All My Children Update Wednesday 3/14/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/14/01


Laura and Leo are kissing when he stops it. She tells him to not cut and run. She also tells him that she thinks he is taking care of her, and he tells her she doesnít need anyone to look after her.

Greenlee is on the phone with the owner of a penthouse, and she will move into the penthouse and Jake will move into her loft. He takes the phone and his cell phone rings and Greenlee answers it and tells them to call back later. Jake asks her who it was and she says the hospital, so he calls them back and he asks her how can she be so smart and clueless.

Adam is being arrested, and Stuart and Adam try to bribe the cop into not arresting him, so he arrests them both for trying to bribe him. Liza and Marian arrive and Liza says no. They all start to insult the police officer and he says that they will all be arrested unless Adam comes don voluntarily. He accepts, but Liza says no, that she is going with them, and she slaps the police officer to get arrested too.

Jake is on the phone with the hospital and he hangs up. She tells him that there are tons of doctors who could treat his patients. They start to argue about how she is focused only on herself and about how he thinks he is God. Then they decide to have lunch. Jake leaves and Greenleeís dad arrives.

Leo asks Laura why she wants him now, and she says she is entitled to change her mind. Then she says they could miss out on a lot by not being together. She puts some music and dims the light and seduces him.

Greenlee tells her dad that she doesnít want to talk to him and he tells her he doesnít want to hurt her. She tells him she knows that he stood her up for Erica. He tells her he did it for her, because Erica is not her biggest fan and he wants to change that. Then he gives her this speech on love and Jake arrives. Leo and Greenlee are kissing but he stops it again, and she asks him why, and he tells her he wants to make sure they are on the same page. Brooke arrives and Leo hides. She asks her what is going on.

Adam is in jail and Liza wants to be in the same cell as him, but she canít cause men and women are separated.

Hayley, Mateo, Marian and Stuart try to come up with a plan to get Liza and Adam out of jail. They suggest that Stuart and Adam switch places, but Mateo refuses. Derek arrives, and Mateo has an offer for him.

Greenleeís dad leaves, and she practically doesnít say a word to Jake. He makes her a check for the loft, and she tells him she has to give her dad another chance.

Laura tells Brooke she was just cleaning up. Brooke tells her she is worried about her. Then she tells her that she shouldnít fall for Leo because of his charms and smile because Laura had told her that itís all he had earlier, and he overhears. Brooke goes back to the airport, and Leo wants to go too, but Laura tells him it can just be for fun.

Greenlee tells Jake that her dad is doing the best he can. Then she tells Jake he has no sense of humor, and he doesnít realize it, but she knows she is spoiled and self centered.

Marian, Stuart, Mateo and Hayley come to cheer up Adam in jail. He tells them to leave but they have a surprise for him, and Liza arrives. She tells him itís thanks to Derek.

Jake tells Greenlee they should try to help each other be better and he leaves and tells her to have a good night.

Leo tells Laura he has to go, and that she is not herself. He leaves.

Derek puts Liza in the cell next to Adamís. Mateo and Hayley give them champagne. Stuart and Marian leave and Mateo and Hayley decide to go to the Carribean with Adamís jet. They also leave. Adam and Liza toast to their new life together and to the love of their lives.

The end


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