All My Children Update Monday 4/9/01


All My Children Update Monday 4/9/01

By Glynis 

Ryan has just found Gillian in the chapel and she is dressed for the wedding thanks to Alex and Dimitri. The dress that she is wearing is really her Great Great grandmother’s. Dimitri arranged everything that Ryan is wearing. Dimitri enters and is glad that he could give the kids the very best. The wedding chapel is full of flowers and is immaculately decorated for the occasion. It means a lot to them to have the wedding there. They can’t believe that they did this for them. They didn’t want to make a big fuss. They do however, deserve the best. Gillian is a princess and should be married in style. Dimitri claps and the whole family enters the room from one door and Laura, Brooke, Myrtle and a whole slew of people enter from another door. Edmund’s kids are there too. Gillian’s friends and family have flown in from Budapest to be at the wedding. Laura wonders where Leo is. He is the best man and so far he is a no show. Father Benjamin arrives to do the ceremony. Gillian introduces Ryan to the Father. An orthodox ceremony is planned. Everyone takes their seats and get ready for the wedding. Ryan doesn’t know what to do. Dimitri tells him to take his clues from the bride. There is music and the Father tells them to take their places. Gillian and Ryan hold hands and walk to the front of the chapel slowly together. "Blessed is our God, now and forever…in this let us pray to the Lord…let us pray unto the lord. He will preserve them in oneness of mind." Gillian and Ryan stare into each other’s eyes.

David is addressing the judge telling him that he doesn’t deserve to be set free. Leo is there and trying to stop David from talking to the judge. The judge orders Leo to sit down. David tells him that it is all right. David thinks that he has nothing left to lose. Leo is acting very irrational and Greenlee goes up to the front and drags Leo back out of the room. David wants to tell the truth for the first time in his life. The judge allows him. David is admitting to what he had to do in the name of love. He has lost the woman that he loves and would like to confess his guilt. Bianca arrives and sits with her mother. Erica tells Bianca that David has lost him mind. David turns to Dixie and tells her that he has nothing left to tell her but the truth. He has nothing left. Jake turns to Tad and tells him that he has to get Dixie out of there. Tad thinks that he shouldn’t take her out just yet. The lawyer wants to request a retrial, but the judge won’t allow it. Erica thinks that David is throwing away every chance that he has. She goes running from the courtroom. When he was with Erica he was so controlled and now she can’t even recognize him. Bianca thinks that they should go to the wedding. Staying there is upsetting Erica. Erica is shocked to see how David has fallen. She wants to go back inside. She thinks that she can help David. Bianca thinks that she should leave there right away. Finally, Erica leaves.

Inside the courtroom, David admits that he committed acts of love. He would do anything to be with her and there was one thing that was standing between them. Tad was standing between them. He didn’t want to hurt the people, but he did. Does he regret it? No. Everything that he values and holds dear, he would lose over and over again because everything that he did was worth her loving him. Jake still thinks that Tad should get her out. He didn’t come there to confess but when he saw her and the way that she looked at him, hurt and angered, that was worse than anything that the court could hand out to him. The judge has heard enough. David is to be sentenced. Vanessa rises and tells the judge that he needs psychiatric help. David tells the judge that his mother is only thinking of himself. The court is adjourned. David is going to do some big time. Dixie tells the guards not to take David away just yet. She has something to say to David. That was quite a little performance. She isn’t going to be reduced to tears. She thinks that he rehearsed the whole scene for her benefit. She thinks that this was just to win her over again. Is there anything about him that is not a lie. He tells her that his love for her is real and it is all the hope that he has. He has nothing. She has to believe him. She refuses to. She doesn’t believe him anymore. She was just his trophy. She finds him to be a monster, but he has a human heart and he found that when he found her. She can do whatever she wants with his heart. He grabs her hands and tells her ta hate him if she wants to. He understands everything about her. Tad continues to stand by and watch the display. He tells her to hate him and protect herself. That will save her. He thinks that she should hate her with all her heart. The guard comes to cuff David and he is led off from her. Dixie is left standing there and she turns to find Tad, but he is gone. Jake is there to tell her that and he too turns and walks out.

Leo is in the halls of the courthouse with Greenlee. She is trying to show him that this is not his fight. She thinks that they should take off together and leave all this behind. Leo cares about David and he is going to lose everything. Greenlee thinks that they should still get out of there. They could go to Ryan’s wedding, but Leo got fired that day. No one wants anything to do with him or her, but them. Leo reaches in his pocket and realizes that he has the wedding rings for Ryan and Gillian. The rings are not on the silver tray…Just then Leo arrives and puts the rings on the tray. Leo turns to leave, but Ryan tells him to stay because he needs a best man. "The servant of God, Ryan is promised to the servant of God Gillian, in the name of the son, in the name of the father and in the name of the Holy Spirit." Ryan places the ring on Gillian’s finger and Gillian places the ring on Ryan’s finger. "…Establish them in the union that is thee". Gillian and Ryan turn and walk slowly from the front of the chapel to the other end of the chapel. …"Do you Gillian have a free and unconstrained desire to take before you the man that you see before you…" Ryan stops the Father and tells Gillian that there is something he hasn’t told her. Ryan was planning to marry Gillian in town that day. "Princess…this is the anniversary of our first marriage. We stood here and pledged our love. Today, I know what love is. You opened my eyes and I am a better man because of you. On this day, my world changed forever. If life is about learning, then love is about second chances and I am going to take this and not look back. This is going to be one incredible ride…." "Ryan you showed me the way and when I couldn’t find the words and couldn’t speak, I found the word for heart in my eyes. You always will be my heart." Dimitri rises and addresses the crowd. "This is a great time for the crowd to step forward and give good wishes. Alex and Dimitri tell them that only in the heart can one be true. Gillian’s grandmother thinks that this is the second happiest day in her lie. If they are half as happy, they will be truly blessed. Edmund also gives his good wishes. The ceremony is coming to an end. The priest gets some crowns and hands them to Alex and Ryan who hold the crowns over the heads of Gillian and Ryan. "Oh Holy God…crown and crown them with holy valor…." The priest takes the crowns back and puts them away…"Oh Lord, bless this cup of marriage." He gives Ryan a drink and then he gives Gillian a drink from the cup. Dimitri is happily watching the ceremony and Edmund is feeling a little crestfallen at the way that his own life has turned out. Leo can’t tell if they are married or not yet. He asks Greenlee is she can tell. Laura sees Leo with Greenlee and doesn’t like it one bit. The wedding if finally over and the whole room cheer them on as they kiss each other.

Anna is hearing the music from the wedding and wishing that she could be there. Bart is with her. Bart thinks that she must have been a vision on her wedding day. Anna guesses that she was very happy. She doesn’t remember any of it.

Erica arrives at the restaurant and the neighborhood reporter is there to harass her. He outed her daughter to the press and now he wants another story about Erica having been once the object of David’s affection. Roger walks in and pretends that he had a date with Erica. He swoops her away saying, "Fork you…" to the reporter. She sits with Roger at another table and the reporter leaves. He wants her to stay and have lunch with her. She is not hungry. He knows about the news about David. Roger heard about the arrest and thinks that Erica must have been terribly shocked. She was at the courthouse and the man that she saw was a total stranger. Roger thinks that he is over his wife, but when he smells her perfume on another woman, he is a wreck. The newspaper says that David did everything because of love. Erica tells him that David has done this because of her. She thinks that she is the reason. They met as adversaries. He is an egomaniac. It was his skill that saved her life. Their relationship was complicated and passionate. David had several affairs before her but could never give himself to anyone until her. They broke up because they were too much alike and too different. Her leaving him devastated David; so that he wouldn’t have to risk another broken heart. Now, Erica is sure that it is her fault that he went the way that he did. She thinks that she could have saved him from himself.

Bart goes to check the place out for security and he leaves Anna there alone. She gets a feeling and it startles her. She feels like something is in her head. She feels like someone is in her head. She asks, "Who are you?" She closes her eyes and sees Robert Scorpio.

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