All My Children Update Monday 3/26/01


All My Children Update Monday 3/26/01

By Glynis

Tad is sneaking into Davidís home. He gets in hoping to find something that will hang him. He searches the drawers and finds a gift for Dixie. He reads the note: "From my wild and untamed heart". He opens the gift and finds a black lace teddy. The phone rings and the answering machine picks up. It is Dixie calling to tell David that he has to answer some more questions about Leslieís disappearance. Dixie is at a restaurant making the call. JR and Brooke arrive at AJís to meet with Dixie. They had a nice trip on the islands and JR seems a little happier. Dixie wanted to pick him up but got sidetracked at the hospital. JR asks about Tad and hopes that his parents worked things out while he was gone. He hopes that they are back together. She wants to talk about things later. Brooke goes to get them some sodas. Dixie tells JR that Tad is still there and they talked and it was a nice talk. All he wants to hear is that his parents got back together. He thinks that they can work as a family. Tad told him that. If his parents want the same thing then there is nothing to stop them. Things are not so simple. The things that stopped his parents together are not the same things keeping them apart now. She tells JR that Leslie is missing. JR thinks that is good. Leslie is in a coma and there is nothing to stop his parents from patching things up he thinks. Dixie tells him that in spite of Leslie missing she is not back with Tad. JR thinks that the marriage belongs to Dixie and they are going to do what they want, when they want. She knows that he wants the life that they had before. They were happy before and JR doesnít believe that. If they really were happy, they would be together now. JR thinks that their family wasnít good enough for her. He doesnít know what she wants. Dixie tells him that she doesnít know what she wants. JR isnít sure what he is supposed to do while they try to figure out their lives. Brooke returns and JR announces that he is going to stay with his father. Dixie thought that he was going to stay with her. He leaves. Brooke is sorry for what has happened, but she warned Dixie.

Mr. Miller has made it onto the boat with Gillian, Ryan, Leo and Laura. He has forced the kids into taking him on a ride on the yacht. They donít realize that he is using the yacht to do some dirty deed. If they find out what he is doing, he plans to kill them. They show him around. He likes what he sees and seems to be taking control of the yacht. Mr. Miller brings his bodyguard with him and the kids are suspicious of that. There is no need to have a bodyguard on a trip like this. The bodyguard grabs Lauraís camera and checks it for film against her will. There has been no pictures taken and he wants to make sure that it stays that way. Leo wants Mr. Miller to feel at home on the yacht. It is getting late and Mr. Miller tells the kids to go to sleep and they will enjoy the yacht by themselves. Mr. Miller has installed his own navigator on the yacht. They are losing control of the situation. Mr. Miller has given the staff the night off. He warns the kids to sit back and enjoy the ride; or elseÖThe bodyguard shows the kids a gun in the waistband of his trousers. He is carrying a gun for protection. The firearm is just a deterrent. Gillian tells him that she is suspicious of his business. He tells them that if they behave they will be fine. Laura thinks that they should turn around and go back to land. The kids want an explanation. Mr. Miller will tell them a bedtime story but then they have to go to bed. An old friend of his got into some trouble and the government is not happy about that. He is going to pick up his friend on the yacht and protect him. The kids should behave and Carl the bodyguard is going to make sure that they do. Mr. Miller separates the couples to make sure that they donít try anything funny. Ryan and Laura leave the room together. On the way out of the room, Mr. Miller grabs Laura and tells her that he is sure that he has met her. If everyone behaves, there will be no trouble. The rooms that the couples are put in are across from each other with Carl in the middle to watch them.

Tad is still in Davidís room. Tad hears Dixie saying that David is not at the hospital. He is to call Derek at the hospital. Tad deletes the message thinking that Derek is going to be really mad that he didnít make a point of going to see him. Tad continues searching Davidís room for evidence. He turns and sees a closet. He enters the closet to have a looksee and while in there, he is roughly grabbed by David and dragged out of there. David forces Tad to tell him that he is looking for evidence that David took Leslie. David is still acting cocky. When Tad catches him in his trap there is going to be nothing that David can do. David offers to open his private safe to show Tad that he has nothing to hide. Tad thinks that Davidís behaviour is too obvious. David tells him that he has an alibi because he was with Dixie in this very room. David thinks that Tad is the one that is suspect for taking Leslie from her hospital room. They both agree that Leslie couldnít get up and walk out of there. He should call security, but David thinks that is not a good idea. David is sure that Dixie believes in him. He is sure that Tad is not going to be able to open Dixieís eyes. Tad tells him that right now he doesnít have a care in the world, but when he crashes Tad will be there with his wife. David orders him out of the room. Tad goes to leave, but stops long enough to tell David that Dixie is much too classy to put that black lace teddy on.

Laura discusses how Leo is jinxed and Laura thinks that things are not totally Leoís fault. Ryan thinks that they will be let off the boat if they cooperate. Laura doesnít think that things are going to go that easily. Ryan wishes that he could check on Gillian to see how she is doing. Ryan hopes that Leo takes care of Gillian or Ryan is going to kill him. Ryan finds that the guard is not at his post. Laura sends him to check on Gillian. He leaves and goes over to Gillianís room.

Gillian is confronting Leo about Mr. Miller. Leo tells her that Mr. Miller is a loan shark. He decides to tell her the truth. He and Ryan tried to make an investment and they invested more money, or Leo did without Ryanís consent. The deal went bust and they lost their shirts. Palmer turned Leo down to lend him the money and so Leo went and got the loan with the boat as collateral. He thought that everyone was going to live happily ever after. Leo was going to pay Mr. Miller back somehow. It is apparent that Mr. Miller wasnít going to be happy with just getting back his money with a little interest. Leo thinks that he is dumb. The lights suddenly go out. Leo has a drink and they discuss what they should have done. He should have let Greenlee pay for this mess in the first place. Gillian has some money that Ryan never wanted her to lose. She agrees to call her grandmother to bring the cash in the morning. They donít have till the morning. They have to make the pay off that night. The bodyguard is still standing guard outside the room. He thinks that they can get out and use one of the smaller boats on board to get back to shore. Gillian wonders if this is too risky. They fix the bed as if someone is sleeping under the covers. He leaves the room another way and Gillian makes a call on her cell phone to her grandmother. She tells her to meet Leo with a checkbook and give him some money. There is a knock on the door. It is Mr. Miller. He enters and Gillian shows that Leo is sleeping. Mr. Miller says that he has to get some important information from him. He sees the figure under the bed and goes to move the covers. Gillian tells him to stop or he will be very sorry. She tells him that ĎRyaní is a bear when he wakes up. She tells him that the waters are dangerous with the coastguard and such, that is where the action is. She tells him that he looks very intense. She flirts with him. She offers him a drink so that he can relax while waiting for his friend. She pours him a drink. She offers him the whole bottle so that he can share it with his friend. He would rather be with her. He doesnít care that she is engaged. She doesnít want to spend time with him because ĎRyaní has a really bad temper. He tells her that is she wants him; she knows where to find him. He takes the bottle and leaves.

Leslie is in her hiding place with the person that kidnapped her. The person dons gloves and gives her an injection. We get to see that the person that kidnapped Leslie is Gordon! The assistant to David who was somehow blamed for events involving Libidozone. He injects her and strokes her hair. He has helped her with the injection. She thanks him but maybe he should have left her at the hospital. She is trying to hang on and Gordon thinks that she is going to make it. He has drugs and other things that she may need to survive. He could have been a doctor and she knows that she owes him her life. She is going to save his life by making sure that David pays for ruining her life. He tells her that David let her fall. They are going to nail David for all his crimes so that Gordon can get his life back. He still wants Leslie dead. He brought her there so that she could recover. She has something to live for. He put her bracelet in Tadís car. How Leslie can still care for Tad is a mystery to him. Leslie canít forget about Tad. She is going to get Tad and this time, she is not going to be a lady about it.

Leo arrives at AJís and canít find Gillian grandmother. He starts making a call and then turns to see Greenlee standing behind him. He goes to her and tells her that he gives up. If she writes him a check they can be friends again. She writes the check but under the condition that they are going to be friends. He agrees and she rips up the check.

Mr. Miller comes in to check on Laura. She tells him that she is going to bed. He refuses to leave. Ever since they met, he thought that he saw her before. Then it came to him. He has seen her pictures on the Internet. He didnít recognize her with her clothes on. He forces the door closed and wants her to refresh his memory about who she really is.

Gillian is with Ryan in her designated room. She lies and tells him that he should leave. He thinks that Leo is sleeping and she tells him that he should just leave. Ryan pulls the covers back and sees that Leo is not there. He turns to her and demands to know where Leo is.

Dixie is with Brooke at AJís and Brooke leaves and Tad walks up and touches her shoulder. They sit and discuss their lives and JR. He is telling her not to quit. JR will reach back to them. She reaches for his hand.

David is at his room. He gets the black lace teddy out of the wastebasket. He vows that there is no way that Tad is going to win.


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