All My Children Update Friday 3/23/01


All My Children Update Friday 3/23/01

By Glynis

Jake is comforting Greenlee who has been ranting and raving about people loving her. Why canít people love her? She tries to hard to make it happen and now one wants her. Her father, the men that she picks to be with, none of them have any use for her. She came to Jakeís apartment earlier thinking that it was hers. Apparently, he didnít have time to change the locks so she entered and helped herself to trashing the plates. She breaks his dishes and his crystal all in a fury because she offered to help Leo out and he wouldnít take her money because that would tie her to him more than he would like. He basically would rather have himself killed by Mr. Miller than let Greenlee help him out. He is standing before her with a towel on and he tells her that she has to remember the other person when she is falling in love. She canít force people to do what she wants. She has to let people have a say when she is involved with people. She thinks that she has made a mistake coming to him for advice. He thinks that she knew what she was doing when she came in the door. She obviously thinks that he is her security blanket. She feels free to dump on him whenever she wants without a thought for him or anything else. She didnít come there to burden him with her problems. She thought that they were friends. He guesses that she went chasing after Leo and he told her to get lost. She tells him that she was helping Leo out of a problem. Jake thinks that Leo doesnít want anything from her. Jake is supposed to know how to comfort people, but in real life, she finds that he is cold. She thinks that he takes out his frustration on the rest of the world because he canít have Gillian. She assures him that once they are neighbors, they are going to stay miles apart. He agrees that would be best. There is a loud noise and Greenlee runs into his arms. She thinks that there is an earthquake and he tells her that it isnít, they are just doing some renovations upstairs. She runs from him and in the process his towel falls off. She looks at him thinking that is hilarious and he stoops to cover his jewels. Jake gets dressed and they discuss talking to each other angrily earlier on. He is sorry that her penthouse got wrecked. She went up and checked and her apartment is ruined. She thought of him in that third world country when everything started shaking. She had a look at Jake without his towel and was so glad that everything was intact for him after his injury of getting shot. They discuss her going to speak with him after her episode with Leo. She is now homeless, but he doesnít think so. She can go to her grandfatherís house. He wants to forget about their argument and he actually thinks that she is right about what she said about Gillian before. His past relationship is colored by what happened with Gillian. This has to do more with Jakeís way of dealing with Gillian. If he thinks about Gillian he later loses it with other people. He thinks that he has been doing that with her too. Greenlee thinks that he had a right to say what he did to her. It is a shame that they wonít be neighbors for several weeks. She has a great idea that they could be roommates. She wants to be right on site to watch the contractor work on her apartment. She thinks that this is going to be good for him too. She can show him around and get him some friends in the neighborhood. He thinks that she wants to have company and that is why she wants to move in there. She admits that is why she is so lonely all the time. She thinks that they have fun together and with her there, they will be having fun all the time. Jake tells her that they are going to light a fire under that contractor and if she moves in they are going to have some ground rules. He needs quiet and she is going to have to clean up her mess of the broken dishes. They both have their own private lives and that will stay private. She rushes off to get some clothes. She will clean up the mess after she returns.

Leo is kissing Gillian at AJís trying to make Mr. Miller buy that she is his fiancťe. Leo has been pretending that he is Ryan to get a loan to pay back Ryan for the money that he lost in the investment. Ryan runs over and stops the assault on Gillian and punches Leo in the face. Laura goes to Leo to help him. She actually just wanted to take a picture of him lying on the floor and once she gets her picture, she leaves. Leo gets up and Ryan wants to know what is going on. Mr. Miller has found his way back to Gillian and is chatting her up and Leo explains to Ryan that he has been pretending to be Ryan. He had to do it for collateral. He is into the guy for a lot of money and Ryanís name covers more clout. Ryan finally understands that Leo lost his money in the investment and Leo assures him that he has his money back, but he still has this little problem with Mr. Miller in spite of it. Mr. Miller comes to talk to Leo and the manager of the restaurant comes up and orders the men to leave. Mr. Miller immediately starts harassing the manager and threatening him. Ryan and Leo stand by and watch as Mr. Miller gains total control of the situation and sends the manager away. He turns to Ryan finally and demands to know who he is. Ryan says that his name is Leo DuPrŤs. He hit ĎRyaní because he is jealous of him. The two men pretend to be friends and Ryan even puts his hands around Leo to show how friendly they are. Mr. Miller thinks that the situation would have been handled differently if he had been the one that was hit. Leo explains that both men used to be in love with Gillian and Ryan canít get over it. They turn and Gillian and Laura is back. Leo acts again like he is hot for Gillian. Ryan and Leo talk enough for Gillian and Laura to get the idea that Leo is pretending to be Ryan for a while. Laura is introduced to Mr. Miller who thinks that they should get back to the discussion at hand. Ryan says that the boat canít be taken out that night. Leo says that the boat has been fixed. Mr. Miller gives them instructions to get their stories straight. He is going to make a few calls and when he gets back, they will go for a tour on the boat. Mr. Miller walks away. Gillian and Laura get a half-assed explanation. Gillian and Laura go and get Leo some ice for his punched-in face. Ryan and Leo sit down and talk about what has happened. Leo explains that he was trying to get the money back and couldnít. Stan told him that they lost all their money. It didnít work out. All of their money is gone. The entire investment. Leo thinks that Ryan was the one that set this up. He was the one that thought that this couldnít fail. They have to pay Mr. Miller back right away. They donít have to pay him back right away. Taking him on the boat ride is a way to keep him quiet for now. Gillian and Laura return and they are told that they have to keep up this little charade for a while. Leo is sorry for deceiving everyone, but he didnít think that they would play along. Mr. Miller returns and demands to go on that boat ride. Ryan tells all at the table that the boat is ready for the ride. Leo is grateful to Ryan for his help. Mr. Miller thinks that they should go to the bar and have some drinks before they go out on the boat and he also wants the two men to get along nicely during this time. Leo grabs Gillian and takes her to the bar. Mr. Miller sets his sights on Laura. She tries to avoid him. He thinks that he has seen her before. He is sure that he has seen her before and Laura panics thinking that he canít possibly mean that he has seen her in the porno magazines. He tells her that he has some photography friends and he would like her to meet some of his friends and jumpstart her career. He gives her his card and tells her to put it in a safe place. Ryan, Leo and Gillian are together watching Laura with Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller thinks that he knows her from some place. He asks for her last name and Ryan walks over to talk to Laura. He asks her for a second chance. He senses that something is wrong with Laura and her conversation with Mr. Miller. He tells Mr. Miller that they used to go out together and they should rekindle their relationship. Ryan puts his arm around her and kisses her and walks her away from Mr. Miller to go and tell ĎRyaní and Gillian the good news. The four discuss the plan and how they are going to carry it out. Ryan doesnít think that it is that funny that he canít use his own name. Ryan thinks that Laura and Gillian should go home. Laura wants to be there and photograph the adventure. Gillian wants to be there too. It is a beautiful night and they can look up at the moon.

Dixie is confronting Tad about the hospital bracelet that she found in his car. He lent it to her so that she could go and see JR at Brookeís house. Once inside the car, she put her purse on the floor of the passenger side and found Leslieís hospital bracelet. She came rushing back into the hospital to confront Tad about the bracelet. She thinks that Tad has to be responsible for Leslieís disappearance. He canít believe that she would think that he could be capable of something like this. He canít believe that she could think that badly about him. They have sunk to a new low. She tells him that once again David has sworn that he didnít do anything wrong. Tad tells her again that she canít believe him. He takes her hand again. She found the bracelet in his car, but in her heart she knows that he isnít capable of kidnapping Leslie. David walks in and demands to know what is going on. He turns to Dixie for an explanation. She puts the bracelet behind her back and hides it in her hands. She doesnít let David see that she is hiding something that could potentially hurt Tad. Dixie tells him that they were not talking about anything. David saw her return to talk with Tad and she was upset. She lies and says that she found Tadís wallet. She was using his car and she found his wallet and she brought it back. David thinks that there is something more that she is hiding from him. Tad orders her to tell him what is going on. Dixie tells David that she has to talk to Tad. She wants David to leave them alone for a little while. David stands there not wanting to move, but Tad is smiling at Dixie. He thinks that his old Dixie is returning to her senses and he loves it. He will not leave her with Tad. Tad wonders what he is afraid of. Tad tells her that she can finish with David and he will be waiting for her outside. Tad leaves the room and his father is there to meet him. Tad knows about Leslie and her chances for survival now are next to none. Joe tells Tad that the time that Leslie disappeared, Dixie was with David, so that canít be his fault that Leslie was there. Tad is not going to buy that idea so easily. Tad thinks that he has been going about thinks the wrong way. Tad has to be able to prove that what he is saying about David is true. Earlier, he would just make a loud accusation and that doesnít seem to work. No one would believe him, not even Dixie. Tad has a plan. He is going to go about getting David differently. Tad has a plan that he has to keep in secret. He canít even tell Dixie. He is sure that she still trusts in him.

David is telling Dixie that he is sure that Tad was the one that kidnapped Leslie. He is so much in her space and talks to her as if he is trying to control her mind. He is pushing her to tell him what has been going on with her and Tad. She refuses to answer. He canít believe that, after everything that they have been through. She conveniently manages to move the hospital bracelet to her purse so that David canít see that she has it. She continues to protect Tad in everything that she says. He wants to know more. HE thinks that she believes that he has an accomplice that helped him kidnap Leslie. She doesnít admit to thinking that, but she doesnít deny that idea either. His beeper goes off and she offers to wait for him until he returns, but he tells her to do what she wants. He leaves. Dixie goes looking for Tad and she canít find him. He told Joe to tell her to have trust in him. Now Dixie knows that something is up. Tad has a plan and she wonders what it is. The old feelings are coming up again and she is starting to give Tad the benefit of the doubt about what has been going on regarding Leslieís disappearance.

Mr. Miller is talking on the phone to someone that works with him. He tells the man that they are going to make their little drop at sea late into the night. If the kids happen to find out about what they are doing, they can disappear. They donít have to be brought back to the dock. Mr. Miller ends his call and walks over to the kids and tells them that they are going to make their little sea trip at dawn.

Dixie is standing in the hospital halls. She has the bracelet in her purse. She sees Derek and doesnít tell him what she knows.

Leslie is lying in a darkened room. She is asleep. She seems to be in a storage area. Someone comes to see her. A door opens and a figure walks to her. The curtain in front of her is pulled back and Leslie wakes. She shivers and looks up. She sees a figure that she recognizes. She asks the figure if she was brought there to live or die.

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