All My Children Update Wednesday 5/2/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/2/01

By Glynis

Tad has spent some time with Dixie and Tad tells her that he found something. He thinks that she couldnít wait for him to leave. She got rid of it! She doesnít understand what he is talking about. He is joking around. He shows her a golf ball. She admits that she was the one that put his golf ball washer in the trash. This is really very funny. She can hardly keep a straight face thinking of what he is saying. She hated the golf ball washer. She thought that it was tacky and he didnít even use it. He threatens to throw away something of hers. She runs into the kitchen to see if he has thrown out her Pierre the Pudge. He didnít throw it away; he only snatched it temporarily. She apologizes for throwing out his washer. She apologizes to him and he touches her hand. Junior walks into the house and finds his parents sitting together on the couch. He obviously likes what he is seeing and Tad and Dixie feel awkward that JR has seen them together that way. They explain that they are together because Leslie is missing and they have to have the house watched. Someone comes to the door. It is the police reporting that there is word about Leslie. She has gotten away and it seems that she is in Center City. The police are still looking for her. The cop leaves and will keep them posted. Tad canít believe that Leslie has escaped. Dixie is all right so there seems to be no need for Tad to be there anymore. Dixie wants JR to move back in with her, but he is just there to get some CDs. He is not ready to get back the way things were. She explains that she works at his school now. She is going to be a substitute teacher. He thinks that sucks. Dixie makes him apologizes. He is going to meet her later so that they can discuss his behavior. She doesnít understand his behaviour at all. She has to get dressed.

Jake bumps into Greenlee while shopping. He is there to get another bathmat as Greenlee gets the current one soggy. She wasnít at the house the night before. She stayed with Leo the night before. She tells him that she is engaged to Leo. Jake doesnít think that Leo is the type to get married. There is going to be no sunset for them. She took Jakeís advice and she did what he told her. She told Leo how she feels. She thinks of Jake as a friend. He thinks of her as a friend too. She wants him to be happy for her. She is going to get married. Jake will work on accepting her getting married to Leo. She wants him to move out of the loft. He canít believe what she is asking him to do. She only wants him to move out for a little while so that she can spend time with Leo. Jake thinks that she has completely gone off the edge. She knows that he can go back home with his family for a while. He is not going to give up his apartment and Leo already has a place to stay. Leo doesnít want to live off her money even though he is staying with her at the penthouse. Jake thinks that she is fooling herself. He is sure that Leo is marrying her for her money. She is sure that Leo loves her. Jake recaps their relationship and now out of the blue they are getting married. He thinks that she is so desperate that she would settle for someone that is not good for her. Leo is just a younger, hipper version of her father. She doesnít care what he thinks. If he doesnít like what she is doing he can go straight to hell. She gets up and leaves.

Leo arrives to visit his brother in jail and finds him talking with his lawyer. David is acting very confident and believes fully that the charges against him are going to be dropped. He is exercising and doesnít realize that Leo is there. David turns and sees that his brother is there and he wants to know what he is doing there. He was expecting a visit from his mommy dearest. Vanessa was the one that sent Leo and now David is very interested in what he has to say. He dismisses his lawyer and turns to Leo to find out why Vanessa didnít come herself. A friend of Vanessaís died the night before Leo says. It was a judge. David panics at the news. He finds out that the judge that died is the one that David was counting on to help him with his case. He grabs Leo through the bars and begs him to tell him that the judge is not dead. A guard breaks up the deadlock that David has on Leo and leaves the room. David wants more information. Leo has told the truth and there is nothing else that he can say. Leo shows him the obituary and there it isÖ It is too late now the money is gone. Leo wants to know what is going on. What money is he talking about? Leo figures out that this had to do with David getting out of jail. David paid the judge off and now the judge canít help him. David is all played out and soon he is going to get what is coming to him. Leo tries again to pick his brother up off the floor. David thinks that he is no good at all.

Laura is in the hospital after sucking back an overdose of ecstasy. She seems to be find now and looking forward to getting out of the hospital. Outside the room, Joe gives Brooke the news that Laura seems to be okay. She has a problem with her heart. There seems to be another complication. Laura is visiting with Bianca in her room and doesnít know about the conversation that Brooke is having with the doctor. There is a heart specialist on the job trying to help Laura get back into shape. It appears that Laura has a virus that attacks the heart. When they get the tests back they will be able to know more. Brooke wants to know how serious this is, but the doctor has to go because of an emergency.

In the hospital room, Bianca brings a present to Laura. She brings her oils and something to read alone with headbands to make her look presentable while she is staying in the hospital. Laura is sorry about everything that she has done. She was scared because of the journal and everything that has happened. Brooke sees the girls in the room and enters to visit with the girls. Laura wants to know what is going on with her case. Brooke tells her that her case is fine and she is on the mend. Laura is sure that something else is wrong with her. Brooke tells her that the drugs may have aggravated another problem and she may have a virus. Brooke is trying to act like everything is okay. There is another problem, but they canít worry about that yet. Brooke has to make a call and will leave for a moment. Once outside, she sees the doctor again and demands to get some information. He refuses to give her things to speculate about. He reminds her that the test results will be back soon. He thinks that she should take a seat and calm down. Bianca has come out of the room and hears Brooke talking to the doctor. Brooke wants to know where David is being held. The doctor tells her that. Brooke grabs Lauraís chart and goes running from the hospital. The doctor is shouting after her that she canít leave with the chart.

David is still talking with Leo and Leo is still trying to get him out of his funk. David is gifted and he got those gifts for a reason. He is a healer. Leo is not as selfish as everyone thinks that he is. Why canít he see that? He is supposed to be the smart one. Dixie saw something in him and Leo is starting to see it too. David thinks that he has lost everything, but actually he still has his research. Leo was proud of what he did the night before. He didnít turn his back on the people that needed him. Brooke comes bursting in the area to speak with David. She gives him the chart for Laura. David looks at the chart and Leo leaves. She wants to know what the chart means. David tells her that there are more tests to be done. Laura might have a virus that may lead to total heart failure. The doctors need to find out more about what is going on with Laura. They have to run more tests. All David can give her are a lot of tips. Brooke wants him released so that he can help her daughter. He doesnít think that he can get out. He is a flight risk. David tells her that there is another doctor that can help. Brooke canít settle for anyone else but him. He tells her that he is sorry but he doesnít see how he can help her.

Bianca reenters Lauraís room and doesnít tell her that Brooke is freaking out. The girls discuss the problems that they have been having. Laura has been feeling tired and Bianca thinks that she should go, but Laura doesnít want her to go. Bianca has a brush so that Laura can fix herself up a bit. Bianca tells her that Jack got the Website off the net, but Erica will not let her take any action against Shannon and her friends. Laura wants to know about Leoís engagement. She didnít think that it was true, but apparently, it is. Leo walks into the room to surprise the girls. Bianca thinks that she should go and get something to drink while Laura talks with Leo. She leaves, but watches Laura from outside the room. Laura smiles as Leo visits with her. Leo tells her everything that has been going on with Leslie. She explains that she took some ecstasy and got really sick. She has a virus and now things are worse. She is sure that she is going to be out of there in no time. He wants to tell her that he is engaged, but she already knows. She is happy for him.

Greenlee shows up at the hospital and Bianca tries to stop her from going into the hospital room. Greenlee looks in and sees Leo with Laura talking. He kisses her cheek and Greenlee sees that.

JR meets with his friend at the mall and gives him the CDs. JR tells his friend that he canít cut school and hang out because his mother is working at the school now. JR is not going to let her spoil his good time. He hands his friend a wad of cash and tells his friend that things are still on for the coming night.

Dixie is ready to go to work. She is dressed and Tad is glad that he can be there to share the time with her. They both have to get going to work. They leave the house together, but Tad lingers for a moment and looks at the room remembering the memories.


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