All My Children Update Wednesday 4/25/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Glynis

Laura is suspended for her fight with Shannon. She agrees to leave the school for a while until all of this is straightened out. Laura starts cleaning out her locker seeing as she has been suspended for fighting. The teacher leaves the girls in the hall. Bianca is sorry about what has happened. It is completely unfair. Laura is grateful that Bianca stuck up for her. Laura would like to be friends, but Bianca thinks that is impossible. Laura thinks that she can be a friend to Bianca again and she is sure that she can quit ecstasy. Bianca thinks that having feelings for Laura will prevent them from having a good friendship like they used to. Bianca is not over it. She thinks that she should back off. The girls turn and find Erica standing in front of them. Laura leaves. Erica faces her daughter. Erica says that she was able to get Jack to have the Website removed from the Internet. Bianca tells her tat she would like to press charges against Shannon and her friends. Erica thinks that they should let everything lie the way that it has. They shouldn’t retaliate. Bianca thinks that Shannon has won again. Erica thinks that they shouldn’t get involved in this any more. Soon Bianca is going to be out of there. Erica thinks that she should keep her distance from everyone. Bianca understands that to mean stay away from Laura too. She knows that her mother knows that she likes Laura more than friend. Erica is all freaked out about this. Bianca knows that there is no future for her and Luara and that is why shewrote about it in her journal. This is really hard for Erica, but Bianca knows that one day she will have a healthy normal relationship. Erica wants her to be happy. That day is oming and Erica bettter be ready to accept it. Bianca walks off.

Dixie is in the hospital and bumps into Dixie. She tells him that she has applied to the school to work as a teacher. David is doing better and Dixie is trying to sound disinterested, but it is really hard. She is right in front of his room.

In David’s room, Vanessa is there trying to help, but David doesn’t need any help. He tells her that she did good and helped him to buy some more time. The trick with the potassium was good for helping him stay out of jail and they can’t do it again. Dixie enters the room and Vanessa turns to see her standing there. He knew that she wouldn’t stay away. She turns and leaves the room. He can’t believe that she is pulling away. He gets angry. Vanessa tells him again that Dixie is the reason why he is in all this trouble. She has to worry about getting his life back in swing. Vanessa thinks that he should pretend that he was drugged when he drugged the punch at the party. There is a judge that has been admitted and his life is being dragged out from under him because of a heart condition. David wants to pay him off and make sure that his crimes are thrown out on a technicality. He is going to need Vanessa’s help. He wants her to chat with the nurses and find out what is going on with the judge. Vanessa can’t do this but changes her mind when David tells her that he will throw in a half a million dollars for her. She has to look at that option, Palmer hasn’t put her in his will. She thinks back to her conversation with Roger and how he wants a milliion dollars to keep his silence about her being a scam artist. Getting this money would solve her immediate problem with Roger. He wants her to get a Power of Attorney so that she can handle his funds for him. He warns her not to get greedy. If she doesn’t agree to help him, he will reduce the amount of money that he is going to give her. She leaves the room quickly to get things going.

Anna remembers something in her past and she can’t take it. She is looking at pictures and it is making things turn around inside her but she doesn’t have a memory of what this is all about. She only has bits and pieces. The picture that Edmund has gone to has been helpful to her. And now she has another piece of the puzzle. He reaches into his pocket and brings out some more pictures for her to look at. He shows her General Hospital and Port Charles. He shows her a picture of the home where she lived with Robert. She feels comfortable looking at the pictures. They are very familiar. She is going to keep the pictures in hopes that they will help her. She thanks him for doing this for her. She asks about her daughter. There is nothing there that relates to Robin. He does, however know where Robin is. If she wants to see her daughter, Edmund could herlp her to get in contact. Anna thinkst hat it is too dangeroius for her to get in touch with her daughter. She really wants to see her daughter. If she sees Robin, she wants to be the mother that Robin remembers and not this pathetic shell. She is not pathetic, she is breave and Edmund tells her that she will see her daughter again. He promises her that. He reaches out and touches her face. He gets an idea that she shoild lay out the pictures and glue them to a scrapbook so that she can write her feelings down below them. Someday she can show the book to Robin. He finds a picture of Alex on the floor. It has been crumpled and thrown beneath the table. Edmund wonders how the picture got there. Alex had been looking for that picture for the longest time.

Gillian and Ryan are reveling in the success of the romantic cruise. Everyone is having a super time. The couples are all there…Leo, Greenlee, Gillian, Ryan and Alex with Dimitri. Gillian prepares to make some coffee for the guests. Greenlee and Leo decide that they are going to leave. They have had quite enough of this and now they want to be alone. They have a wedding to plan. There is going to be a floorshow. They are encouraged not to go anywhere. They want the couples to do some Karaoke on the cruise. Ryan and Gillian get out the machine and the books to choose songs from. Woohoo! What a wild time they are going to have with this idea. Greenlee and Leo are not exactly up to it. They stay anyway and get dragged into the damned singing fiasco. The phone is ringing and Greenlee answers the phone. It is Laura calling. She is desperate, but Greenlee is too selfish to notice. She wants to speak to Leo and Greenlee won’t let her. She tells Laura that she is in the middle of her engagement party and that Leo is very busy. She hangs up the phone on Laura who can’t believe her ears. He is actually going to marry that witch? Back at the party, Gillian and Ryan are first to sing "I Got You Babe". Alex and Dimitri dance and watch the singing. Greenlee wants to be with Leo….alone. She will find a place for them to be alone together. She grabs the champagne and sneaks out on her own while Leo waits for her to come back with news where they are going to be alone. At the end of the song, Gillian tells Dimitri that he is next with Alex. Greenlee is supposedly in the powder room. Alex and Dimitri go to the front and take the microphone. Leo is waiting for Greenlee to return. She is walking through the boat looking for a place to have a rendezvous with her beloved. She sees the storage room door and thinks that is the best place for them to be. Outside the door she pops the cork on the bottle and the intruder lying on the inside hears the cork and struggles to get to his one good foot. Greenlee calls Leo and tells himt ot come and meet her. She won’t tell him where she is. She thinks that it will be fun for him to come and find her. Greenlee enters the storage room and turns on the light. There is not really much in there. Some clothes and toher items. The intruder is hiding behind some coats that are hanging on a rack and he slowly rises holding his knife above his head ready to strike if need be. Greenlee gets a creepy feeling that someone is behind her. MShe turns her head slowly and sees the intruder with his knife. She screams as loud as she can at the sight of him.

Laura tries to call Leo’s cell phone instead. She is finally realizing that he is going to marry Greenlee. She feels like a fool. She starts crying and then gets anohter idea. She calls another number. She talks to her friend Steve. She wants to get more ecstasy. She wants a triple hit of the stuff. The arrangements are made and Laura leaves to meet her dealer.

Vanessa returns with the proper forms for David to sign over his money to her. This is going to be great. She is going to get some cash that is going to help her get Roer off her back and at the same time help her other son to get a plan in action to free himself from the authorities. Everybody wins in this scenario. He instructs her to move some of his money so that it is available immediately. If she should decide to get greedy he will be able to tell and in fact, as soon as he is free, he is going to revoke the arrangement that he has with her. The forms are signed and Vanessa runs from the room to get the deed donje. David thinks that soon he is going to be with his Dixie.


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