All My Children Update Thursday 5/3/01


All My Children Update Thursday 5/3/01

By Glynis

Leo is spending time with Laura in the hospital. He is telling her that he is with Greenlee and that he is happy. He wants her to promise him that she will get better. Greenlee is watching from the hall and Bianca grabs her to prevent her from going into the room. Greenlee goes into the room and asks about her knowing that they are getting married. Greenlee tells Laura that there is something that she needs to say to her. She knows that Laura is a good friend of Leo and she would like to retract claws and be friends. Leo thinks that they should leave. Laura thinks that Greenlee is right. Everyone messed up. Bianca thinks that Laura should think about this. Greenlee doesnít like that she feels that way. Laura tells them that they should have happy sailing. Brooke enters the room and hears Laura wishing Leo and Greenlee happy sailing. She thinks that Laura looks really tired. Greenlee leaves on a friendly note with Leo. Bianca leaves the room as well. Laura tells her mother that Leo is in love and that he is getting married. She tries to get him off her mind, but she has trouble with that. Brooke wants her to get over it and she wishes that she could take the hurting away. Brooke assures her that the hurting will eventually go away. You donít stop loving someone because they love someone else. Brooke doesnít want her to blame herself for what happened. This is part of life. What is Laura going to do? She is going to feel bad for a while and then all of a sudden she wonít feel so bad. Then one day she will start feeling good again. One day, she is going to find the man that she is to be with and Leo will be a distant memory. Her heart will heal, Brooke knows that. She apologizes again for taking drugs. Brooke reminds her that she has a virus and she made a mistake. She needs some sleep. The doctor enters the room and hears that Laura is still not feeling good. The doctor needs to know some things. She was tiring easily and getting short of breath. She has also been sleeping more. She wants to know where all the questions are coming from. The doctor realizes that Laura knows nothing about what is going on. Brooke takes the doctor into the hall. She tells Brooke that Lauraís condition is more serious than they thought. He canít just get rid of the virus. It is not that simple.

Outside the room, Greenlee is beaming. She is having a party thrown for her by her grandmother. She leaves Leo to see to the arrangements. Bianca takes him off with her. There is something that they have to do.

Over at the yacht, Ryan is looking for Gillian and he canít find her anywhere. She comes out wondering why he is so worried. He is not dressed. He has obviously forgotten. He runs passed her to get dressed. Soon, Ryan is dressed and looking like a very successful businessman. He has been worried about the stowaway. Gillian has been worried about that. This is their first real customer that is coming and Gillian wants everything to be right. The womanís name is Ms. Pringle. The woman might have a lover and want to have a private rendezvous. They are not sure what she wants but she pays cash and doesnít care. She may tell her friends about them and they will be fabulously successful. They have to pretend that they are the ones that own the yacht. The woman arrives. She thinks that the yacht is perfect. She introduces herself. Now that Ms. Pringle has seen everything that she needs to see, she is ready for adventure. She has a great idea. She wants to shoot the couples on the boat live. Four couples on sea on a yacht. There is going to be real dilemmas, real drama. Gillian thinks that they can call it the Dreamboat. Ms. Pringle thinks that night is the perfect time to shoot the show. Everything that she has seen so far convinces her that she should go through with this as soon as possible. Ms. Pringle gets a tour of the ship and Gillian reminds Ryan that Adam may find out what they are doing if they televise. The woman is back and ready to sign. Ryan shakes her hand. Gillian offers to get them some champagne and leaves to get it. She tells Ryan that she has another proposition for him. She wants him and his wife as one of the couples on the show. She thinks that they would be perfect for the show. Ryan thinks that they should only host the show. Ms. Pringle settles for his answer and Gillian returns. They all have a toast to their new venture. Ms. Pringle is going to shoot some preliminary footage. She had a feeling that they would say yes. Adam enters the cabin after Ms. Pringle leaves. He wants to know why there is a television crew outside and if they are going to take the yacht out for a ride without his consent. What is going on here?

Anna and Edmund are together getting ready to look in a trunk that may hold the secrets of her past. Anna thinks that this is a waste of time. She used to be a policewoman and a spy. He thinks that she should dip into her primal memoryÖmemory from infancy. She is doubtful that she will remember thinks by looking into the trunk. Edmund thinks that they should at least test the theory. Edmund opens the trunk. Anna goes over and finds a map. It is a walking tour of the Lake District. She puts that aside. She also finds a cricket bat. Anna doesnít think that she ever played cricket. Next, she finds a red ribbonÖand then a flute. As they look into the trunk, the intruder that has been sneaking around the property sees them looking into the trunk through a window and he sees as she picks up a flute. The flute is a surprise to Anna. They are not sure if the things in the flute is from Alexís past or Annaís. Edmund finds a piece of paper that Alex used to play game with. She would sit with her father for hours and play the game. The intruder watches as they talk. Her father was a good man. He was fair and compassionate. Anna thinks that the trunk is bringing back more memories for him than they are for her. Outside, the intruder hears someone coming and he hides. It is Alex and she enters the small house on the property. Anna remembers that her sister checked on her the night before. The boy that has been around hasnít been found and Alex was only being cautious and making sure that everything is all right. Alex finds her medical textbooks are in the trunk too. She wanted originally to be a vet. She found a hurt rabbit and that was how she started healing things. Anna slams the door shut on the trunk. She thinks that she is not going to remember anything. Alex thinks that her sister will get her memory back. There must be something that they shared as children. Edmund reminds her that when she took up the recorder, she seemed to remember something. Alex tells her that she doesnít know where that came from or who played it. It is a beautiful recorder. Anna puts it in her lips and immediately begins to play a beautiful tune to the shock of the three. The intruder is back and sees and hears her playing the recorder. He turns to leave, but one of the guard dogs is behind him and he canít go anywhere. Inside the little house, Anna suddenly has a memory. She doesnít know how she did that or where that came from. Outside, the intruder has made a friend of the dog and he quietly walks away from the house with the dog following. Inside, Edmund thinks that she should have a rest. Alex opts to leave first so that they are not seen together. Edmund sits with her and he thinks that she is very brave. She takes the recorder again and this time she has trouble remembering how to play it. She thanks him for helping her. They will try that again the next day. Edmund thinks that they should go back to her room now. The recorder if left on the table and the intruder enters the house and walks over to it. He picks it up and looks at it. Outside, the guard dog is lying unconscious or maybe dead in the bushes. Inside the house, the intruder breaks the recorder over his knee and it falls to the floor in two pieces. He is sitting on the couch thinking when Edmundís daughter enters the house and asks, "Who are you?" The intruder turns to her and just looks.

Bianca takes Leo to BJís and he can tell that something is terribly wrong with her. Bianca tells him that Greenlee is very attractive, but she still isnít sure that he is doing the right thing. She wants him to have a long engagement. She doesnít think that he can marry Greenlee and he is going to do it as soon as possible. He tells Bianca that Roger is blackmailing him. He tells her that there is more to his past than she thinks. Greenleeís father found out that there is more to Leoís past and is forcing him to do things. Leo is not a parasite anymore and needs to prove to Roger that he is able to handle him. Greenleeís family has treated her terribly and he is going to marry her as soon as possible to show her that he is not the person that everyone thinks. He tells her that he is working on a prenuptial agreement. That way he wonít have any access to her money. He is going to prove his love to her that way. Roger canít find out that he is doing that or he will make trouble. That is why he has to marry Greenlee right away. He looks really scared. What is it that Roger has on him? She wants to know.

Greenlee arrives at the loft finding her grandmother writing her a note as Greenlee was late. Greenlee opens the door and lets them in. Her grandmother doesnít like the apartment much. This is just the place where she is staying until her apartment is being renovated. She lets her grandmother know that she is just a roommate to Jake for now. Greenlee feels like the luckiest woman on earth. She is proud to have Leo on her arm. Her grandmother is not as happy as Greenlee is about the upcoming nuptials. She doesnít approve and is not pleased at what Greenlee is telling her. Her grandmother is in charge of the money now and she is not going to let Greenlee embarrass them again. She tells Greenlee that there will be no party because there is going to be no engagement between Greenlee and Mr. Dupres! She thinks that Leo is a bum like her father. Her father arrives but stays hidden and listens to the conversation. Her grandmother can tell that Leo is a gold digger. Greenlee tells her that Leo is willing to sign a prenuptial agreement and he is willing to keep his hands off her money.


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