All My Children Update Friday 5/4/01


All My Children Update Friday 5/4/01

By Glynis  

Edmundís daughter sees the intruder in the small house on the property at Wildwind. She goes into the house to ask the man who he is and what he is doing there. The man doesnít speak. Instead he points to the outside of the door where she was coming in. The girl turns to look outside and when she turns back, the man is gone. In walks Edmund and Alex. She tells them that she met someone there but he is gone now. The maid comes in and tells Maddy that they are going to go up to the house. They leave. Edmund and Alex discuss Maddy thinking that she saw someone imaginary, but they are not overly concerned. Alex has been wondering how Edmund felt about her. Apparently, he has been still thinking about Alex and he knows that he is still in love with Alex. Alex canít believe that they still talk to each other that way. Alex canít believe that she is feeling jealous. They were happy and she wasnít with him because she was grieving. She wants him to never forget that.

Leo is telling Bianca that he was a crook. They made people think that they were nice people and then they used them. He is going to sign a prenuptial to prove that he is in love with Greenlee. If Roger tells Greenlee the truth about him, it will be all over between them. Bianca thinks that Leo should give Greenlee more credit and tell her the truth. He shouldnít do this to someone that he loves. Leo has to go and thanks her for her time. He has to sign his prenuptial.

Greenlee is talking to her grandmother who thinks that she is foolish. Roger is listening and then decides to enter the apartment and make his presence known. Grandmother thinks that Leo only wants her for her money. Greenlee tells him that Leo is going to sign a prenuptial to prevent Leo from getting her money. Roger thinks that if Leo is going to make it impossible to get his hands on her money, then he must be trustworthy. Greenlee is glad that her father at least believes in her decision. He reminds her that she can trust him. Roger tries to smooth things over with her grandmother. She too was penniless when she met her husband. She tells him that he is spineless and crazy. Roger reminds her that he had a career in Finance and Mary wanted a Bohemian life and instead he gave his wife paradise away from her parents. Grandmother tells him that he is doing this to make the family angry. It is either that or he is going to profit from her getting married to this Leo. Her grandmother thinks that Greenlee is beyond help. Until she comes to her senses she is not to come back to the house and visit. She leaves and Roger tells her that he has had to put up with that sort of thing for many years. She canít believe that her father is backing her up on this. She thinks that maybe he can still love her. Leo arrives at the apartment and Greenlee tells him that grandmother was just there and Leo missed her. She is not going to throw them a party after all. Roger decides to throw the party for them. Greenlee gets a call from her renovator and has to go upstairs to talk to them right away. She leaves and Leo turns and asks Roger how he is going to pay for the engagement party. He tells Leo that he is going to pay with the money that Leo is going to get for him. Leo plays up with the idea and then Roger shoots him down. What sort of fool do you think I am he asks. Did you think that I wasnít going to find out about the prenuptial? Roger doesnít think that he is on the up and up. Roger threatens to tell about the life that Leo led in Barona. She is going to see him as everyone else that knows about him. He wants Roger to reconcile with his daughter. Leo wants to just make Greenlee happy and maybe they can all live together with her father getting a small allowance. Roger agrees to that and gives him the evidence that he had that Leo was a loser. Greenlee returns and is glad to see that her favorite men are getting alone famously. Roger leaves and Greenlee doesnít get it. Leo wants to get the prenuptial signed right away so that he doesnít have to worry about it anymore.

The doctor is telling Brooke that Lauraís heart is working at 30% of its capacity. She understands and wants to know what they can do to fix things. He tells her that there is nothing that they can do to fix things. Erica comes to the hospital and finds that Brooke is in a terrible way. Erica will do anything to help Brooke get things back on track with her daughter. Erica thinks that Laura needs to know all the facts, but Brooke things that Laura will just be frightened. Erica thinks that Laura is going to want to know that she is dying. Brooke is not going to tell her daughter that horrible news. The only reason that Brooke can think of to tell the news is so that she can prepare to die. Bianca walks up and can tell that something terrible is happening. Brooke tells her that nothing is wrong and that she should go and see Laura.

Bianca goes into the room and visits with Laura. Laura is looking forward to going to Leoís wedding. Bianca thinks that they should hold off on that. Bianca thinks that something is wrong but she doesnít know what it is. She tries to keep a tight upper lip and they discuss school and to her things like that. Laura has been planning the summer. She would like to go to Europe this summer. Laura would like to be able to forget Leo, but it is going to be hard to do. Bianca knows how she feels. She misses Sarah.

Adam has come to the yacht and has found out that the couple was going to do some business. He takes off with Mrs. Pringle and Ryan is worried that Adam is going to take over their idea and make a mint from it. Instead Ms. Pringle has told Adam that they are doing free promotional videos. Ryan canít believe that Ms. Pringle would cover for them that way. Later when asked why she covered for them, Ms. Pringle tells him that she likes Gillian and Ryan better. Ryan thinks that Ms. Pringle already knew the situation between him and Adam. There is a crisis and it looks like Gillian and Ryan are going to have to be on air for he promotion after all. They donít want to do it. Gillian thinks that she has the perfect couple for them to use.

As Alex and Edmund are talking, Maddy is outside with a cookie in her hand. The intruder walks up to her and she holds out her hand with the cookie to him. He snatches it from her and stuffs it in his mouth like an animal. She tells him that she can get him more cookies if he is still hungry. She takes him by the hand and leads him away with her. Just then, Alex and Edmund leave the house and Alex sees something that is horrifying to her. It is one of the guard dogs lying in the bushes and he isnít moving.

Ryan calls Leo and tells him that they are setting sail with them that night. There is a coupleís cruise and he has to get over there right away. Greenlee thinks that this is great if it is going to get Leoís job back. Leo and Greenlee leave to go on the cruise.

Roger is making a call to someone to get information on LeoÖ.

Ryan is with Ms. Pringle and Gillian and the couples are all set. Their names are going to be on the credit list. Ms. Pringle thinks that they are going to be great friends and so does Gillian, but Ryan thinks that might not work out.

Erica really thinks that Laura should know the truth. Brooke wants to get more information before she tells her daughter. She wants Laura to be happy for once in her life. They turn and find Laura pushing her IV and coming out of the room. She tells her mother that she and Bianca are going to go to Europe for the whole summer. Brooke is unable to show happiness. Laura suspects that something is really wrong with her and she demands to know what is going on.


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