All My Children Update Wednesday 5/9/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/9/01

By Glynis

At the school, JR arrives and goes to his locker. Wilomena is watching him at his locker. She seems like she is smitten with him. She tells him that she has finished his assignment. She did an amazing job. She thinks that she has captured his true voice. He is busy with his group and he is an artist that is why he doesn’t have time for his own work. She refuses to accept money for her help. He insists on giving her money. Just then a teacher comes out and sees JR getting money from Wilomena. He demands to know what is going on. Dixie then comes from another part of the hall and is too wondering what is happening there. The teacher wants to know what the money switching hands was about. JR says that he owed Wilomena some money. The teacher knows that he is hiding something. JR shows the teacher the paper and he is disappointed in both the kids especially JR. Dixie comes up and the teacher tells her that JR was cheating. JR doesn’t want her to help him, even if she was just walking to the teacher’s lounge. He turns to the teacher and tells him that he wants his father t there right away, "Adam Chandler…now!" The teacher walks off to make the call and JR turns to his mother defiantly.

Laura is sleeping and awakes to find Leo there. He is hoping that it isn’t too late. He thinks hat he has been a dork. He thought that he was in love with Greenlee and they are not together anymore. He broke up with Greenlee because of Laura. He has been walking around with blinders on. The only woman that he loves is her. Does she have room in her heart for him? She tells him that she loves him and has always loved him. He would like to figure out something together. She is happier than she has ever been. They are going to start over. He leans to her and kisses her. Too Bad. Turns out that Laura is just dreaming. Bianca comes in and wakes her out of her dream. Laura tells her that she was having her dream about Leo. She can’t help it. She knows that she should stop thinking about Leo and she will survive, but she doesn’t want to hold her breath. She has a lot in common with Leo. He has a lot of street in him. Sometimes she acts tough and edgy but she has a soft side. He dared her to be herself. From the start Leo was just someone to hang out with. She just wanted to finish her photography. Then all of a sudden she woke up and she was fallen in love with her best friend. Love is friendship set aflame. Laura is not seeing that Bianca still feels the same way that Laura feels about Leo. Laura thinks that she is being treated like an invalid. As soon as she is sprung she thinks that her mother thinks that she is going to take more drugs. She is so not going to do that. Bianca is going to leave and bring her some homework later. Laura will get over Leo, but she will never get him out of her heart.

Leo gets a visit from a lawyer while he is on the boat. The prenuptial is airtight and nothing can happen to Greenlee’s money. The lawyer wants to know if Leo knows what he is doing. Greenlee has come in and is spying on the gentlemen and their conversation. She hears that Leo is being sincere. Greenlee tells him that he can live on her love and her cards. She meets the lawyer and tells him that Leo doesn’t need the prenuptial agreement. There is nothing more to talk about for Leo. He wants to sign right away. The lawyer leaves. Greenlee is disappointed in her fiancée. He is very nervous about getting married. He is surrendering his freedom and he is having a hard time with her. Why is he forcing this prenuptial? She wants him to forget it. She knows that he loves her. He feels that he can support her. What’s hers is theirs and she wants to spend her money on him. Roger comes in and asks Leo is he has any secrets that he would like to share. Roger tells her that he has set up her engagement party. He has gotten the Valley Inn Dining Room for the night. Leo doesn’t want the party. Leo and Greenlee are throwing their own party at the loft. Roger is not to be invited. Leo thinks that he should pack his bags and go back to California. Greenlee doesn’t want them to make a scene. Roger offers to go but he will be back with their wedding present. He walks out and Leo is thankful that she stuck by him when he told Roger to forget about the party. Greenlee was serious about having the engagement party at the penthouse.

JR is brought into a classroom and JR is not going to talk to his mother and will wait for his father. The other principal is there witnessing the talk. He really hates that his mother is at the school working near him. She treats him like a baby and she is standing there waiting for him to mess up. She never expected anything but the best from him. Adam arrives and Dixie introduces Adam to the principal. Adam finds out that JR was cheating and paying one of his class mates $100 for doing a paper for him. JR says that is a lie and Adam believes him. Wilomena is brought in and asked if she wrote the paper or just type it for him. She just can’t lie. She tells everyone that she wrote the paper. She is released and told to meet the principal in his office later. Adam still doesn’t think that it was such a big deal. JR wants to leave, but instead he is put on suspension. JR leaves with the principal and Dixie asks Adam if he has to work at being this stupid. Adam doesn’t think that this is the end of the world. Adam admires his resourcefulness. JR was cutting school not too long ago. What if he steals a car? JR and Adam have reached an understanding. Where did he get the money to pay for that? Adam shouldn't be trying to buy his son. Adam reminds her that she needed a place to stash her son so that she could rendezvous with her heart doctor. Dixie tells him that she is picking up her son. He wants JR to decide where he is going to live. JR returns and announces that he is on suspension. Dixie thinks that is going to look really great on the transcripts. JR doesn’t think that it is a big deal. Dixie tells him that he really would like it if he would come back home. She isn’t seeing David anymore. He tells her, "No frigging way." He feels that he is fine with his father. Her place hasn’t been much of a home to him. Adam sends him along to the house. Once alone, Adam tells her that he is sorry. Dixie tells him that she will be damned if she lets him ruin her son. They have to let JR know that he comes first with them. Adam can’t give him a stable life. He knows that Dixie loves him. Adam thinks that JR doesn’t think that his mother loves him anymore. She feels that he is taking too many liberties. Adam tells her that she is not taking JR from him without a fight. Tad arrives and wants to know what is going on. Adam tells her that she will hear from his lawyer and he leaves.

Leo and Greenlee arrive at the hospital. She is going to smooze Jack and get use of his apartment to have her party. She is going to have to charm him into cooperating with her and she knows it. She walks off and leaves him to wait for her. He turns to walk up the hall and sees Laura in her room. She is sleeping and he leaves, but she wakes and sees him walking away. She calls to him and he comes to visit with her. She is feeling much better now.

Greenlee goes looking for Jake. He is on 24-hour rotation which means that he is in the hospital for sure. She doesn’t want him paged, she doesn’t want to bother him while he is working.

Vanessa is in a restaurant alone reading the paper when Roger walks up behind her and sits at her table. Roger is trying to decide what to eat. She doesn’t want him to be there with her. He tells her that Leo is going to sign a prenuptial agreement and that would put Greenlee’s fortune out of reach for all of them.

JR meets with his friends and tells them he got busted trying to buy a paper. Bianca arrives and talks to JR about him getting suspended. She wanted to see if he was okay. He asks her if she ever felt guilty living with her dad.

Greenlee goes to see Laura and discuss her engagement. Laura tells her that she will be glad to make it to her party.

Leo comes to the hospital to talk to Leo. She tells him that she heard a rumour about a prenuptial agreement. Where did she hear that? Vanessa will not tell him, but he guesses that Roger was the one that told her the information. She denies that she was talking with Roger. She already gave him half a million dollars to leave town. Greenlee walks up behind them and she tells Leo and his mother that they look guilty as sin and she knows why….


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