All My Children Update Wednesday 3/14/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By Glynis

Laura has just come on to Leo. She is in her robe after Leo saved her from the horny boys and police. He would like to know what she was doing with the 3 boys. She doesnít care about him now that Leo is there and she is alone with him. She is sure that he wants her. She is standing before him in her teddy and sexy red robe. Leo doesnít understand her change of behaviour. She tells him that she has changed her mind and he thinks that is fine, but he still wants to know why. He thinks that she had some help to start behaving this way. She thinks that he is cool and they are missing out on something. They will regret it if they donít explore their feelings for each other. She turns on the music again and she reminds him that they are both consenting adults. She thinks that they should do something for fun and not forever. She throws off her robe and dances seductively for him. She gets him arms and puts them around her as they dance. Leo is slowly getting into the mood. She makes her move, but Leo stops her. She thinks that they have been teasing each other for the longest time, but he isnít feeling like having sex with her because they might regret it. She promises to respect him in the morning. She comes to him again and she is pushed back. She thinks that he is letting her down again. She wants him and it may be for the wrong reasons, but she wants him. She tells him to get out of there and that is when they hear a noise. She looks out of the back of the house and sees her mother coming. Leo runs to hide and Brooke comes into the house. She finds Laura sitting on the couch pretending to be just sitting home alone. Brooke says that she was at the airport when she remembers that she forgot something. She takes one look at Laura and can tell that something is up. She asks her daughter what is going on, as Leo watches from the wings. Laura tells her mother that some friends were over and she was just cleaning up. Brooke finds some car keys and thinks that one of her friends must be really something special to have keys like this. She trusts her daughter and wasnít checking up on her. She really did forget something and had to come back. Brooke reminds her daughter that she was crying over Leo earlier and thought that he was all wrong for her. Sometimes we think that being with people will make us feel better. Laura tries to stop the conversation, but Brooke will not be stopped. Laura knows that she has more to offer a guy and doesnít have to settle for Leo. Brooke decides to go and she tells her daughter that she loves her. Brooke leaves. Leo comes out of hiding and tells Laura that he is sorry about the keys. He is getting ready to go and she doesnít want him to. He heard what her mother said and he thinks that she does deserve someone better than him. She tells him that he is what she needs right now. She would like to see where this might take them. He tells her that he is going to leave. She tells him that he can go then. He tells her that whatever she was taking before he got there, she should get rid of it before her mother comes back so that her mother doesnít think that he was the cause of her taking it.

Greenlee is basking in the glow of selling her loft to Jake. Greenlee gets on the phone right away to arrange the sale. While Jake is on the phone, Jake gets a call on his phone and it is the hospital, but Greenlee tells them that he is busy and will call in later. It is his night off. Jake gets angry when he finds out that she was not sensitive to the idea that the hospital called him. He thinks that she is clueless. She doesnít think that he has to jump every time that the hospital calls on his day off. She thinks that there is more to life than what he learned at school. She tells him to act like a human and get off is high horse. She thinks that he has a responsibility to himself. She feels that he should be celebrating getting the loft. Greenlee thinks that they should go out to celebrate. She will make a reservation for them to go somewhere really expensive. He leaves and she goes to her phone book, but not before she gets a knock on the door. It is Roger. She is surprised to see him; she doesnít want to talk to him. He tells her that he doesnít show it but still he has treasured her and he has felt closer to her in the last couple of weeks. She shrinks from his touch. She tells him that she knows that he canceled with her to see Erica. He admits it but would like to explain. She sits for it. He understands that she is angry. He did it for her. He has been spending time with Erica to protect Greenlee. Erica is not Greenleeís biggest fan. She has said some disturbing things about Greenlee and he didnít like that. She is too high profile to ignore. You canít underestimate the power that Erica has. He is hoping that he can make Erica think better of Greenlee before she does more harm. He has not been thinking clearly since her mother left him. He said things that were not nice to people because he was hurting. He is a lost lonely man except for the love of his daughter. Jake has returned and hears the tail end of their conversation. Roger greets Jake and prepares to leave. He hugs Greenlee and tells her that she is the greatest thing in the world. Jake tells her that he has the check for her. He writes the check and Greenlee canít think of that. She can only think of talking to her father and what he said to her. She takes the check and is in a much different mood. Jake leaves thinking that she isnít in the mood to go out after all. She knows what he is like. She is crazy to trust him and he is never there to take care of her, but she has to give him another chance because he is her father. Jake was right when he told her that she was clueless. She knows what a creep her father can be, but if you love someone you accept what they are. He is not the greatest father in the world, but he is doing the best that he can. Nobodyís perfect. Jake isnít perfect. He goes around like a do-gooder trying to tell everyone what to do. There is a movie out on someone like him and he wants to see that movie. She tells him that he is a bore. She knows that she is a snot and only cares for herself. What she is saying is that they should accept each other for what they are. Jake thinks that they should help each other to be better people. Everyone has potential to be better. He looks at his watch and thinks that he has to get home to tell his parents that he is moving out. They are not going to go out. He tells her to have a good night and leaves.

The policeman that helped him to get free earlier has just told Adam that he is under arrest. Stuart is there and he is saying that he never let the brothers switch places and he doesnít know what they are talking about. Adam takes out money and tries to bribe the officer. The officer tells them that he is taking the two brothers for trying to bribe an officer. He starts reading them their rights. Adam finds the man to be a thief. He is totally ignoring what is being said to him by the two brothers. Liza and Marion come running down the stairs shouting, "NO, NO NO!" Adam explains that the man knows that he helped him to get out of the house earlier. Adam will not let the man take him out. The cop tries to call in to the station and Liza takes the radio. The man threatens to take her into jail and Liza doesnít care. Marion moves closer to the officer and he warns her too to step back. Adam wants to go to jail to prevent his family from going to jail. Adam tells her to settle down so that he can take care of this himself. She says that she will not. She slaps the policeman to make him angry. If he is going to take her husband to jail, he is going to take her too.

Adam is in jail again and Liza is there to say goodnight to him on their wedding night. The policeman is showing no sympathy for the two and takes Liza away. Adam sits in his tuxedo, in his cell pondering his situation.

Hayley and Mateo arrive to find out that Liza and Adam are in jail together. Marion thinks that they need to get Adam and Liza out of jail. Hayley agrees to what Marion is saying. Adam and Liza should not be in jail on their wedding night. Stuart thinks that he could get in jail to take Adamís place. There is a knock at the door. Derek is there and he gets ushered into the house. He wants to know what is going on. Mateo tells him that there is an opportunity for him to prove that not all cops are soulless dictators with tin badges for hearts.

Marion, Stuart, Mateo and Hayley arrive at the jail to visit Adam. Adam is furious that they can hold the one that they love and he canít. He tells them to fly out of town and enjoy the honeymoon cottage that he had set up for him and Liza. Winifred has the keys and all the details. He tries to send them away. Stuart tells him that they have a surprise for him. Marion goes out and brings in Liza. She walks up to the bars telling him that she is going to spend the night with her husband. Adam is suspicious of Derekís motives. Liza touches him through the bars and asks if this now feels real to him. Adam tells her that it does. All look on happy at the ending they have managed to bring about. The four loving relatives have been allowed to bring in bubbly to have a good night. They pour two glasses and Derek is just glad that no one will think that he is a soulless dictator. The visitors start leaving. Hayley thinks that they should take up Adam on his offer to go and enjoy their honeymoon, since they canít have it and the baby coming will prevent them from having time alone. Everyone leaves the room and Liza and Adam are finally alone. They toast to their new lives together. They are sure that they wonít make the same mistakes together. They will make new ones. She is the love of his life and he is the love of hers.

The end


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