All My Children Update Wednesday 3/28/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By Glynis

At BJís Greenlee denies that she was the one that called the cops and saved his life. Leo is sure that she was the one that saved his life. Things were going to get ugly and she saved him. He thinks that they should be friends now. She doesnít understand him being friends with her now. He takes her hand. She came through for him and he is sure the she still cares for him. She can admit it. She wants to know what happened. Leo returned to the boat and found that Mr. Miller was trying to rape Laura. The guard entered the room and they wrestled for the gun. Leo is going to send Derek some cigars. He wants her to admit that she saved his life. She still cares about him. He wants her to quit playing games. He came in there to get her to confess to him.

Edmund enters Annaís room and she is awake. She turns to Edmund not knowing who he is. She tells him to stay away from her. Outside the hospital room, Jake is walking by and hears her freaking out. He reaches for his hospital gown to go in and help her out. Joe gets there in time to stop him from going in there. Jake canít understand what is going on and why his father is acting so strange. Joe thinks that Dimitri should be able to handle his family any way that he wants. Joe gives Jake an order to stay away from the room. Joe proceeds to get ready to go into the room himself. Jake has an interest in what happens to Alex.

Inside the hospital room, Edmund is hugging Anna and trying to get her to calm down. He gives her a bear hug and tries to make her stop freaking out. She calms down and has had another seizure. She doesnít know what happened to her. She remembers waking up terrified for Robert. She kept saying that she needed to get to him and save him. She canít believe that she was saying that. She only knows what Alex has told her. She doesnít know if it is a memory or not. She thought that someone that she loved needed her and she canít be sure. She hates this. He holds her as she cries.

Jake is outside Alexís hospital room and thinks that his father is stonewalling him. Jake has to let this go. He shouldnít be there anyway because his shift if over. Jake is going to take off and stop hassling his father. Jake leaves and Joe enters the room. Anna remembers who he is. Her fever has broken. She does feel better so things must be working more in her favour. She feels so disoriented. Joe thinks that Alex is working hard to find a treatment for her. All Anna has to do is get some rest. Joe takes Edmund aside and tells him that the staff is suspicious because they canít go near ĎAlexí. She has to get better soon, but they need a little more time. Alexís popularity is working against her. Joe tells her to get her rest and he leaves. Anna heard that she was causing a stir at the hospital. People really care for Alex and that is the problem. She questions why he is being so nice to her. She doesnít understand his interest in her. She really appreciates what he is doing for her. Alex enters the room. She can tell that Annaís fever has broken. Alex waited for the shift to change and then she entered the room. So much is being risked for Anna. Alex thinks that she finally has the right treatment. Alex blamed herself for not coming up with the right dosage. Anna wouldnít even be dreaming if it werenít for her. She is grateful to her sister. There is still a ways to go. Edmund tells her about Annaís confusion when she woke up. That may have been caused by the medication. Anna wants to know if there is anything else that she should know. Alex is trying very hard to get her memory back without surgery. The medication might work. Anna doesnít want to do this anymore. She wants the surgery. She doesnít care about the risks. She canít take this anymore. She is always having a memory and a feeling that she will suddenly find out who she is. Edmund canít understand what she is going through, but she is going to have to trust her judgement. Edmund assures her that she is going to get her memory back. He hugs her. Edmund has to go but Anna doesnít want him to.

Greenlee doesnít think that she did anything that great. He starts to get angry with her. She offers him an answer. She didnít call the police because she didnít care. He walks out and bumps into Jake. He tells him that Greenlee is all his. Jake walks over to Greenlee and orders the staff to do a cleanup at the table. She tells Jake that Leo made a big deal about her calling the police. She had to lie because he was stroking his own ego. She will never help Leo again. She will never lift a finger to help him again ever. Jake can see that she really loves him. She thinks that she hates him. It is exhausting being her. He wants to know if she loves Leo. She doesnít know if she loves him. She wants to kill him right now. She thinks that he came there to see her. She wants a ride home. She has been there all night and wants to go somewhere else. He wants to sit there at BJís. The reason that he is there has just walked in. A nurse from the hospital arrives dressed for a nigh out. Greenlee introduces herself and Jake mentions that Greenlee was just taking off. Greenlee decides to have her drink across the bar. Jake seats the nurse and Greenlee places herself at another table to watch Jake on his date. The nurse tells him of the things that have been happening at the hospital. She works in ER and sees funny things all the time. All she has time for is dragging herself out of bed to go to work. Word on the street is that he always takes out all the new residents. He actually only takes out the attractive new residents. She thanks him for his compliments. She wants to have a drink and Jake orders for them. Greenlee doesnít like what she is seeing at all. Jakeís date progresses somewhat. The nurse has heard that Jake hasnít been out in a while. Everybody knows the story about him. She doesnít have time to gossip at work. She is too busy. Jake tells her that he is actually staying as far away from relationships as possible. Greenlee walks up to Jakeís table and announces that she is going home and she will see him later there. She walks away. Jake is left trying to explain to his date what Greenlee was talking about. Greenlee leaves the bar and stands outside thinking about Leo and how she is feeling so alone.

Leo enters the cabin on the boat and the lights are off. Laura sees someone coming in and starts swinging her easel at him. He turns on the lights and sees that it is Laura. He asks her what she is doing there threatening to beat his brains out. She is still afraid that Mr. Miller will come to get her. He coaxes her to put the easel down. She wanted to shoot a real crime scene. She took pictures of the guys that tried to hurt them. She says that journalists do that all the time. You have to be able to remove yourself and do it. Sometime something is going on and she just wants to document it. She has to go and Derek is looking for him. She questions where he went. He doesnít answer that. He needed some breathing room. She gets her things together and he stops her. He wants her to stay. He takes her bag and they talk for a while about him growing up. He got to know women and drag queens. Laura and her mother used to live in hotels. There was no room service and they would eat late. Sometimes chefs would give them food that they didnít sell that night. Leo is in the mood for popcorn and sodas. They are going to have food and they are going to watch videos together. That sounds great, but Laura things that she shouldnít stay there all night. She is wired and might keep him up all night. Leo isnít going to sleep anyway. They could watch videos together all night. She puts herself in his hands. They sit on the floor together and start watching movies. They laugh together. He canít help looking at her periodically. She can sense that he is looking at her, but he tells her that it is nothing. The place could use a karma boost. He turns off the video because he has to say something. He is sorry that he left the boat and that he left her alone with that guy. He is the one that is responsible for what happened to her. Laura knows that there are guys like that everywhere. He is sure that she can get over her past. Her past isnít going to go away with a change of hair or a change of address. Who cares what people think of her? She just did it for the money and Leo thinks that is noble. She wasnít a woman, she was a child. She feels that she is going to be a victim for the rest of her life. She thought that people were going to find out what a loser she was. Brooke helped her understand that you have to stand up for yourself and face your mistakes. He doesnít want her to worry about what people think about her. He points out Erica and how she deals with life. He thinks that she should stick with him and see how life really is. He asks if she is going to stay. Laura and Leo get some food and return to the bedroom. They forgot the sodas and she jokes that he was too busy stuffing his face. She thinks that she shouldn't stay there throughout the night. She isnít reading anything into this. It is late and he thinks that they should just stay there and have some fun. If she wants to go, he will not pressure her to stay. He thinks that they should relax and have some fun. He knows that he is wrong for her and she deserves someone better. She wants to forget what her mother said about him. He knows that he made her cry. Once she said that she didnít want people to know how she really feels inside. He feels the same way. She decides to stay and watch videos with him. They turn the volume back up and sit on the floor again. The both of them laugh out loud at the video. Later on when the video is over, Leo allows himself to think about Greenlee for a minute. Laura is then asleep and he can freely explore his thoughts.

Edmund decides to stay for a while. Alex leaves for a minute. Anna wonders if anything is wrong. She hates being so needy. She likes being with him. If he needs to go, she will let him. He doesnít mind staying with her. He has a tough job, but somebody has to do it. She wants him to tell her a story. He goes to get a magazine. He finds something interesting and says the title of some medical disease. He sits on her bed and reads to her. She lies back and slowly falls asleep. Alex returns to find Anna asleep and Edmund stroking her hair. He thinks that he should go now. Alex is grateful for him looking after her sister. She thanks him and it was his pleasure. He walks out. Alex turns to her sister and smiles at her.

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