All My Children Update Friday 3/2/01


All My Children Update Friday 3/2/01

By Glynis

Alex is with the old man that she is hiding with. He feels that she has already compromised their position and he doesnít know what to expect now. She tells him that if the call were traced, they would have been discovered by now. They canít live like this forever. The old man just wants to protect the both of them and she knows that. He sees that she is tired. He thinks that she should go and lie down for a while. She leaves the room. The old man sits at a table and starts writing. He is near a window and doesnít realize that Edmund and Dimitri are just outside the house. They sneak around the house and are planning on how to get in when the old man comes out with a type of iron poker demanding to know who they are and what they are doing there.

Edmund and Dimitri are in their plane going to get Alex. They are not aware that the pilot is really a spy that is there to cause them difficulty. He hides and listens to everything that they talk about in an effort to sabotage their plans. When the pilot enters their area, they hide what they are talking about. He asks them information on what they are doing, but Edmund and Dimitri donít want to tell him and get suspicious of his asking so many personal questions. They move away from him. They pretend that they had car trouble, and the man wants them to leave immediately, but they know that Alex is there, so Edmund gets around him and the two man grab the old man and render him helpless. Alex hears the noise and comes out. She demands to know what is going on. Dimitri sees her and says, "Alex!" He moves towards her and she pushes him away demanding to know who they are. Another ĎAlexí appears. She recognizes Dimitri and Edmund. She tells them that she is okay and nothing has been done to her. She is just fine she reports. Dimitri and Edmund stand and watch in horror at the sight of two ĎAlexesí standing before them.

David is at Dixieís house and she is looking after him. He thinks that he will be fine, but she insists on looking at his dressing to make sure that he is taped up okay. She takes off the bandage and looks at the wound. It is infected and she wants to change the dressing before he goes to sleep. He thanks her for her attention. She applies some ointment, but at least he isnít bleeding. It is weird having someone care for David. He is not used to it. She feels that this is her house and she likes taking care of him. She gets a visit from her mother-in-law. Opal comes into the house and hugs her straight away. She had heard what happened to Dixie and walks in to find David sitting on her couch. She demands to know what the hell he is doing there. Dixie immediately defends him. She is taking care of him because he saved her life. Opal tells her that things are not fine at all. She wants to know where her son is. Dixie doesnít know. David is her friend and she is going to make sure that David is all right. She thinks that David is the one that caused all of this. Dixie lets it slip that Tad has been having an affair with Leslie. Opal didnít know that. Dixie tells her that Leslie has caused them all some trouble. Opal wants her to think why all this happened. Dixie was fine and Tad was the one that threw it away. David has been there for her. Dixie thinks that this has been going on for a long time. Tad went back to work with Liza and yet he cheated on her again. She is not going to take Opalís criticism anymore after Tad has thrown away everything that they have built together. Opal thinks that this is just terrible. It is hard for everyone. Opal thinks that she should be there for her family. Dixie throws back the fact that Tad wasnít there for their family when he slept with Dixie. She is sorry that Opal got so involved in all of this. Opal canít believe that the family has split up and that Junior who wants to be called JR now is with Adam. She is sorry and she leaves in a big hurry.

Greenlee is in the hospital and Jake is looking after her. Tina is there also. Greenlee is talking gibberish. "Did daddy call Millie?" she asks. "I want to keep my tonsils!" She was hit with a basketball and may have a concussion. He sends Tina to get more information as he wheels Greenlee out of the room to another location. Tina rushes to do as Jake has asked. Jake takes Greenlee to a private room and she seems like herself again. She doesnít want to stay in the hospital. She is nervous about staying in the hospital. Jake will take care of her for a while and later he will turn her over to the nurses. He tells her that he is a sucker. She has to stay there for a while, but he wants to know if she remembers when she was hit in the face by the basketball. She remembers smashing the ball against the wall because she was mad. She can barely sit up because her head hurts. That is normal. He asks how old she was when she got her tonsils out. She doesnít understand his question. He tells her that she told him about he tonsils when she was drifting in and out of consciousness. When she got her tonsils out, she was petrified. She was with her grandmother. Her parents were on Safari and they were not with her. It was traumatic for her. She wanted her mommy and daddy and they were not there for her. Just then her father walks in for her and tells her that he is there now. Greenlee is shocked that her father has come to help her. Thanks to Tinaís call, he is there for her. Greenlee and her father are given some privacy and he is very concerned about what happened to her. She tells him that she was at the community center and she was volunteering. She was hit with a basketball, but it was her fault. Her father thinks that they should sue the center, but Greenlee explains to him that the shelter is for the homeless. He understands then why they wouldnít take action. She is his little girl and he would like to take care of her. He explains that he has a new perspective on things. He has a new understand of what is important. He wants to know what he can do for her. She wants to get a soda. He offers to get it for her and leaves the room. Outside the room, Jake comes to him and Roger things that it is typical of Greenlee to do this. He could have lost a fortune on a deal that he was working on. Jake canít believe his ears.

Tad is at the hospital when Tunie comes in. He is sorry to have to call Leslie sister there with such bad news. She canít believe that this has happened. Tunie hasnít spoken to her sister in years and is surprised with the news. Leslie called for ĎHopeí before she passed out and that was why Tad called her. She wants information on Leslieís fall. She wants to know how Tad got involved. He tells her that the incident happened at his work. Leslie came to for a minute, but she had too much trouble speaking. Tunie realizes that Tad had contact with Leslie recently. She remembers that Tad was nice to Leslie as a kid. She remembers how Leslie tried to be like her in high school. Leslie was her maid of honour when she got married. After her honeymoon, Leslie tried to seduce her husband and Tunie lost it. They tried talking to her and she acted like Tunie was invisible. They had to eventually cut her off. Tad is sorry for that. Now she is lost and alone. Tad thinks that she should see her sister. Tunie has had a sick feeling about Leslie for a month. She received a message from Leslie that was really bizarre. Tad wants to see the note and Tunie shows it to him. The note says that if anything happens to her, she should take some action against the person that may have hurt her. Tunie thinks that maybe she should talk to Leslie now. There is a key with the note and Tad wants it. Tunie is afraid that some actually pushed Leslie off the terrace. Tad thinks that if he takes the key to Leslieís office the note may make sense. Tunie thinks that she should see her sister first. She has a lot of mixed feelings about her sister. Leslie knows that Tunie wouldnít hurt her and she would do right by her. That is why she sent her the note. Leslie still trusts her sister. Tad thinks that they should do this for Leslie. She gives him the key. She wants to know what he finds. Tad tells her that he will and he leaves immediately.

David is glad that Dixie stood up for him the way that she did with Opal. He is still at her house sitting on her couch. He thinks that he should leave, but Dixie wants him to stay. She tells him to go to the guestroom and wait for her there. He leaves and she gets another knock at the door. She answers and it is Tad. He tells her that he has the answer to everything. He shows her the key and tells her that if she ever loved him, she will come with him right away to see what he has to show her. He explains that Tunie came to see him with the note and key and that Leslie is sure that she can finger the person that is trying to hurt her. Dixie sees right through all this and can tell that Tad thinks that this is going to lead to Davidís guilt. She comes up with reasons why David is not to blame. Tad tells her that if he is wrong about this, he will never mention this again. She canít believe her ears. He promises her. Unknown to the two, David is listening to their conversation. He is panicking over the face that Leslie may have found a way to finger him without being able to tell anyone herself.

Roger goes to a phone in the hospital and calls his wife to tell her that he thinks that Greenlee is using this as a ploy for attention. Jake is listening to his conversation. He canít believe his ears.

David has beat Tad and Dixie to Leslieís office. He breaks into her desk looking for the damning information. He finds a letter telling that David is framing her for a crime. There is an attached letter to the document. He hears Tad and Dixie coming into the office. David looks around wondering where he can hide.

The pilot that flew Dimitri and Edmund to their destination is on the phone reporting that they are right near the Manitoba border.


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