All My Children Update Monday 4/2/01


All My Children Update Monday 4/2/01

By Glynis 

Anna and Edmund are playing Go Fish and she is winning tremendously. David enters the room and finds them together. She is looking much better. Alex asked David if he could check her vitals. Edmund is going to give her some privacy and David proceeds with his examination. He can tell that her heart was racing when Edmund was in the room. He thinks that it is ironic how things work out. He tells her that Alex was going to marry Edmund until she arrived. He has noticed that she has been getting close to Edmund. She tells him that he should be making up for shortcomings elsewhere. Anna knows all about him but doesnít get to find out what she knows because Joe and Edmund walk in and tell Anna that she has to get out of the hospital. Agents are going to be coming around to check for anything irregular. She appears to be strong enough to be moved. David wants to know where she will be taken. Edmund doesnít want him to know where Anna is going to be taken. Joe is going to lift the quarantine but only when it is time to move her out of her move. Joe and David leave the room. Anna can tell that Edmund has something big on David.


Laura arrives at Fidelity to see Gillian and Ryan. They tell her that they are going to get a big reward for getting Mr. Miller behind bars. Leo arrives. They are going to get their reward when Derek gets there. Leo is on a downer, but Laura doesnít get to find out what the reason is behind that because Derek arrives. He has good news and some bad news. Leo leaves the boat and calls his brother to tell him that he just got a lucrative offer from Tad and Liza. He wants to meet with his brother right away. Leo enters the cabin again and Derek gives them their check. The amount is only $500. They were expecting a lot more money than that. Derek needs the money that Mr. Miller loaned them. It is police evidence. They have spent some of the money for Gillian and Ryanís wedding. Laura and Leo are lying to help Ryan and Gillian get their dream wedding. Gillian fesses up and tells the detective that they only spent $200 or so and that they can give the rest of the money back. Gillian gives up the money. While they are talking, David walks in and hears the end of the conversation. Leo is glad to see him and Laura and Gillian decide to go and tend to the wedding dress. Leo and David are alone and Leo tells his brother that Tad and Liza are after the tape and they will do anything to get it. David thinks that he has gotten the rid of the tape and that no one can hurt him now. Leo thinks that he shouldnít bet his life on that. Leo tells him that they have to go somewhere and he leaves with David in tow.


Tad is being ushered into a room by Gordon. He says that he has Leslie and Tad is not in the mood for any games. Tad says that he will see him in jail. He hears Leslie call out his name. Gordon pulls back a curtain and Leslie is there grotesquely done up in bright red lipstick and eyeshadow. She knew that he would come for her. Things have been a nightmare for her. She tells him that Gordon brought her there. David was going to kill her. She couldnít open her eyes, or speak. She tried to say no with her finger, but no one saw her. Gordon figured it all out. He admits to being the one that got Leslie out of the hospital. Leslie was waking up when Gordon came for her. He saved her life. Tad thinks that her recovery is miraculous. Leslie is not ready to die. She has unfinished business. Tad tells her that she doesnít have to be afraid anymore. He wants to take her somewhere safe. She is willing to go anywhere with him. He thinks that they should get word to the police. Tad turns to tell Gordon to get them an ambulance to move her and finds that Gordon has run out and locked the door. Tad goes running to the door and pounds on it to get out. The door is locked. Tad turns to Leslie and finds that she is smiling at him in a weird grotesque way. He doesnít like it one bit. He uses things that he finds in the room to try and break the door down, but it doesnít matter. Tad is shouting through the door. The door is made of steel and no one can hear him. Tad canít believe this is happening. She fell off a building, she was in a comaÖany human being would take that as a life-changing experience and yet again she is acting like a psycho. He tells her to look at herself. She isnít trying to pull anything on him or at least that is what she says. She is as weird as ever. She thinks that his effect on her is wonderful. Gordon just wanted to give them some time together. She wants to tell him how sorry she was for everything that has happened. He wants the door opened. She is not letting him out until she is ready. She wants him to prove to her that he has forgiven her. Tad checks everything and finds that there really isnít a way to get out of the room. Tad thinks that there must be something wrong with Gordon. Tad thinks that they donít have time to think about each other, there has to be a way out of there. They canít think about anything else. Leslie thinks that they have to plan a strategy to get David. Tad shows her that they finally have proof that David is a criminal. Leslie canít believe that. He didnít go to the police because he was interrupted by Gordon and was brought there. Tad can get David out of their lives for good. He is not fooling her. David set her up and tried to kill her twice. She should want this every bit as much as he does. This is something that they have in common. They have to come out of there to get David. She canít thank him enough for saving her life. She didnít think that she had anything to live for until she heard his voice calling her name. She came back for him so that they could get what they both want. They want the same thing but she will still have wants and needs of her own. She wants him to love her and marry her.


Anna is getting ready to leave the hospital. She is completely dressed except for a bracelet that she is trying to put on. Edmund walks in and helps her with the bracelet. She looks great. Edmund is sad somehow. Anna asks him what is going on with David. He thought that her spy days were over. Her powers of observation are still there. She knows that David is someone that shouldnít be trusted. David didnít tell her all that much, but Edmund still doesnít want to tell her anything. He canít tell her about Davidís deep dark secrets. She wants to figure this out for herself. Joe enters and tells Edmund that Dimitri and Bart has a car waiting. Anna gets up to leave and Edmund helps her. They walk out together.


The dressmaker arrives and Gillian, Laura and Ryan are there. She is ready to get to work for Gillian. She shows her fabrics and drawings and shoos Ryan away from the room. Gillian is going to have to cancel the order for the wedding dress, because the circumstances have changed. They canít pay her. The dressmaker thinks that it a shame that she wonít be able to wear the dress afterall. The dressmaker leaves. Gillian thinks that it is much easier to get something off the rack to wear to her wedding. She always thought that they should have had a small wedding. She thinks that they should just elope. Ryan canít believe that she is going to settle for being married by the justice of the peace. Ryan agrees to the marriage. Laura canít help being disappointed for them. Gillian thinks that her family will understand her not being able to have a big wedding. Gillian runs off to call her family. Ryan really wanted her to have her dream wedding. He thinks that she was making a brave front for him. She really wanted the big wedding. He thinks that Gillian doesnít think that she should get the attention at the wedding. Her dad gambled away the family fortune and she doesnít feel good about him. He wanted her to feel like a queen for a day. He thinks that he should forget about the big wedding. They are going to have a simple wedding the next day and that will be that. At least they will be married. He may not be able to deliver the wedding of her dreams, but he will give her that happily ever after part.


Leo brings David to a safe place where no one can hear him or her. Leo was offered a quarter of a million dollars to turn his brother in for spiking the punch. David wants to know what Leo did with the $100,000. Leo tells him that he lost it. David thinks that his brother is trying to shake him down. David doesnít believe that there is a tape. Leo is trying to help him but David doesnít believe him. Leo goes to show him the tape and it is gone from the hiding place where he put it. David isnít surprised one bit. He never thought that there was another tape to begin with. Leo is trying to help him, but David doesnít budge one inch. David doesnít believe one word that Leo is saying. Finally he comes around. He calls Liza to make an appointment to meet with her.


Anna and Edmund arrive back at Wildwind and they see that tea is ready for them. She missed the place. She would like to see the rest of the grounds later on and Edmund will take her. Alex is off getting her some clothes. They want to make sure that she isnít tired from the move to the house. She feels fine and is glad that she doesnít have to drink her tea by herself. It is getting late and he thinks that he should be getting home. She really believed him when he said that he liked being with her. She is aware of his history with Alex and she knows that he cared for her. He tells her that they are two different people and he is very aware of that. She can tell that he still loves Alex. He tells Anna about his life and they agree to leave it at that.







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