All My Children Update Monday 3/12/01


All My Children Update Monday 3/12/01

By Glynis

Dixie gets a visit from a lawyer to get her separation. He is going to file the papers for her to get her divorce. She hasnít considered counseling and the lawyer thinks that she should have thought of that. She thinks that they are long past going for counseling and doesnít want to consider it. She doesnít think that there is going to be a struggle with Tad getting the divorce. He cares too much for the family and he doesnít want to put their son through much more. She finds him to be desperate. There is a knock at the door and she finds Tad there. She tells him that now is not a good time to speak with him. He will not take no for an answer. He demands that she speak with him right away. She doesnít want to let him in. He asks her if she has seen videotape at Davidís office or anywhere else. She doesnít know what he is talking about. He tells her that if he can get his hands on the videotape that will be all the evidence that he needs. It is starting to drive him crazy that David is always a step ahead of him. He is acting paranoid and she reminds him that he has to leave. Tad wants to be let in for 5 minutes and Tad becomes suspicious about why. He suspects that David is in the house and he pushes his way in. He demands to know whom the man is sitting on the couch. Dixie tells him that the man is her lawyer who has come there to talk about the separation. The lawyer suggests that she gets a restraining order, but Dixie doesnít feel that she needs one. Dixie tells the lawyer that she has to reschedule the meeting. She will call him at the office. He leaves and Dixie turns to Tad once again. She is teary eyed and tells him that his timing is really bad. He never called a lawyer about them separation. He canít believe how far things have gone with her. This gets them no where. She is so willing to walk away from what they have. This is hard enough. Why doesnít she listen to him? He tells her again that he is this close to getting to David. She is not going to do this with him. She wants to talk about JR. He is having a hard time with all of this. He is not saying anything to her about the separation. Tad wants to take him camping but he canít do that because Dixie is sending him to the islands with Jamie and Brooke. She didnít tell him because she didnít think that he needed to know. All she sees is anger. He is angry with David. She canít listen to that anymore. She thinks that they should just end this. Tad would like to go and say goodbye to the boys before they leave and she has no problem with that. He walks out.

Dimitri is at Davidís office looking for something and he finds it. It is Alexís medical bag. Erica walks in and finds him with the bag. She thinks that he has found out that Alex is dead. He tells her instead that Alex is alive. She wants more details. He tells her that Alex had a recurrence of her posttraumatic stress. She finally woke up and she couldnít remember her name, so they put her in a hospital as a Jane Doe. Erica is glad that she is safe, but worries about Dimitri. She doesnít think that he should be with her anymore. She thinks that Alex has been nothing but trouble for him. She feels that Alex has caused him nothing but heartache. He thinks that she should be happy for him. She canít understand his thinking. Now that she was wrong that Alex didnít leave him frivolously, he thinks that she should be happy for him. Erica still has many questions about Alex and Dimitri tries to lie some more about Alex and how he found her. He says that Alex didnít come home because she wasnít ready to. Erica thinks that he is being very noble, but Alex did get involved with his brother. That is over now. Erica wants to help to smooth over Alexís homecoming. Dimitri thinks about that. He tells her to stay away from Wildwind until he tells her come over there. She refuses to agree with that. He tells her that he needs some time to be with Alex. She then agrees to let him have all the space that he needs. She came to see David and she was lucky to find Dimitri instead. She thinks that David has unacceptable behaviour. She is worry about Tad. She is involved because she thinks that David is trying to get over her and that is why he is hanging onto Dixie. Dimitri tells her that she shouldnít worry because David isnít going to be around much longer. He doesnít explain. He leaves right away.

David has found Anna, but thinks that she is Alex. She thinks that he is someone sent to kill her. He tells her that whatever she thinks she saw, she didnít see it. They are having two different conversations and she can see that. He tells her that she should be talking like a normal. She pulls a gun on him and he jumps back in fear. She is covered in sweat but still lucid enough to know that she might be in danger. He tries to get her to put the gun down. Anna is coughing and demanding to know what he is after. David isnít sure what she knows. She asks if Charlotte sent him to her. She is still holding the gun on him and then he calls her Alex. She then suddenly realizes that he thinks that she is her sister. Just then, Alex arrives and walks up the stairs to them. She shouts to him, "Stop!" David canít believe his eyes. He looks back and forth from Alex to Anna in disbelief. Alex tells her sister that she knows who David is. She introduces David to Anna. David thought that Alex said that her sister was dead. Alex tells him that as far as David is concerned Anna is dead. Bart arrives very unpleased that someone else has found out that they are there. Anna wants to be taken out for some fresh air. Bart takes Anna out to walk in the woods. David smiles to himself. Alex is a fountain of secrets. She wants to know what he is doing there. He tells her that he saw Edmund at the hospital gathering supplies and wanted to know what is going on. She wished that he would get a life of his own. She tells him to get out and to keep his mouth shut. This is a serious situation and she doesnít want him involved in this. He refuses to act like he didnít see any of this. He tells her that he canít forget what he has seen and she knows that. He thinks that there are family members that would love to know that Anna is alive. He has taken care of the foundation all by himself since she left and he thinks that she owes him. He has been slandered and he had to cover for her, lying to people about where she is. Now she comes back and she is demanding that he keep her secret? He refuses to be involved in a cover up. She tells him that if he talks, she will talk. He is not the only one that has a little secret now is he? She tells him that she saw him put the drug in the punch. If she tells the story to anyone, he will lose his license. He thinks that what she has is nothing compared to what she has to lose. He asks her, "What do you think you will lose if I tell what I have to say? He tells her that if she keeps her mouth shut about him, he will keep his mouth shut about her. He asks her if they have a deal and she agrees.

Shannon and her friends are out having a good time and Shannon is obviously high on Ecstasy, which seems to be the drug of her choice. Bianca is with her friend nearby and they are discussing Raves. They donít go to parties like that. Bianca tells her friend that Shannon is high on Ecstasy.

Brooke is with the Jamie and Laura getting ready for their trip. Jamie has to still pack and he runs off. Laura doesnít want to go to the Caribbean with them. Brooke promises to spend time with Laura before she goes off to university. They discuss the boys and how Junior is not having such a great time. Brooke gives Laura some more instructions on her being left alone there while she is gone. Phoebe canít be there, but Laura is sure that she will be okay. Laura is going to have some friends over and Brooke is suspicious that one of the friends will be Leo. Laura assures her that Leo isnít one of the friends that she was going to invite over. JR is there and he is upstairs. He is not doing great. He is upset about his mother and father getting separated. Brooke thinks that no one in his family knows what is going on.

Laura arrives at the restaurant and finds Bianca and her friend Wilomena talking about Raves. Laura questions Wilomena about working with Leo and Ryan. Wilomena tells her that she only sees Leo eating and never working. Shannon comes over to her table and talks to Shannon about their lab report. They have to work together and Shannon can get her into a Rave if Shannon does something for her. Shannon will buy her a new scanner for her help. They seal the deal and Shannon leaves. Bianca canít believe that Wilomena is willing to make a deal with Shannon of all people.

Laura brings Bianca over to Shannonís table and she tells everyone that he mother is going away and she has no curfew and they have an empty house for them to hang out in. Bianca canít believe that Laura is acting this way. The crowd loves the news.

Tad shows up at Brookeís house to say goodbye. Brooke thinks that this is a very bad idea. JR is there but he doesnít say anything to him.

Dixie is at home packing up Tadís things into a box. She is feeling very sad. She looks at pictures of them together and she wonders if she is doing the right thing. Convinced that she isÖshe continues packing his things.


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