All My Children Update Tuesday 5/8/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/8/01

By Glynis  

Adam is with his fake date on the boat. The woman is clearly there for action. She wants to touch him and he lets her, telling her that he has a fake leg. That freaks her out and she ends up leaving him alone. Now that he has gotten rid of her, he goes to see what Liza is up to. She is with the doctor on the deck and Liza is having a very nice conversation. The doctor that she is with is a really boring guy and he only cares about dermatology. Liza is clearly bored. The man tells her that his house is paid for and he goes scuba diving all the time. He is looking for the right person to share life with him. He is not interested in Tania because she acts like a girl. He would like to meet a girl that is kind and generous. He is deeply attracted to her. Liza quickly tells him that she is spoken for. She tells him that she waited for her special someone and she got him. She got someone to tell her special stories toÖsomeone who will always be the most loving person in the world. Adam comes from hiding and walks up behind Liza. She sees him coming and they kiss. Bob is embarrassed and walks off.

Leo is alone with Phyllis in a room. She is the date of the guy that is stuck with Greenlee somewhere else on the boat. Phyllis is coming on to him and telling him that she doesnít think that he is going to get married anytime soon. She decides to read his palm. She tells him that he is going to have a lot of money. He is to marry a girl and she is going to be filthy rich. Leo thinks that the woman is a set up sent by Roger. She doesnít know what he is talking about. He wants to know how she pulled the rich girl out of a hat. She tells him that she made millions selling mops on TV and she would like to spend some of her money on him. He would be tempted once, but not now. Phyllis believes him. Leo thinks that it is strange that she thinks that she has to buy people. She has been dating Lars, but she is not sure that he loves her for her money.

Greenlee is with Lars, the man that is with Phyllis as a date. The two were emotionally entangled and he screwed up big time. She meant a lot to him he says, but she doesnít believe it. She tells him that she is engaged to be married. He tells her that they have met by pure chance and he only wants happiness for her in her life. He grabs her and kisses her hard on the mouth. He wanted her to get back some of the memories that they had. He repulses her. He brings up his girlfriend Phyllis and how he loves her, but she doesnít believe him. Greenlee is not ready to fall for his lies again. He thinks that they had something special. He remembers the night they stayed up in the sky on the Ferris wheel. She does remember that. She remembers him liking the shopping sprees and the trips and confused that with someone loving her. Her new beau is not like that thank God. She will fly coach for him if she has to. Greenlee warns Lars to stay away from Leo.

Lauraís doctor is looking after her and he is really handsome. She flirts with him terribly. She finds out that he has a wife and leaves. Laura thinks that she has terrible luck. Bianca is there and thinks that she needs to get her mind on something else. Bianca doesnít like the way that Laura is acting. Shannon and her friends come to visit Laura. They have balloons and stuffed animals and a sarcastic tone to their voices. They tried to fake friendship, but this time Laura and Bianca are not standing for this. Laura tells them to get out. Laura got a note from someone named Camille and the girls make fun of Laura and her sick friend. They think that Laura tried to overdo because she couldnít be with Leo. Laura threatens the girls to get out of there or she will do something else to them. Shannon is going to bring a list of charges against Laura for threatening. Jack walks in and overhears the girls talking and things that if they are talking lawsuits, he must be in the right place. He tells the girls that they are facing dozen misdemeanor counts for the things that they have done. The girls pretend that they are not scared. Jack tells them that they can use the system to their advantage. He takes out a pen and picks up a pop can that the girls had touched. He tells the girls that the next time there is a drug bust, this can with their fingerprints will appear on the premises. Shannon is a known drug user and canít risk something like that happening. Jack thinks that Laura should decide what happens to the girls next. The girls leave and Jack and the girls joke about the prank that they played. Jack tells Laura that he got her suspension lifted and she will be able to start PVU in the fall. Bianca thinks that she should get some rest. Once alone, Laura thinks to herself that she is ready to give up on Leo.

Edmund brings an official to the fire that was mistakenly set by the intruder. They find out that the fire was set by paper falling on a heater. Alex and Edmund think that someone may have done this deliberately.

The intruder is in the house at Wildwind. He hears the voice again, "Get to Anna Devane, you will know what to do." Alex and Edmund enter the room and the intruder has just enough time to hide and listen to them talking in the closet. He hears Alex thinking that she doesnít know what is hers and what is Annaís anymore. Alex is afraid that she is going to be brainwashed again. Anna enters and is upset that she opened the trunk. Edmund thinks that they should worry about her getting better. Anna feels responsible for everything that has been happening with Alex. Alex has to suffer again and again. Anna wants to leave. Alex is not going to let this happen again. Alex thinks that she canít leave. Anna knows that she is stronger and she is going to leave and no one is going to stop her. Alex tells her that she must not know her sister very well if she thinks that she is leaving. Anna forgets that everything that Anna knows, Alex knows it too. It seems like the sisters are threatening each other. Dimitri comes with terrible news that there is someone after them and it is going to be someone that they never suspected.

Ryan and Gillian are watching the couples in another room on a monitor and they see Greenlee kissing Lars. They canít believe it. Anything really can happen. Ryan and Gillian think that they canít disturb the show because of their commitment to it. Leo and Greenlee are with Lars and Ms. Pringle looking at the monitor and Leo discovers that Greenlee was kissing Lars. She canít deny it; it is there in full colour.

Leo and Greenlee are alone in a room on the boat. She wants to make up with him for what has happened earlier with Lars. She tells Leo that Lars is a loser and she didnít want him to know that she knew him. Leo is not being judgmental with her and she loves that he makes her feel so safe. Leo gets up and doesnít feel romantic anymore. Something is wrong with him. He tells her that there is something that he has to tell her.

Ms. Pringle is thinking of her next project and thinks that Gillian can be a part of the next shoot that they do. Ms. Pringle hears that she has connections with Wildwind and asks Gillian to make a detailed map of the estate for her. Gillian rushes off to do just that. An assistant comes to Ms. Pringle to tell her that they have run out of tape. Ms. Pringle tells him that he is stupid to worry about that because they are not really there to shoot tapes, they are there for another reason.


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