All My Children Update Thursday 3/22/01


All My Children Update Thursday 3/22/01

By Glynis

Leo is sitting with his loan shark at AJís when Ryan walks in shouting Leo. Leo has lied about his name to the loan shark saying that he is actually Ryan Lavery. He grabs Ryan and pulls him to another part of the restaurant. Leo forgot that he had a meeting earlier with Laura. Greenlee is watching behind a menu and listening to Leoís conversation and watching everything that Leo does. Mr. Miller, the loan shark is getting up from his chair and Leo goes back to sit with him. Mr. Miller wanted to get a ride on the yacht and Leo tells him that this in not a good time. Mr. Miller is upset because he told his associates that they were going out on a trip on the yacht and if he doesnít get to do that he will expect to have all his money back right away. Leo agrees to take Mr. Miller out on the yacht. He doesnít know how he is going to do it, but he will. Mr. Miller gets a call and Leo goes to Ryan at another table to get Ryan to agree to let Mr. Miller take the boat out for a spin. Leo says that the man wants to invest in the company and will do so if they take him out on the boat. Ryan remembers that Adam warned Ryan that the boat isnít to leave the harbor or they will be fired.

Dixie is visiting Joe at the hospital and they discuss Davidís treatment lately. He thinks that the Martins always stick together and that is why they hate David so much. Joe is not out to lynch David. If she wants to be with David instead of Tad, that will make him very sad because they donít want to see her hurt by David. He is sure that no one is out to cause her problems, he will accept her being with David in time. She wonders where Tad is. The last time that he disappeared he hung out at the Queen of Hearts Cafť. She is sure that Tad wouldnít abandon the kids. He will come home. She is sorry that things turned out this way.

Jake is talking with Tad at Jakeís new apartment and he thinks that David has kidnapped Leslie. David is too fast for the rest of them. Jake thinks that Tad should fight back. Tad is exhausted. The more he fights, the more Dixie wants to have nothing to with him. Tad thinks that maybe the best man won. Jake thinks that Tad shouldnít give up because of David. Tad thinks that he is floating in garbage and only a fool would continue after this. Tad thinks that coming back would be a bad idea. Jake thinks that running out of town. Jake did the same thing. He left because of losing Colby. At least he rescued some kids, but what he was doing was making a death wish. He didnít want to live anymore. He was hoping that he would be killed by one of those bombs. Then he got shot and he wanted his life back. He wanted to come back and fight for what is his. That is what Tad has to do. His life is Dixie. The truth was that Tad left to get his head straight. He got homesick for the little moments. He didnít even know that he was missing his family. He remembers times with his family and feeling that he now knows the reason why he is there and that things donít get better than this. David wasnít in the picture then. Tad survived Liza, the desert when Tad was missing and Dixie found him. Their love for each other should save them from everything. They show everybody else what love is about. Jake is not going to give up on this. Dixie and Tad are the stuff that dreams are made of. Jake will have nothing to believe in if they donít get back together.

Laura is in the bathroom at AJís crying because Leo ignores her every chance that he gets. Gillian tries to make her feel better. Gillian can tell that she has a case of Leo and Laura doesn't like that the whole world knows how she feels for Leo. She has to put a stop to this. Laura comes out of the bathroom and goes to Ryan to tell him that she is quitting. Gillian is there for moral support. The three go to a table to talk. Mr. Miller sees Gillian from across the room and decides that he has to meet her. Leo gets a note sent to him from the waitress. The note says that he is to meet someone in the ladies room.

Derek comes to see David about Leslieís disappearance. Derek thinks that David has a motive. Leslie tried to kill Dixie and David loves Dixie so that is why David hates her. He thinks that there is a motive and Derek should go and see Tad to see if he is the one that has Leslie hidden.

Dixie is telling Joe at the hospital that sometimes she reaches across the bed and Tad is not there. She is concerned that he could throw everything away that quickly and that was what convinced her that they had nothing left. Joe thinks that means that she still misses him. She does still miss him. She looks up and Tad is standing there in front of him. She tells him that she is fine. The boys are fine and still in St. Barts. The trip has been very good for JR. He misses her very much and she misses him too. She also misses the boys and is looking forward to seeing them the next day. Tad corrects her and tells her that the boys are coming home that day. Dixie is going to leave then. He wants her to take his car. He wants her to be safe. She reaches for the keys and their hands touch. He loves her very much. David walks out of his office and sees Dixie and Tad holding hands. That is too much for him to bear. He comes out and Dixie leaves. Tad tells David that he can do a lot of things but one thing that he canít do is get between him and Dixie. That is guaranteed.

Leo goes to the ladies room to meet the author of the note that was sent to him at his table. Gillian sees Leo going to the ladies room and leaves the table so that Ryan and Laura to talk. Ryan tries to talk Laura into staying on with the company. He is willing to fire Leo so that he can keep Laura. She tells him that she doesnít want to have Leo fired. Ryan just wanted to check her feelings.

Leo goes to the ladies room and enters trying to find who called him there. Greenlee comes out of a stall. She tells him that he needs her. He wants to leave, but she wonít leave him. She tells him that she has been watching him and he is into something deep and mysterious. He is so focused on his problems that he hasnít noticed that she was around. She knows that he is deep in trouble and she offers to help. He doesnít want any money from her. She knows that he is in trouble and wants to know about it. She doesnít care what he did. She only wants to know what he did and she will cover the debt. She wants him to admit that he needs her. He sees what this is about. She wants to take the mess taken care of so that they can go back to the way that they used to be. She goes to write him a check, but he tells her that he doesnít need her money and he doesnít need her. He will be damned if he ever goes to her for anything. She leaves the ladies room.

Leo arrives again and finds Mr. Miller talking with Gillian. He is obviously interested in her and she tells him that she is engaged to be married. He wants to know whom to and she tells him that the man is Ryan Lavery. Leo hears this and wonders now what he is going to do about this. Leo jumps in and starts talking to Mr. Miller trying to get him to go back to his table. Mr. Miller calls him Mr. Lavery and Gillian demands to know what is going on. She starts speaking and Leo grabs her and passionately kissing her.

Greenlee has returned home and she is mad as ever. She starts throwing things and breaking things everywhere. Jake comes out of the shower demanding to know what she is doing. He holds her hands and reminds her that she lives upstairs now. She forgot that she doesnít live there anymore. She tells him to go to hell. He wants he to stay there until she is calmer. She tells him that she is perfectly calm. She starts crying and she tells him that she tries so hard to make people love her and it never works out. He understands. He holds her close to him and she cries on his shoulder.

Laura and Ryan are still talking when Laura sees Leo kissing Gillian. Ryan can see that she is looking at something so he turns and sees as well that Leo is all over his fiancť.

Dixie is hightailing it back into the hospital. She bumps into David and he wants to know what is going on. She tells him that she has found something in the car. She walks by him and enters Joeís office where Tad has just finished talking with Derek. Derek leaves and Dixie enters. She tells him that there is something about the car. She got in the car and dropped her purse on the floor in the front seat. She found something in the seat. She shows it to him, the thing that she found. It is Leslie Coulsonís hospital bracelet.

The end


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