All My Children Update Monday 5/7/01


All My Children Update Monday 5/7/01

By Glynis

Laura wants to know what the doctor has been saying. She is confronting Brooke and Erica to tell the truth. Erica tells Bianca and Laura that they have boned because they are parents. 7 years ago, Erica almost lost Bianca. That makes her and Laura more alike than they want to admit. They have put their differences aside because of Laura. Brooke thanks Erica for that and hugs her. Later when Bianca is alone with the mothers she demands to know why they are lying. She feels that she should at least know what is going on.

Alex and Edmund find one of the guard dogs dead outside of the little house on Wildwind’s property. They wonder who would kill a dog like that. Alex goes back into the house and finds Anna in the house with the broken flute. It is broken now and Alex is sure that Maddy was the one that broke it. Anna can’t get the trunk out of her mind. She was sure that there would be something else in there that would help her. Alex tells her sister that there is something in the trunk that can help. Anna feels that they have gone through everything. Alex tells her, "…she is hidden inside." Alex has her hands on the trunk and her eyes closed. She is thinking when Edmund arrives and Alex remembers that there is a false bottom in the trunk. She quickly goes to the bottom of the trunk and pulls out a doll. Anna remembers her daughter as a young girl…She remembers Robin. The doll is a doll that the women both know. Alex is familiar with the doll because it was used to brainwash her. Anna leaves so that Edmund and Alex can spend some time alone. Alex can’t go through all this again. She is afraid that she is regressing. She is really frightened for her sister.

Maddy has brought the intruder to a place where she has cookies hidden. She gives him more cookies and as he eats, a dog collar falls out from his clothes. She picks it up and asks him why he has a dog collar. She wants to know why the man never speaks. She asks if he has a tongue. He sticks his tongue out to show her that he does have one. They hear some noises outside and Maddy tells him that the noise is just Mike taking care of the horses. The man sees a picture of Alex and he goes over to it and smashes it. Maddy gets upset that the intruder is always breaking things. She thinks that they should go and see her daddy. She runs off alone and the intruder gets angry and tosses some papers to the floor not realizing that some of those papers have fallen on the electrical heater on the floor and has started a fire…. The intruder remembers a voice telling him to get to Anna Devane. He turns and finds the fire burning. Instead of trying to put it out, he put some more papers on the fire to feed it and make it go higher.

Leo and Greenlee arrive at the yacht and find out what they are needed for. They are going to be a part of the reality series. The only reason why Leo came at all was because he was promised his job back. He didn’t know that he was going to be lured into anything like this. Ryan and Gillian want them to be with the other couples on the yacht. They are going to be in a relationship-testing situation. Ms. Pringle the organizer is there trying to explain how the reality show is going to work. Greenlee thinks that there is nothing that could get in the way of their breaking up. She is sure that there are no surprises left between the both of them.

Roger is on the phone making a call to someone that is going to help him with his scheme to control Leo. He is asking for help with planning a little surprise for Leo and Greenlee. He doesn’t seem like he is doing this strictly for the good of his daughter. He is definitely up to something.

On the yacht, the couples start arriving. Leo is busy with the camera horsing around when Greenlee suddenly sees a man that she obviously knows. She is not that thrilled to see him and doesn’t tell Leo that she recognizes the man. Her phone rings and it is Roger telling her that he has arranged everything for the engagement party. Greenlee is too stunned by seeing the man that she obviously knows to care at that moment. Adam arrives with Liza. He is very upset that he was lied to about the use of the boat. He wants all of them off the boat. Ryan has screwed up one time too many for the likes of Adam. Ryan explains that he wouldn’t be able to get the business going without use of the boat. Ryan explains what they are trying to do with the reality show. They are going to get four couples on the boat and take them on a trip. That will test their relationships and see what they are really made of. Will their love withstand the temptations that will definitely come their way? He wanted to show Adam the result of this venture. He wouldn’t have to invest any money to gain all the money he can stand. This is a win-win situation. Adam would be a fool to pass up such a chance. He dares Adam to tell him that this is a bad idea and that it won’t work. Ryan is sure that he can make history with this. Adam tells him to go ahead and do it. Adam will still keep a close eye on what happens to the yacht. Gillian thinks that it would be great if Adam and Liza play one of the couples on the show. That way they would be able to see what is going on first hand. Adam thinks that it is silly, but Liza is up for it. He thinks that this is insane…She thinks that the trip could be hot for them. Adam quickly agrees to go ahead with the trip. They are about to start filming. Gillian leaves to get the other couples. They all enter the home. Adam thinks that Ryan and Gillian have to participate. Ms. Pringle does the intro into the show. She introduces the couples…. Bob and Tanya have been together for 9 months…Lars and Phyllis…Leo and Greenlee…and Adam and Liza. This is where Adam jumps in and introduces Ryan and Gillian. There is going to be fireworks on this boat. The silly games begin. The couples are blindfolded and have to feel their way around to find their mates. That is interesting for a while. The next game involves cards with a location written on them. People get their cards and have to meet the person that also has to go to that location. Adam is getting impatient with the game. He wants to be with his wife and doesn’t like the thought that his wife may end up with someone else. Liza leaves him and goes to her destination. Greenlee tries to tell Leo where they are going, but Ms. Pringle catches them and she makes them separate and go where they should. Ryan is not entirely happy about these games. When asked on camera who he would like to end up with, he says, "My wife, undoubtedly my wife." Ms. Pringle thinks that nothing lasts forever.

Joe explains to Brooke that Laura needs an operation and if she doesn’t get it she will die. Erica is there too and hears the grave news. Brooke tells him to do the surgery right away.

Adam goes to the main cabin and meets the doctor’s wife. She runs to him…"I am so excited." She kisses him firmly on the lips.

Greenlee goes to her location on the boat and finds out that she is to meet the man that she recognized earlier. She tells him, "Lars, I am getting married." She thinks that the man has set this up and is trying to get to her.


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