All My Children Update Friday 3/9/01


All My Children Update Friday 3/9/01

By Glynis

Leo has managed to get his hand on the videotape that could fry David. He goes to Davidís office and throws the tape in front of him. Leo has handed him his salvation. David puts the tape in and sees himself putting the drug in the punch bowl. David canít believe this. Where did Leo get this? This tape is proof that David has been the baddest in town. David is worried that there are copies. Leo jokes around and David grabs him by his collar and demands to know the truth about the tape and if there are more. Leo plays with the idea that he made a copy of the tape and then admits that there are no other copies of the tape that he knows about. This is footage that Hayley took for her show. He thinks that David has the biggest balls in the world. David still thinks that the tape doesnít prove that he was the person that spiked the punch. David wants Leo to leave so that he can get on with something. Leo is not appreciative of Davidís attitude. David thinks that Leo has cashed the check and that is why he is being so supportive. Leo was reaching out to his brother. He wants his brother to think about that the next time that he wants to choke his brother. David does thank him for the tape. David did want to be friends with Leo at one time and Leo remembers that. Leo tells David that someone saw him putting something into the punch on that tape. That person was Alex Merrick! She can be seen on the tape watching David do his dastardly deed. Leo leaves and David plays the tape to see who was watching him. He thinks that he had better get rid of this tape right away.

Dimitri and Edmund bring in Anna to Wildwind. Bart tends to her right away. Alex needs to do some diagnostic tests. Anna will have to be moved again. Alex has to do an MRI and an EEG. Bart tells her no. Anna is not going anywhere. Anna is awake. She is told that she is in Pine Valley at her sisterís estate. Her head is really hurting. She had a seizure on the plane and she is very tired. Bart assures her that she is going to be just fine. She is getting weaker by the minute. Bart is sure that if they move her she will be killed. There are some portable machines that they could use; maybe Jake can help them. Bart is upset that someone else is going to be involved. This plan just may work. Bart really doesnít have a choice. It is time that Alex started being able to take care of her sister. Bart agrees to the idea. Bart is thinking that it was a mistake to bring Anna there. Alex thinks that it is the safest place for them to be. Anna worries that it was a mistake to come there. Bart is only trying to protect her. They are doing everything that they can. Anna thinks that they have put everyone in danger, but the children are going to stay with their grandmother. Alex leaves. Bart tells Anna that they should go to another safe house that he knows about. He will take care of her. This is important and they should really just leave without the others knowing. Bart gets her up and starts putting her coat on. Alex comes back and tells them not to leave. Bart thinks that the three of them should go and they will be safer somewhere else. Alex is sure that she will not make it if they leave. Bart thinks that they will. At that moment, Anna collapses and falls back on the bed.

Tad is hot on the trail and he and Liza visit Ryan and Gillian to discuss the tape that is missing. Tad wants a break. There is no tape on the footage of the party on the yacht. Tad apologizes for interrupting Gillian and Ryanís breakfast. Tad leaves. Gillian believes Tad and thinks that there is no one else that would have done this. Ryan warns Liza to watch Tad. She goes after him. Ryan and Gillian return to their breakfast and Ryan jokes about her cooking. He tells her that he found a musician for their wedding. She is a soloist for the Philharmonic. Gillian thinks that he is being too lavish. He wants her to take care of the arrangements and he will take care of the tab. She couldnít love him more than she does now. He thinks that he loves her just perfect. She thinks about their past and He is grateful for her everyday that they are together. He thinks that they earned their happiness. She used to hurt people. Growing up the way that he did showed him that life isnít perfect. When they take their vows, she wants the whole world to know how they appreciate each other. He thinks that they should write their own vows. She loves him and she always will and always has. He leaves for a minute, but will be right back. He returns with a special flower. He canít wait for her to be his wife, but she will not elope with him. She wants to share this with the whole world. There is still something else that they can do that he doesnít have to wait for anymore. Her doctor has given her the green light to make love to him. He would like to make her feel better. They kiss.

In the hospital, Leslie is getting stable. As Jake is leaving, he finds Greenlee with a big basket for him. He was perfect to her while she was ill. She didnít have to do this gesture but she wanted to. He jokes about her being so nice. She had a concussion and he was only being nice to her. She hints at the next time they get together at his house. He appreciates her doing this. She tells him that no one would have thought that she would have had such a great time spending the night with Jake Martin. As she says this, Jake is walking by and hears her statement. He is a little surprised at that. Greenlee turns to see him standing across the way and she likes that he heard what she said. Leo feels like he is punched in the head by what she has said to him. He comes over and remarks that this is the Greenlee love basket, then he walks off. Jake asks her to take the basket over to his office for him and he will finish his rounds. Jake leaves and Greenlee picks up the basket and gives it to Leo who she asks to carry it for her.

David goes over to Leslieís room and goes to walk in. Jake stops him. He doesnít want David going in there. David wants to see Leslieís chart and Jake wonít let him even see that. He thinks that he knows exactly what David tried to do. David doesnít want to start a scene and Jake tells him to leave. David does leave. Edmund shows up at the hospital and tells Jake that he would like him to look at a list of items that they need. Jake is then told that they have found Alex and she is alive. Dimitri then comes and they explain to Jake how the situation with Alex is. Hidden behind a corner, David is standing nearby and listening. He really doesnít understand all that they talked about, and now he has to wonder if he really has a problem. Jake goes and gets the items and equipment that Anna needs to work on her sister. He hands Edmund and Dimitri the bag and they are on their way. David comes out of hiding and asks himself what those three people have in common with each other. He has to find out.

Alex and Bart get into an argument about what is best for Anna. She wants to share herself with the both of them. They should be concentrating on getting her well. Alex wants her to think of the place as her home. Anna tells Bart that they have to stay and thanks him for agreeing that they should stay. Bart tells Alex that the ball is in her court, so she better not drop it.

Leo brings the gift basket to Jakeís office for Greenlee. On the way, he continues being a sarcastic ass, but Greenlee still manages to deal with him and he hurts her with his words, but not quite like he used to. Maybe Leo is becoming old news in her books. She is strong. She can survive without him. She follows him to Jakeís office. Behind them Vanessa sees her son with Greenlee and thinks that he is working on their plan as discussed so long ago. She knew that he wouldnít let her down.

After Leo drops off the gift basket, he tells her that it was good seeing her and she thanks him for bringing the basket to Jake'í office. . Vanessa walks up and greets the to kids. Leo tells his mother that Greenlee is there because she is dating Jake Martin now. Apparently, she spent the whole evening with Jake. Leo wants Greenlee to leave right away. She doesnít really have anything to do, but Leo pushes her away. She leaves and Vanessa thinks that there is no way that Jake could really appreciate everything that Greenlee has to offer a man. Leo knows that she is referring to money. Vanessa is still trying to get her name on Palmerís will, but he will have none of it. She would like to talk with Leo about their plan. Leo turns to her again and tells her that there is no plan. She tells him that she hears what he says, but it doesnít mean that she believes it.

Tad comes to see Leslie and Jake is there. Jake doesnít want Tad there because his father told him to stay away from Leslie. Tad explains the developments and finds out that David tried yet again to get into Leslieís room. Tad is running out of time. He begs his brother to let him in Leslieís room so that he can talk with Leslie. Jake allows him to go in. They both enter Leslieís room and Tad sits beside her. He leans to her and tells her that he is there. He is not sure if she can hear her, but she is his last hope. He needs her to pull out of this thing. "I know that there is a part of you that wants to make everything right. I can help you if you wake up. You want David to pay and together we can make that happen." Jake tells him that is enough. Leslie is not moving and her eyes are closed. The brothers leave the room and they leave too soon to see Leslie moving her fingers.

Edmund returns to Wildwind and gives the bag over. Bart, Alex and Edmund leave the room and the door is left open. Anna gets up and sees David walking into the room. She doesnít recognize him of course. He says to her, "Alex! You are alive!" She looks uncertainly at him and asks, "Who are you? Have they sent you to kill me?" David is puzzled at her question.

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