All My Children Update Thursday 4/19/01


All My Children Update Thursday 4/19/01

By Glynis

Erica arrives home looking for her daughter. She searches everywhere but canít find her. Jack arrives and learns that she was looking for Bianca. Erica thinks that Bianca is missing. She saw her in the high school and then she ran out. She canít find her anywhere. Erica doesnít know what is going on. Jack thinks that she is being overprotective, but Erica is sure that there is something wrong with Bianca. They sit and she describes what happened. It seems that there was a problem. She doesnít know what was going on, but it looked serious. Jack thinks that the girls might have had an argument. Perhaps Bianca is interested in someone. Erica doesnít care; her daughter might not need her help. This has nothing to do with Bianca being gay. Jack thinks that Bianca is handling something on her own and that she doesnít need Ericaís help just yet. She knows that he is right and she doesnít want to admit it. They decide to go ahead to their budget meeting. She will give Bianca till she returns to get herself straightened out.

Bianca catches up with Laura at BJís. Laura can barely hold a cup of coffee and Bianca reaches out to steady her hand. Bianca sits with her and tells her that the caffeine is not going to help her feel better. Laura needs a doctor or a drug counselor. Laura tells her that she is crazy. She is not going for that type of help. Shannon and her friends arrive asking if everything is all right after they have run out of the teen addiction meeting. Shannon and her friends sit at a nearby table. Bianca tells Laura that they are going for some help. She goes over and grabs Laura and removes her from the restaurant. Shannon and her friends see Laura and Bianca leave the restaurant and notice that the girls have left their purses. The girls look through the purses and find keys. They have a mission now. Shannon tells her crew that they have work to do. They immediately get up and leave.

At the hospital, Leo arrives to find out how David is. Jake tells Leo that Davidís surgery is looking pretty good to go. Leo thinks that Jake doesnít want to see David get better. He just wants him back in jail. Leo has this rule about not getting his hand dirty in a fight, but he is willing to break that rule. He lunges for Jake and tries to start a fight. Greenlee enters just in time to see what is going on. Security grabs Leo, but Jake gets him freed saying that he can handle this. Greenlee intervenes wanting to know what is going on. Jake thinks that Greenlee enables Leoís behaviour. Jake knows why he does what he does. He is afraid to commit to anything and he takes advantage of people to get what he wants. Greenlee tells Leo that they should get out of there. She is not happy about what has gone on. Leo thinks that Jake is the moral police. He has nothing warmer to curl up to than his righteousness.

Over at Wildwind, Gillian has gone back to her room and finds a terrible sight. Bart is lying dead in the room. She screams and Ryan comes running to the room. He sees that Bart is there and they canít believe that the man is dead. Someone is hiding behind the curtain. The person is wearing workbooks. Gillian wants to call the police, but Ryan stops her from doing that. He thinks that they should tell Alex and Dimitri. Ryan calls Alex and tells her that Bart is dead. Alex and Dimitri are going to make their way up there. Gillian wants to know what is going on there. Alex and Dimitri arrive and cover up the body. They come up with a fake reason for Bart having died. Gillian thinks that there is more to this than what she is seeing. Dimitri talks to Ryan privately. This is difficult for Ryan to lie. He wants to get her out of there that day. He hates this. Dimitri thanks Ryan for being silent. Ryan goes to Gillian and tells her that she should leave with him. She thinks that she should stay and talk to the police. Alex thinks that she should go on and they will talk later. Gillian hugs Dimitri and leaves the house with Ryan. Alex and Dimitri are alone now. He hugs her. They have to tell Anna the truth about Bart. She has been making such remarkable progress and they are not sure if this will set her back. They canít keep this from her and they can only hope that she will be all right.

Laura and Bianca are at the hospital. Bianca is insisting that Laura get checked out. She is not breathing right. They get forms that have to be filled out. They sit in the waiting area and Laura is still insisting that she is fine. Bianca insists, but Laura still fights her. Bianca has been reading up on this stuff and thinks that Laura has been poisoned. She will not leave until the doctor tells them that she is all right.

Shannon and her friends are at Ericaís house. They use the key that Bianca had in her bag to enter the house. Erica is not there. Shannon is going upstairs to see what she can find. Mindy and Heather are to stay downstairs while Shannon searches for the journal.

Leo is with Greenlee at the apartment. He is thinking of what he said at the ER. She doesnít think that he should worry what people think. He hears things sometimes like when people say that she is a jerk. He just wants to punch their lights out. Jakeís things are there and he is definitely the poster boy for goodness. The apartment is full of awards and trophies proving what a wholesome person he is. Leo doesnít think that he has a life. He has not means of income. People like Jake piss him off all the time. Greenlee thinks that there is nothing wrong with the life that he has. Her life is like that too. That doesnít make her any less of a person. He thinks that she is more than shallow and superficial. Why does she want to be with someone like him? She does want to be with him because she wants to get to know him. Nothing that people think matters. Jake can take his diplomas and die aloneÖShe has him. He is thinking too much and they donít do well when they think. They are better at feeling. She wants to get back to where they were before. She knows him and he knows her and it is okay for them. He tells her that she doesnít know everything about him. He wants to keep thinking and talk about everything that they have done to each other. She loves him and she used to think that she loved other men. She thought that she loved them, but she didnít. She has been out of her mind for months. What is it with him? She doesnít care what it is. She wants him exactly the way that he is. She likes that he found her of all people. She is trying to get through to him. She doesnít care what he has done. She knows that she loves him and nothing that he could tell her could change that. She is putting her heart out to him. If he canít accept her as he is, she wants him to walk out the door and never see her again. She blows him away. He doesnít want to hurt her. She wants him to let the past go. She wants him to let the rest of things go. He moves to her and kisses her passionately. They share a special embrace and lie on the couch kissing.

One of Shannonís friends is looking out the window and sees that Erica is coming. They shout to Shannon that Erica is coming and they leave through the front door greeting Erica. Erica wants to know what the girls are doing there. Shannon comes downstairs with the journal and sees that she canít go out the front door because Erica is out there. The girls tell Erica that Laura and Bianca left their purses at the restaurant because they had to run off to the hospital. They say that Laura was in really bad shape and had to be looked at. Erica runs to the house to call Brooke. Shannon hides quickly and her friends enter the house with Erica. Brooke is out of town and Erica leaves a message for Brooke about Laura being in the hospital. Erica tells the girls that she has to leave right away to go to the hospital to see what is up with Laura and Bianca. The girls leave the house too. Shannon watches them outside from a window in Ericaís house. Shannon finally comes out of the house and starts reading the journal. She finds something that she thinks is going to help her with her revenge on Bianca. The girls run to the car.

Anna goes to the room in Wildwind where Bart is lying dead. Alex tells her that he had a heart attack. The man is still hiding behind the curtains. Anna tells Dimitri and Alex to leave the room for a moment. Once alone, she goes to her dead friend and holds his hand, not aware that she is not alone with the body. She tells the body that she will never reveal his secret to anyone. His secret will die with her. She knew what he was hiding and she could never face it. She is sorry that she could never return his love. She held on to him for so long but he never knew what he meant to her. She wishes that she had told him what he meant to her earlier. The man is still hidden behind the curtains. He slowly comes from behind the curtain, but hides again when Anna calls for the Alex to call the police now.

Gillian is with Ryan at BJís and they are going back to the yacht. She wants to have dinner with Alex and Dimitri later, but Ryan tells her that they should stay away from there. Gillian demands that Ryan tell her the truth right then. She can tell when he is lying to her. He tells her that he doesnít want her near there because she may be in danger. He loves her too much to let her be anywhere near things like that. She can live with him trying to protect her for the rest of her life. She finds him overprotective and he makes her very happy.

Dimitri and Anna are alone in the room. Alex is getting the police. Bart saved Annaís life many times. He was a very honorable man. He wasnít everything that he appeared to be on the outside. Dimitri and Alex are going to take care of Anna from now on. Anna just wants to take care of herself. Bart never left her alone for one moment. Maybe he just let go because he knew that she wasnít going to be left alone anymore. Anna runs to the body and kisses it. She then runs from the room with Dimitri following. The figure that has been hiding behind the curtain finally comes out. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a picture of Alex or Anna and crumples it in his/her hand.

Erica finally makes it to the hospital. She sees the girls. Laura is fighting with Bianca and telling her that she will not be tested for drugs. Laura turns terrified to find Erica standing behind them.


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