All My Children Update Tuesday 4/17/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 4/17/01

By Glynis

Gillian is waking up and Ryan is not there. She gets up to look out the window for him, and he enters the room. He calls her Mrs. Lavery and she loves that. She wants to scream it to the world. He wants her all to himself. He has something in mind and she knows what it is. She wants him to show her what he is hiding behind his back. It is a Gardenia and he promises her that she will have one everyday. They fall on the bed kissing. If that is what she is going to be like getting Gardenias, he is going to get her one everyday. He finds an envelope and the both of them don’t know what it is. He opens the envelope and wonders what it is doing there. The envelope contains newspaper clippings about Alex. They try to put the mystery together. Everyone has been acting very mysterious, but that could be because they were planning the wedding for them. Ryan remembers that everyone was acting strange before the plans for the wedding. This might have something to do with Alex having mental blocks. She has been having those mental blocks lately too. The whole thing is very strange. Ryan remembers when they found the body a year ago. Seems like a long time ago. Ryan doesn’t want anything to ruin what they have now. Gillian thinks that they should be thankful that Dimitri and Alex have loved them. They decide to live out an incredible dream. It isn’t his or her dream; it is someone else’s. It is about true love. There is a client that is having a wedding anniversary by the end of the month and Ryan has to get back to him by the end of the day. He wants Ryan to get him out of a bind. He is willing to pay big to get this job done. This will make Ryan look very good in Adam’s eyes. This makes Gillian look at things differently. Getting rid of Adam gets Ryan for herself very quickly. Ryan has to come up with something really unique. The couple has been together for 25 years and they have a really strong and powerful love. Gillian’s grandmother’s great great grandfather had a pictures painted of his wife and had to sell it when he had some debts. Ryan gets the idea to arrange for a modern masterpiece. He goes running from the room.

Anna and Dimitri are talking. She is telling him that Leslie attacked David and he is unconscious. His life is finally catching up to him. At least Anna will be safe for a while. Anna comes bursting in the room shouting that she has to be removed from the house right away. She can’t take being cooped up in the house for much longer. She wants to dress up like Alex and go out for a while. Alex would like to talk to her alone. Dimitri leaves the room. Alex tells her that she is not leaving the house. Anna thinks that Alex is being impossible. Alex begs to pretend to be her sister. She just wants to pretend to be her sister. She wants freedom and air and there are flowers out there. She is still on medication and she shouldn’t overdo it. Her memory could come back. She is already having memories. She keeps remembering a bloke in a tuxedo. She was looking out the window and she wants to be free. She wants to look at a river, go sailing, something. She had an active life with Robert Scorpio. Anna wonders where her daughter is. She just wants to leap out of her skin. The answers will come in time, but in the meantime, she wants to go outside. Alex tells her that maybe in a few days she will be able to go out. Alex has to go to work and will be leaving Anna alone for a while. Alex is going to the study for a while. Anna will visit her later and have tea with her. Alex leaves her alone. As soon as she is left alone, Anna gets the keys and puts on her coat to leave the house.

Vanessa arrives at the hospital after hearing that her son is in terrible trouble. Vanessa wants Leslie behind bars after what she has don to her son. Joe tries to calm her down. Leo is there. Joe tells them that David’s heart has stopped and his condition is grave. Vanessa almost faints at the news. Joe tells her that prayer works sometimes. There is not much that Joe can do. It seems that David has lost the will to live. His vitals are weakening. Leo comes to his mother and tells her that he has called the one person that can save David’s life. Dixie appears. She asks them, "Is it true? Is David dying?" She finds out the truth and thinks that she can’t help. Leo won’t let her go. She doesn’t know what she can do. Leo knows that everyone hates David, but he thought that Dixie might care. She has to forget about the past. She shouldn’t want David to die. She calls to Joe to do something, but there is nothing else that can be done. Leo tells her to go in there and talk to David. Even Vanessa thinks that is a good idea. She agrees to try to help. She walks into the room alone and walks over to the bed. She sits and tells him hi. She tells him that she is there. She tells him that if he wants to give up and die, he should do it because the world might not hold anything for him. She tells him that he could let go, but he has to know what he is giving up and whom he is leaving behind. He goes into himself and has a dream. Joe, Jake and Tad enter…they are dressed in red and a party is started around his bed as other enter the room…. They push his stretcher around and soon they are in the dark…there is music playing, "Happy days are here again…. Even Vanessa is there asking for champagne…. Everybody has a grand party at the deathbed of David…Tad makes a toast to send David off…. Vanessa tells everyone that he was her son and that was why he was the way that he was…Leo is there to assure her that she still has him. There is a sound of a heart monitor shutting down and then…. Flatline. The room counts down as he is dying and finally he jumps out of his bed to tell everybody to stop it. "I am dying, doesn’t anybody care at all?"…Everybody stops for a moment and then they start laughing again. The dream is over. Leo walks into the room and finds Dixie crying. She tells him that she has tried but it doesn’t seem like she can help him after all. She thinks that he doesn’t want to come back. Anything that he wants to say to his brother, he would say now. Leo didn’t want this to happen and he is sorry. He leaves the room hurriedly. Dixie wipes her eyes and sits with him again. She tells him that he would be leaving some important people, like her. …David is off having a dream again…the group that hate him are dressed in red and discussing taking David’s organs. Leo grabs his money…Joe thinks that he forgotten something…. Of course …his hands. They are no good to him now. Also his heart…they want to take that too…then Dixie appears dressed in white…she tells all of them that they are all wrong…David has a heart and she has it.

Anna makes her way over to Stuart’s studio and she is looking the window when Stuart sees her looking in and thinks that she is Alex. She pretends that she is Alex and asks about the artwork. Stuart asks about the portrait that he sent over to Dimitri. She tells him that Dimitri loved the portrait. Stuart can tell that Alex is not herself. Anna plays it off. She remarks on the art. It is of an artist’s daughter and that makes Anna think for a moment of her own daughter. He has other things that he would like to show her and they move to the back to see what else he has in store. While she is in the back, Ryan arrives at the studio and talks to Stuart about some art. He wants Stuart to do a portrait of his client’s wife from a picture that he is going to give him. The client will be very generous to him. That would be twice what Stuart charges. That gives Ryan the idea to have two portraits done. One of the client’s wife and another of another woman. At that moment, Anna comes from the back of the studio. Stuart wants to know why ‘Alex’ didn’t tell him that Ryan and Gillian were married. Ryan talks to her alone and tells her that he knows that something is going on between her and her sister and he wants to know what is going on. She panics at his question. "My sister? What do you know about her?" She asks. He tells her that he found some newspaper articles about her sister being killed in an accident. That makes Anna feel much better. Ryan thinks that she could find her niece on the Internet if she was really trying to do that. Anna tells him that they could throw robin’s life off center. Ryan tells her that something is going on at Wildwind and he thinks that it has to do with her. He needs to know what kind of danger she has them in. She assures him that they are not in danger. Stuart comes back and finds ‘Alex’ still there. He has found some more paintings that she might like to look at. Ryan gets a call on his cell phone. She asks if he has everything set up. He does. She tells him that they are going to have to share their time that they have together. She tells him that Alex has invited them to dinner that night. Ryan asks her if Alex is there with her right now. She tells him yes. Ryan is stupefied because he thinks that he is with Alex right then.

Alex returns to the livingroom and finds that her sister is gone. Dimitri is there and can’t find her either. Alex notices that her keys are gone. Anna must have the car. Dimitri will go and look for Anna. Alex must stay at home because both sisters can’t be out at the same time. Gillian walks into the room and the conversation ceases. Dimitri rushes off and Gillian has to wonder what is up with him. Alex tells her that David is at death’s door. Gillian is completely happy and she even tried to kill David once herself. Alex tells her that they have to get together and talk about this some other time. Alex is glad that she is back. Gillian wants to meet with her later that night.

Leo is having a hard time with what is happening to David. Vanessa suggests that he goes and be with Greenlee. He thinks that his mother is only after mother again. She tells him that he loves Greenlee and she loves him. This is a win-win situation. Leo thinks that she is the reason why David is giving up on everything.

Dixie tells David that she should have left him alone but she couldn’t. She saw something in him. He matters to her and if he dies he takes a part of her with him…David goes into a dream state again…Dixie is telling everyone that David has a heart and he gave it to her…she has been keeping his heart for him…Now she is giving him back his heart because he needs it to live…she touches his chest and the dream state is over. He awakes and finds Dixie sitting beside him. He turns his head and looks at her.


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