All My Children Update Thursday 5/10/01


All My Children Update Thursday 5/10/01

By Glynis

Ryan surprises Gillian with a flower. They are in the cabin and making lovey dovey. They should be getting ready for Greenlee’s engagement party, but they decide to spend some time together first. Alex and Alex arrive at the yacht. They are going to have tea so Gillian leaves to get some. Ryan can tell that the woman before him is not Alex. Edmund tells Ryan that they had to get Anna out of Wildwind because a hit man is being sent to kill her. Edmund wants Anna to stay on the yacht. Ryan thinks that this is a bad idea. Anna thinks that they have to find another place to hide her. Gillian arrives with the tea. Anna says that they will have tea and then they are leaving. Gillian can tell that something is terribly wrong. Ryan thinks that they should leave to go to Greenlee and Leo’s engagement party. He didn’t want to go before, but he wants to go now. He says that Leo and Greenlee don’t have any friends so they should go. Edmund and ‘Alex’ are going to stay and enjoy the boat. Gillian goes to get ready for the party. Ryan tells them that they can take the boat out for a couple of hours, but they have to be gone by the time that they get back. Anna thanks him and tells him that no harm will come to them. Just then, someone walks by one of the portholes on the yacht. Anna relaxes with Edmund and has a drink and then it happens…she has some sort of memory or feeling that feels like she is being blinded. She had a memory. She almost died and she remembers the stench of fuel oil. It was very hot. She has to try to stay calm. She is safe and there is not going to be an explosion. She turns to Edmund and holds him. She feels that she is okay. She touches his face and puts the memory in the past. HE wants her to put the past behind her and make the most of the time that they have there…. The intruder is on the yacht. He sees some scuba gear and gets an idea…

Tad is finding out from Dixie that JR got suspended from school. He wants details and Dixie thinks that they shouldn’t have called him, so he shouldn’t have to worry. He is the emergency contact for their son. Tad assures her that he will be involved and she doesn’t have to worry. He learns that JR gave money to another student to get his work done. He didn’t show any remorse and he was acting like Adam. Adam showed up and backed JR liked he was right. Tad thinks that she has to get control of the situation right away. Dixie tells him that Adam threatened to go after custody. Tad is not about to let that happen. A teacher comes in to give Dixie paperwork on JR’s suspension. The woman is there if they need any help. She leaves and Dixie feels like the whole town knows what is going on. Tad thinks that JR wouldn’t go right back to Adam’s. He might go somewhere else first to blow off some steam. They leave together because Dixie knows where he likes to hang out.

JR is with his friends and they don’t like Bianca at all. JR tries to defend Bianca, but his friends keep joking about her. They think that maybe he thinks that he is the one that can cure Bianca of her lesbianism. He doesn’t think that she is someone that he could be interested in, he thinks that she is a nice girl that he grew up knowing. The cops show up and start to hassle the kids. He thinks that if he goes into the kid’s knapsack, he will find something in there that might get them in trouble. He grabs some guy’s knapsack and prepares to open it. JR tells the cop that he can’t open that knapsack without a warrant. The cop stops startled at what JR is saying. JR tells the cop that this would be illegal search and seizure. The cop demands that JR show him some ID. He tells the cop that he is Adam Chandler Jr. He takes out some paper money and waves it in the face of the cop and asks him if he recognizes him now. The cop asks him what he thinks that he is doing. JR tells him that if he takes the money, they can all forget about this. The cop has seen JR before and he resents that JR thinks that he owns the world. The cop calls him a rich little punk and doesn’t appreciate the gesture that JR is making to him. The cop decides to take the kids to the station starting with JR. Dixie and Tad come running up and ask what is going on seeing as the cop is dragging JR with him. JR turns and fights to get away from the cop and they both go falling over onto the grass.

Greenlee has found her fiancée talking with Vanessa and she is very suspicious of them being together. She thinks that she knows what they were talking about. She thinks that they are planning for her to go to Verona on her honeymoon. That wasn’t what Leo and Vanessa were talking bout, but they quickly come around to her way of thinking and pretend that was what they meant. Leo says that Vanessa is giving them the gift of the trip to Verona. Vanessa agrees and Greenlee leaves the hospital to make a call on her cell phone. Vanessa warns Leo not to go to that party that night. She thinks that he should marry Greenlee right away that night. Vanessa thinks that her son is in danger and she doesn’t want him to sign the prenuptial. She is thinking about him and not herself. She warns him not to throw away this wonderful opportunity. He tells her that he is going to sign the papers and marry Greenlee. Roger is off in the distance and says to himself that Leo shouldn’t be too sure that he is going to have things work out his way.

Brooke comes to see her daughter. Laura thinks that her mother looks really tired. Laura is feeling bad that her mother has been feeling bad the last few days. Laura tells her mother that she would like to get out of there that night. Brooke thinks that Laura is pushing it. She tells Laura that this has to wait. Laura wants to go to Greenlee and Leo’s engagement party. Laura gets up to get ready to leave and Brooke grabs her hands and tells her that her heart…. She suddenly stops what she was going to say. Laura asks her, "What about my heart?" She doesn’t understand why Laura wants to go to that party. Laura has to show Greenlee that she can’t make her afraid of the fact that Leo is going to be with her. Brooke tells her that she is not better yet and she is not going to the party. She makes Laura get back in bed and she tells her that she is leaving to go and take care of things. As soon as she leaves, Laura gets out of bed; she is a little dizzy. Bianca arrives with everything that Laura asked for earlier. Bianca doesn’t know why she was asked to bring these things. Laura tells her that they are going to a party. She wants Bianca to help her to get out of there. Bianca tells her that she is not going anywhere, she is very, very sick. Bianca thinks that Laura shouldn't let Greenlee get to her. Laura reminds her how she must have felt when Sarah was getting married. Bianca is worried that Laura is trying to prove something to Leo that night and that would be wrong. She wants Leo to notice her and that may be wrong. She feels that she has to go. Bianca understands. Laura tells her that she is going with or without her. Laura would prefer that Bianca were with her.

Greenlee and Leo are together and they go home to the penthouse and hear a noise. They both panic at the sound. They arm themselves with things from the apartment and Greenlee shouts out, "The police are on the way… Whomever you are, you better come out!"… The culprit is Jake. He was supposed to be at the hospital, but he came home instead. He is home without his shirt and the nurse that he has been dating comes out of the room wrapped only in a towel and greets Greenlee with a knowing eye. She soon walks back in the room and leaves the three. There is a knock at the door. Greenlee knows that it may the be caterer, or the florist or some guests for the party. Leo tells Jake to get ready for the party. He leaves to get ready and Greenlee goes to answer the door.

Brooke returns to Laura’s room and doesn’t find her in her bed. She checks the bathroom and she is not in there either. She sees that her nightgown is on the bed and she is very worried.

Laura and Bianca arrive at the party and they are dressed very nicely. Jake didn’t know that Laura was going to be released from the hospital that day. Laura tells him that it was a quick decision. … Opal comes to the party with a gift that she gives to Jake. She was bringing over a housewarming gift for him and she didn’t know anything about Greenlee and Leo getting engaged. She sees Palmer and Vanessa and wants to leave, but Roger appears and offers to be her date for the evening. Roger would like to know where the happy couple is.

Leo has Greenlee on the roof spending some time with her before they get caught up in the madness. She thinks that he is sweet. She shows her the sky and tells her that it is not big enough to hold all the love that he has for her. He can give her all the love in the world. He wants her to be proud of him. The next day, they are going to get the prenuptial signed. He can’t wait to get her to be his wife. She loves him and he has made her so happy. They kiss.

At the engagement party, Vanessa goes over to Jake and Opal. Jake leaves and she demands to know why Roger and Opal are there. Her son doesn’t want them there and neither does Greenlee. Roger tells her that after that night is over, Greenlee is going to know that she can depend on her father from now on.


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