All My Children Update Thursday 2/22/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/22/01

By Glynis

Mateo and Hayley are coming home after shopping. They are discussing the psychic and her predictions. Mateo picked up a pregnancy test and wants Hayley to take it. She thinks that they should throw the test away and just wait to see if she starts throwing up in the morning. She has taken the test and Mateo is very desperate to see if the test is positive or negative. Mateo makes like he is going to throw the test away. They have to wait 6 minutes more. She doesn’t really want him to throw the test away. Mateo can’t wait and insists on looking at the test. She decides that she wants to look at it. They have 5 minutes more to wait. He has been lying and tells her that the test is ready. He was trying to make her crazy. She is sure that she wants to look. If it isn’t positive, they can try again. He shows it to her and the look on Hayley’s face is unmistakable. They are pregnant. She shows it to him. They hug. They are having a baby. She is thinking that she wanted this more than anything in her life. She is thinking about when she got married. She must have gotten pregnant after the episode with the Libidozone. She is worried that she has gotten pregnant when she was ‘Arlene’. Mateo tells her that there is no way that she would have done anything like her mother. She didn’t bring home any guys and she didn’t drink. Mateo knows that she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their child. She is thankful that he has so much confidence in her. They kiss. Hayley will go to the doctor the following day. She is going to trust him. This is a whole new time for them. He thinks that they are having a girl. He thinks that God would want someone like Hayley on the earth. She would like a boy like Mateo. They kiss.

Tad calls Adam and lets him now that Junior is okay and they are home together. Tad is afraid that Dixie is with Leslie somewhere. Adam tells him that his mistress has caused all this trouble. Adam wants Dixie found so that his son won’t be traumatized. Adam hangs up, but has other worries. He has a bracelet attached to his foot. He is under house arrest. He thinks that he can make it half way over to Tad’s house before the police figure out that he is gone. He runs to the door to leave and finds a police officer there just in case. Derek soon arrives and talks to Adam about Junior’s safety. Adam already knows that Junior is safe. That wasn’t why he was trying to leave the house. Liza arrives and can’t believe that Adam was going to risk his freedom again. They tell him that if he leaves the house, he will be in it deep again. Adam wants to discuss something with Derek and Liza won’t let him alone to do it. Derek reminds him that the police officer will not be fooled by anything that Adam does. The police officer will be outside if Adam tries anything again. Derek and the police officer leave the house. Adam tells her that he almost got to the front steps before he got caught. Liza goes to get him a sandwich and Adam is left alone once again to try something else. He picks up the cell phone and calls Stewart. He tells his brother that he has to get over to the house right away. Stewart is to use the tunnels to the house and not the front door. He is to make sure that Liza doesn’t see him. Liza returns and they have a snack together. He asks her if she has done the required work for Chandler Enterprises. She wonders if he doesn’t trust her. He assumed that she had finished the report and she assures him that the report will be finished very soon. The company is under scrutiny and he tells her that he wouldn’t want anything to go wrong for them. There might be some repercussions if they don’t do their paperwork right away. He wants her to get to work right away and he will even help her with it. She is going to go into the office to pick up the numbers. She warns him to stay put. He tells her that he will be there for the duration. She leaves the house. Stewart arrives through the secret entrance and Adam tells him that they have to switch places. Stewart refuses to break the law for him. Besides, Adam is wearing the bracelet and Stewart is not going to help him escape. Stewart tells him that Skye has called him and she is in trouble. This is it. Stewart is sorry. They have to figure out how they will get the bracelet off his foot. Stewart is to hide until Adam figures out how to get the bracelet off his foot. Stewart leaves and Adam invites the officer into the house for a moment. The policeman enters. Adam offers him a drink. He finds out the officer’s name is Bill and that he has 3 boys. Adam is sure that the policeman loves his kids very much. The policeman is sure that a bribe is coming next. Adam wants to have a serious discussion with the policeman. He wants to know about the children’s education and future. Adam is sure that the policeman has to worry about tuition for his kids. The policeman is sure that they can get loans. Adam tells the policeman that he can get out of the house without getting found out. The policeman thinks that he is crazy. Adam tells him that he can get out of the house and if he does, he will pay for the 3 boys and their education and spending money for the future. He brings out Stewart and introduces him to the policeman. The policeman’s mouth drops.

Tad is with Junior searching for evidence to find Dixie.

Dixie has been holding Leslie over the balcony when Leslie takes out some mace and sprays Dixie with it. She gets a hold of Dixie and tosses her body over the railing and Dixie is only holding on for her life with her two hands. Leslie tries to pry Dixie’s fingers free from the rails, but she won’t let go. So she realizes that David is behind her wanting to save Dixie. She turns to where he is and shuts the terrace door, locking David inside and preventing him from saving Dixie. Dixie is still screaming frantically for her life, when Leslie returns for another try at sending her flying to her death… David gets the door open and still stands back. The phone is ringing and David tries to reason with Leslie. She threatens to spray mace in Dixie’s face to get her to let go of the railing. David tells her that he has to call Tad. There is no way that Tad is going to want Leslie if she hurts Dixie. Leslie lets him call Tad. David tells Tad that he has to talk to Leslie to make her understand that he cares about her. He reminds her that he helped her in high school. The things that he is saying to her touch Leslie. She wants to talk to Tad. She tells David to give her the phone. She reaches for it and David grabs her and throws her to the side of the balcony. Away from Dixie. David rushes to Dixie’s aide and starts hauling her up towards safety. The line where Tad was talking to David has gone dead …David has brought Dixie into the office and has her on the couch. Dixie is hyperventilating and David is coming to her aid. Dixie is shouting that she can’t see. She is very hysterical over it. Leslie has gotten up after being knocked over by David. She has followed David into the office where he is attending to Dixie. She finds a knife on the desk. She clutches it and slowly walks up behind David. She is not sure what she is going to do, but she is going to do something. Dixie is telling David once again that she can’t see, but now she thinks that she sees something behind him. He turns in time to grab Leslie, but not before she can stab him in the arm. Leslie goes running out on the terrace again. David follows her out to the terrace. Leslie is holding the knife again and David tells her that she has gone far enough. Leslie thinks that he will never get Dixie now. She is going to blow him so far out of the water that he will never return. He suspects that she is on Libidozone. She is very high on it. She is not afraid of him. She is going to ruin him. He won’t get Dixie and he will go to jail. She climbs over the terrace to get away from him. David shouts at her to come back. She shouts at him, "Stay away from me!" She is trying to climb over to the next terrace. David shouts at her to come back. She shouts at him again to stay back. The brick where her foot is standing gives away from the building and slides outwards towards the long fall downward. Leslie realizes that she is in deep trouble and screams one last time as she plummets…almost to certain death. David manages to get a hold of Leslie. He is holding her by her arms and she is on the verge of death. She is shouting to him to hold on to her and save her miserable life. "Oh David please, don’t drop me, please." David is holding on. He looks down at her. She is hanging off the injured arm. He can’t hold on much longer, but he does for now.

…The line is dead and Tad is now really worried. Tad tries to explain to Junior that he had to talk to Leslie is loving terms because something is going on. Junior has a tantrum and starts throwing things at Tad. Tad grabs him and holds him. They calm down and Tad tells Junior that something good can come out of this bad thing. Junior needs to be focused and figure this out. In this case, they have to go over everything that they know about Leslie. Junior thinks that rehashing the events will not help. Tad is sure that Junior is going to remember something that is going to save their mother. Junior shakes hands with Tad and hugs him, but he is still mad at his father. Tad wants to hear about this thing. Junior tells him that he was in the park and…. After the story is over, Tad wants him to tell the story again. Junior tells him that Leslie was saying that somebody was going to take a fall. Like somebody was going to take a fall, a long, long fall. Tad thinks that was a figure of speech. She said nothing else. All she did was play with these keys. Tad wonders if there was a rabbit’s foot on the key chain. Tad checks for the office keys. They are gone. Tad gets a policeman to stay with Junior. The cop is to call Derek and get him to meet Tad at Chandler Enterprises.

Liza returns home and finds Adam acting very strangely. She shows him the reports and he tries to ask questions about it. He offers to take a look while she goes to bed. Liza is not moving. She remembers that she waited earlier to see how long it would take for him to take off again. She was surprised at his restraint. She is happy about them spending the entire evening together. She strokes him hair. He tells her that is a little dangerous. She is flirting with him. He figures out that she knows that he is pretending to be Adam. She admits that she knew right away. She wants to know what he was doing and where he went. How could he pull this off? Stuart tells her that anyone can be bought. Stuart tells her that she has to believe in his cause. Adam will explain it.

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