All My Children Update Thursday 3/8/01


All My Children Update Thursday 3/8/01

By Lidia

Gillian and Ryan are on the yatch, Gillian is talking about how losing the baby was like losing a part of herself, so Ryan suggests that they set a wedding date.

Hayley gives a list of stuff for Mateo to buy for her because of her many cravings. Tad and Liza arrive, saying that they need Haley and Mateo to save Tads marriage.

Dixie arrives at Brookeís and they talk about the trip that the boys are taking during spring break. JR arrives and Dixie asks him if he has talked with Tad, and he tells her he has and he knows they are getting separated. He tells her to stop saying she loves him and that everything is going to be okay because itís a lie. And then she talks back and he tells her to save it for someone who cares, then he leaves. Dixie says that she wishes there was something she could do for him, and Brooke tells her that she can get David out of her life.

David wants to buy Leoís silence, because the only language he thinks Leo knows is money. Then Leo tells him Ďí Do you think I would blackmail you like this ?íí

Dixie tells Brooke that she is not with David and Brooke asks her if they slept together, and Dixie tells her itís none of her business. Then Brooke tells her that this whole this is tearing the family apart for nothing. She then tells her that watching her has been like watching a rerun of her life, and that she will not like the end. Then she compares David to Jim Thomeson .

David asks Leo for a price and Leo asks David what he is worth to him.

Mateo and Hayley canít believe that David drugged everyone on the boat with Libidozone. Liza and Tad ask Hayley if there were Wave cameras taping, and Hayley tells them the cameras might have caught him in the act, so Liza, Mateo and Tad leave to go find the tapes.

Gillian tells Ryan she has a date in mind for the wedding, April 8, because thatís when they first were married. Ryan tells her that even though they werenít married for love, that was the happiest day of his life. Hayley arrives and tells them she and Mateo will be at the wedding, and tells Gillian she is sorry for the miscarriage. Then she tells them she has some news that might not overjoy them, Gillian guesses that she is pregnant.

Dixie tells Brooke that David and Jim are nothing alike, and Brooke tells her that she trusted Jim, just like she trusts David. She then tells her that she shouldnít throw her relationship with Tad away , and Dixie asks her if she is saying all those things because Tad chose Dixie over her. She tells her no, itís because David is poison.

David makes a check out to Leo of 100,000 $. Leo tells him he has no heart because he came to him as a brother and he treats him like garbage. Then David gives him the check and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Leo tears the check and leaves.

Tad, Liza and Mateo find out that the tapes are missing and Liza says that the tapes might be in the editing base.

Hayley tells Gillian and Ryan that she is pregnant, and Gillian thinks of how their babies could have played together. Then Ryan tells Hayley they should tape the birth and show it on Wave, so it reminds Hayley of the Incredible dreams . com party, just as Leo arrives, so she asks them if they watched it, so they could know who spiked the punch, so they ask Leo if he knows where the tape is. They all start looking for it and Leo finds it.

Dixie goes to Davidís hotel room and he hugs her, but she doesnít hug back. She tells him that JR hates her because of him and she is getting a legal separation and she tells him she needs to put some space between them.

JR asks Brooke how Dixie is doing, and she tells him she will be fine. He remembers the past year, when Him and Dixie and Tad and Jamie went on a ski trip, and he hopes that things will be good again. He asks why they broke their promise of forever and Brooke tells him that parents make mistakes and they will forgive each other because they love each other.

The gang donít find the tapes, and Leo acts as if he hasnít looked, so they check the box and find one that they think is it, so Hayley leaves with it.

Ryan tells Gillian that Hayward deserves what is coming to him. He also tells her he is proud of her for her reaction to Hayley being pregnant, and she tells him she is a bit jealous. Leo arrives and congratulates them on the wedding. Gillian and Ryan go to bed.

Dixie asks David to understand that she needs time alone. He tells her to not believe what people tell her about him. He tells her to not leave him because he needs her. She tells him she cares for him, and he tells her he loves her, and to take as much time as she needs, as long as she comes back to him.

Hayley, Mateo, Tad and Liza start to look at the tape, but it turns out to be one of Leoís galaxy tapes. At the same time, Leo is looking at the tape of David dropping the Libidozone in the punch.

The end


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