All My Children Update Thursday 3/15/01


All My Children Update Thursday 3/15/01

By Glynis

Alex is talking with David in the office at the hospital. She is questioning what he is doing with Dixie. She warns him to leave Dixie alone. David thinks that she is his salvation. She was living a double life and shouldnít be commenting on othersí life. She tells him to leave her before she becomes his next victim. David leaves. Dimitri arrives at the office to talk with Alex. Dimitri thinks that if Dixie knew what they knew, she would have nothing to do with David. Alex thinks that it isnít worth her sisterís life to help Dixie out. Dixie walks into the office and finds Alex there. She walks to her and hugs her. Dimitri is not going to give up on Dixie yet.

Leo and Stan are at the restaurant together and there is some news that Stan has for Leo. He is telling Leo that he will be able to buy the boat that he is living on. Leo wants to talk to Ryan before he makes anymore decisions. Ryan is at the restaurant with Gillian at another table. Leo doesnít want Gillian to find out about their investment, so he makes a decision for Stan to go ahead with further investments. Leo warns Stan that this deal better work out for them. He leaves Leo and Laura enters with some pictures that she would like to show Leo. They sit at a table together to discuss business. They look at the pictures and Leo brings up the night before. Laura tells him that she was a jerk the night before and she would like to keep her relationship with him professional. Ryan walks over to their table and checks in with them on how things are doing. Leo leaves the table to take a call. Ryan sits with Laura to discuss the business. He worries that Laura is still hung up on Leo. He warns her that she canít keep things strictly business. Leo returns and Laura is upset with what Ryan has said to her. She suggests that they move their meeting to the yacht. They pick up their things and leave the restaurant.

Erica is having a meeting with Shannon and some of her business people. It is clear that something is terribly wrong with Shannon. They are launching a campaign about saying no to drugs. Shannon gets this ridiculous idea that she could star in a video and dance like Brittany Spears. Erica doesnít think that would be the impression that she would like to portray with this campaign. Shannon canít hear her as she is already auditioning her dance moves for the group. She starts prancing and spinning in the room as all watch. Bianca enters and sees the ass that Shannon is making of herself. She knows that Shannon must be high on Ecstasy to be acting that way. The others have a feeling that Shannon is on something but they are not yet sure what it is. Bianca is greeted by her mother. The business associate is decides to leave the office to start work. Erica tells Bianca that they are going to do a campaign on drug addiction. Bianca wants to speak to her mother right at that moment in private, but Shannon drags Bianca aside and tells Bianca that she shouldnít rat her out. Bianca can tell that Shannon is high while they are speaking. Shannon gives her a story that she wants to be one of the beautiful people and wonít be able to do that if Bianca rats her out. She begs Bianca. Bianca can understand that. Erica wants to know what is going on and asks Bianca if there is a problem.

David goes to Leslieís room to talk to her unconscious form. He wonders why she is hanging on. He tells her to let go. Things would go very peaceful. As he is speaking to her, he sees her fingers move. Pam walks in to visit her sister. She gets to meet the famous David. As they greet each other, Leslieís hand starts to move. Pam tells him that there is a living will that ensures that Leslie be kept alive in just this kind of situation. David tells her that there is really no dignity to living the way that Leslie has been. He thinks that she should set her sister free and let her go.

The end


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