room for a while and she walks to a different area of the yacht. She sees someone’s feet behind the bar and she asks, "Who are you? Come out of there!" A figure gets up to face her and Edmund appears asking who the intruder is. The culprit grabs something that resembles a harpoon gun and aims in Edmund and Anna’s direction. Just then Ryan appears as well and sees that something has gone terribly wrong.


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