All My Children Update Tuesday 3/27/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Glynis

Leo is begging Greenlee to help him out. He says that he was a jerk for turning her down. She feels that she has been dissed. He admits that he was insulting, but he didnít know what to do. He really needs her help. He explains that he got involved with a loan shark and he is holding the Fidelity hostage. He was there and escaped. He shows her a rip in his pants. She doesnít believe him and the offer is off the table. She is not going to offer the money again. Mr. Miller is waiting for some cargo or something, and then he is going to kill Laura, Ryan and Gillian. She thinks that he is being melodramatic. It doesnít fit him. He reminds her of all the times that he saved her butt. He tells her to stay away from him and walks out.

Ryan has gone into Gillianís room and she tells him that Leo went to shore. He got ashore with the smaller boat. He went through the porthole. There was nothing else that he could do. Gillian is scared. She is worried that Mr. Miller doesnít want them to live after he is done with them. Greenlee calls someone to check out what Leo said. Roger enters AJís and sees his daughter sitting by herself. He joins her at her table. She wants to know what he wants from her. He repeats that he had dinner with Erica for Greenlee. It would help Greenleeís standing to get on Ericaís good side. She is sure that he is doing this somehow to benefit himself. He doesnít feel that she should be angry with him. He tells her that Erica is a woman that Greenlee could learn from. She doesnít let men take advantage of her. She tells him that her ex asked her for money and she turned him down flat. She is not going to let any man take advantage of her again. He questions her direction. She kissed a lot of frogs to get over the way that she was treated as a child. He canít believe that she doesnít believe that he cares for her. Until recently, her trust fund was more important to him than her. Now the rules have changed and so has he. He has been a selfish man, but he doesnít want her to suffer the same fate as her. She has been taking care of herself for a long time and she will be fine. Vanessa enters the restaurant and sees Greenlee talking to her father before she walks away. Roger goes over to her and they talk. He canít believe that it is really her. He looks wonderful, but she has still got it. She thinks that he has still got it too. It has been a lifetime. They remember Tijuana. They donít remember the weather but she does remember something. He is still interested in young women. She warns him that Greenlee is a little bit hard to crack. She has got him all wrong. He tells her that Greenlee is his daughter. She is shocked at that.

Mr. Miller is in the other room on the boat chatting Laura up. He remembers where he saw her before. She was one of those dirty girls in the dirty porn magazine. He obviously thinks that this is a green light for him to come on to her and use her in anyway that he wants. She warns him that she is going to scream if he comes one step closer to her. She tries to open the door, but Mr. Miller shuts the door and holds her face. He warns her not to say a word. He starts pawing her. Laura fights to get away from Mr. Miller. He starts roughing her up. He slaps her and throws her to the bed. He gets on top of her and then Ryan enters and beats Mr. Miller up. He ends up knocking him out and Mr. Miller falls to the ground unconscious. Laura runs to him and he holds her so that she will feel better. Gillian comes over and Mr. Miller is still knocked out. He is not going to bother them now. Soon he is going to wake up feeling very angry. They have to keep their voices down. They start to tie him up and Leo returns. Laura wants to get off the boat. First Greenlee pushed her off the boat and now this. Gillian tells her to take a picture of Mr. Miller passed out. They are discussing how to get out of there and behind them; Mr. Millerís bodyguard is slowly opening the door and putting his gun through the crack in the door to aim it at the kids. He enters and Laura takes a picture of the guard holding his gun on him. There is a loud sound. It is the coast guard police. They shout for all aboard. The gunman panics. The police come onto the boat and save the kids. Derek is there and tells them that he got an anonymous phone call. They are lucky. Mr. Miller seemed legitimate. Leo sneaks out of the room and goes on deck to leave. Derek is glad that the kids are okay. Mr. Miller was wanted for tax evasion. He owes one hundred million dollars. Derek leaves. Gillian brings up Ryanís bad investments. He shouldnít be too hard on Leo. She thanks him for agreeing not to be too hard on Leo.

Bianca is at school with Wilomena. She understands how Bianca had to rat out Shannon. She was worried about her mother and she feels that she did the right thing. Wilomena hopes that she would have done the right thing. Wilomena worries that Shannon is going to put a curse on her. Bianca tells her that Shannon has to go to rehab and she asked for Biancaís help. Bianca wants to believe that Shannon is being sincere asking for her help. Wilomena thinks that Bianca should borrow her pepper spray. She offers it, but Bianca thinks that she can handle Shannon.

Shannon was with her friend and couldnít have enjoyed the game that the school just had because she didnít do any ecstasy. Shannon and her friends canít believe that Bianca had the nerve to show up at the big game. Once Shannon gets through with Bianca she will never be the same. Shannon and her friends are watching Bianca and Wilomena. Wilomena warns her to be careful. She has to go, but warns Bianca not to hang around and let the girls hassle her. The girls go over to Bianca when she is alone. The girls taunt Bianca. Shannon tells her friends to back off. They call her a loser and then they see that Shannon doesnít like the way that they are acting, or she is acting like she doesnít like the way that her friends are acting. Her friends leave. Shannon says that she is going to the party. Bianca stops her and asks her if she is sure that she should go to that party. She asked for Biancaís help and Bianca is trying to help her. She canít tell her what to do but she thinks that there is going to be a good chance that there is going to be drugs at this party. She feels that Shannon is in a fight for her life and she will fail her test the following morning. Shannon is sure that she doesnít have to have the drugs. She didnít thinks that she needed help. Bianca didnít tell her mother that Shannon took ecstasy to be mean. She wants her to get help. Marcus dumped her because she bores him now. Shannon hated seeing Mindy in her spot for cheerleading. She just wants to go to the party and hang out. She thinks that Bianca doesnít believe that she canít get high. That is a lot of pressure to put on herself. Shannon doesnít know what to do that night. Bianca thinks that she should write in a journal. Bianca gives her one of hers. Shannon takes it. Shannon may think that it is blatant, but it really works. Shannon doesnít want to take ecstasy anymore. Writing in a journal really helps Bianca a lot. Journal writing is not about how good a writer you are. You can write down what you are really feeling. Her mom read her journal once, but it worked out. She wants Shannon to give writing a try. She offers Shannon a ride. Shannon is not going to go to the party. She doesnít want a ride. After Bianca leaves, Shannonís friends reappear and Shannon tells them that she so knows how to get to Bianca now. She waves the journal at them.

Erica is eating with Jack. He is telling her that she should have told Bianca that her friend Sarah was going to leave town. She is worried that Bianca thinks that she was trying to keep her from her friend. Jack warns her that she has to have a good answer for Biancaís questions when she sees her. Opal enters the restaurant and though Erica shouts to her, Opal tries to ignore her. Eventually, Opal comes over and is then acting like she doesnít know Erica. She doesnít know what she would have to talk to Erica about. Opal is mad. Roger Smith is the reason that Opal is angry. Jack doesnít know what is going on. Opal tells them that Roger asked her out so that he could ask questions about Erica. That is the story of her life. Erica hardly knows the man. Opal is sure that Erica will know Roger better soon enough. He is separated from his wife. He wasnít shedding any tears over his wife. He thinks that he has scared Erica off. He put her off. Jack wonders if he should talk to this guy. Roger felt really bad for making Erica think badly about him. He is not falling at Opalís feet and she is upset at that. She thinks that she is a dish. Jack thinks that she is a dish. Jack offers to run a check on Roger because she is not the girl next door. He will do it for her if she wants him to. Opal and Erica donít think that Roger is not a fortune hunter. Erica thinks that Roger is debonair. Jackís beeper goes off and he has to go. He is feeling dumped on because the women think that Roger is so great and they are not talking to him. He leaves. Opal was just acting out her inner child over the way that Roger treated her. Opal thinks that Roger is cute and he is to die for. He only has eyes for Erica though. It has been a while for Opal to get a man. Erica wants to know what roger wanted to know about her. Roger was surprised by how down to earth Erica was. She was just being her. He was also talking about her campaign for Teens Against Addiction. He wanted to make a donation, but he thought that he might looked too Machiavellian. Erica thinks that she might have looked too quickly over Roger after all. Erica is going to help Opal get someone to love. She suggests the chef in accounting. Opal thinks that nothing is wrong with him except for the rug that he wears on his head. She would rather have a date with Sean Connery.

Greenlee is at AJís and she makes a call to make sure that the kids are okay. She was the anonymous caller.

Vanessa and Roger talk about him marrying into the Greenlee fortune. She never saw him at any events. She tells him that she is now Mrs. Palmer Courtland. Roger thinks that she has come a long way. She tells him that her son and his daughter used to live together. He guesses that her son is Leo Duprťs. She wants him to keep quiet about the past. He agrees to keep her secret. He walks out.

Roger walks in and finds the Opal and Erica talking and laughing together. He goes to sit at the bar and Opal leaves to give them time to talk. She thinks that she has been too hard on him. She is leaving but thinks that he should call her sometime.

Leo arrives at AJís. He finds Greenlee and knows that she was the one that made the anonymous phone call to save him. She doesnít say anything.


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