All My Children Update Tuesday 2/20/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/20/01

By Glynis

Roger is in the park when he sees Erica and her daughter walking in. He quickly hides. Bianca tells her mother that Sarah is doing much better and would like to thank Erica for helping her out. Bianca offers to buy them cider and leaves to get it. Roger appears and tells Erica that he couldnít leave after meeting her the night before at the Valley Inn. He says that he decided to do something about his life. There is nothing for him at home. He noticed this park from his hotel window and had to come out. He thinks that life is too short to become miserable. He is going to start living for himself. She sees her daughter and tells him that she has to leave, but she thinks that he is on the right track. She leaves and Greenlee sees her father. He tells her that he was looking for her. She thinks that there is nothing for them to say. He tells her that he was wrong for speaking to her the way he did the night before. He takes her in his arms and holds her. He was drinking too much the night before and she came along and he just unloaded all of it on her. He was so cruel. He has been feeling lost since he separated from his wife. He has been worrying about his income and his social status. He has been a terrible father and a poor excuse. She thinks that he hasnít been that bad. He doesnít like what he has become. She is suspicious that he isnít being for real. He wants to be a father for her and make up for the distance between them. He would like to stay in Pine Valley and be the father that she never had. There is more to life than having money in his wallet. He would like to show her what she means to him. She doesnít have to answer now, but he would like her to think about it. They will talk about it the following day. He leaves her there in the park. Erica walks up to her and asks if she should be picking up litter. Bianca tells her mother not to waste her breath because Greenlee is not worth it. Once alone, Erica thinks that it would be great if they went to the beauty salon and got done up. Erica remembers that her daughter is not interested in those things. Erica thinks that maybe they will separate and do their own things. They can meet up for dinner later. Bianca leaves and Roger comes up again. He tells her that he met his daughter and now he is going back to his hotel. He asks her for coffee, but she is not able to meet with him right now. She would like to meet him later though.


Ryan is sitting with Gillian in the hospital. She is sleeping. He talks to her and tells her that everyone is pulling for her. Jake is watching through the door. He leaves and Ryan comes out to speak with him. Jake tells him that they stopped the hemorrhaging. Gillian has lost a lot of blood and the next few hours are critical for Gillian.


Joe and Jake talk about Gillianís situation. Joe tells him that he is the worst liar in the family. Jake is in a bad situation. He is involved and he is Gillianís physician. Jake feels terrible. He was accused of not being concerned about Gillian at the beginning and he thinks that was right. His main concern was for the baby and he put Gillianís life at stake. Ryan was right.


Dixie and Tad arrive back at home with the police. They are looking for Junior who has gone missing. No one has been able to find Junior. David turns up and finds out that Junior hasnít turned up at all. No one has seen him. David was unable to find Leslie. She has been kicked out of the Valley Inn for throwing coffee in the conciergeís face. Tad is sure that Leslie has Junior. David slings mud in Tadís face about telling Junior about Dixieís affair with him. Dixie doesnít want to talk about their personal problems anymore. Tad is sure that Leslie is the one that has taken Junior. The police are treating this whole thing as a runaway. Tad tells David that he is the one that is responsible for Junior being away. Dixie has to tell Adam that Junior is missing. She feels that she has to stay in the house in case Junior comes back. She asks Tad to go and see Adam to tell him that Junior is missing. He agrees to do that for her, but doesnít really want to leave her with David. David wants to talk with Dixie alone. The police leave. He goes to her and hugs her.


Leslie has Junior tied up and gagged. She brings him some things from the convenience store. He has to be hungry. She removes the gag and tells Leslie to stuff it. He tells her that she is crazy. She wants to become friends with him. He is not scared of her. She tries to tell him that she is not the monster that he thinks she is. There is going to be no ransom. This is not a standard kidnapping at all. Junior thought that maybe she was after money, but Leslie assures him that is not what she is after. She is not after money. She tries to get him food, but he doesnít want it. He wants her to tell him what is going on. She tried to get his parents to listen to her, but they wouldnít. They never ask how she feels. She feels lousy. It is hard being the other woman. Everyone thinks that she is a slut because she doesnít have a ring. The comments are so degrading and Tad has stopped respecting her and it is totally unfair. Junior is sorry that she has to put up with that. Junior reminds her of Tad when she first met him. Tad used to be kind to her back then. Junior thinks that she is smart and beautiful. She tells him that he can call her Leslie. He wants some of the donuts, but he feels weird having her feed him. He asks her to take off the ties that bind him so that he can feed himself. She decides to take the ties off Junior and starts untying. She looks up at his face and sees that Junior is smiling at how smart he is. She tells him that he is good. He almost got her. She trusted men before and look where it got her. Right in the dumpster.


Liza comes to see Adam in jail. He has to wait another hour to get out of jail. They kiss and try to believe that everything should be all right. He doesnít think that his lawyer is working hard enough. Adam really screwed up with trying to escape with Hayley before they were proved wrongly convicted of murder. He thinks that his wife has more heart than any woman that he has ever met does.


Ryan is back with Gillian in the hospital room. His incredible dream is that she wakes and talks to him. She does. She calls for Ryan. She turns to him and tells him that she wants to know what happened to her baby. He tells her that he is going to take care of her. She is only worried about the baby. She suspects that something is wrong and then she figures it out for herself. She tells him that she is so sorry. Jake comes in. She tells him that she should have gotten the check up that he told her to get. She thought that there was something that could have been done. The baby was growing in the wrong part of her body and nature took over. She tells the men in her life that she is so sorry. She cries to herself. Ryan tells her that they have lots of time, their whole lives. Right now, they need to take care of her. She is going to go to sleep now. Ryan tells her to close her eyes and he will be right back. He leaves to talk with Jake. Ryan tells Jake that he wants to thank him for handling things the way that he did. Ryan thinks that Jake did the right thing. He thanks Jake. Jake still canít help from feeling lousy. He wonders now if he did in fact do the right thing. Joe comes up and tells Jake that he has to get over what happened. He caní get over the fact that he almost cost Gillian her life. He is going to leave and he wonít come back. He doesnít trust himself. He takes off his stethoscope and hands it to his father then walks out.

Tad arrives at the jail and tells Adam that Junior is missing. Adam is furious. Junior found out what is causing trouble between himself and Dixie. There is a chance that Leslie has taken Junior to get back at him and Dixie. Adam reaches through the bars and grabs Tad by the neck. He squeezes and squeezes and finally the police come in and release Tad from Adamís death grip. Adamís lawyer comes in and tells him that the judge is not being very cooperative. Adam is being warned to behave if he wants to get out. Tad is still watching the whole scene. Adam tells him to get out of there and find his son. If any harm comes to Junior, Adam is coming after Tad. Liza wishes Tad luck. Tad leaves. Liza tells him to stop going into frenzy. She thinks that he may be just off somewhere playing video games. The lawyer returns and has a condition for Adam being released. He has to be under house arrest if he wants to go from the jail. He is going to be fitted with a bracelet and if he tries to leave the house he will be re-arrested.

Dixie and David have been left alone in the house. Dixie goes to Juniorís room to find a clue as to where he has gone. The phone rings and it is Leslie. David has answered the phone and canít believe that Leslie has called after. He wants to know where she is. She wants to know where Tad is. He thinks that she is out of her mind. He tells her that the police are looking for her everywhere. She tells him that he better not let the police find her for his own good. He tells her that he is the only friend that she has. She wonít tell him where she is. She canít be fooled anymore. She feels that she has been set up as the patsy. She warns him to get out of her way. She doesnít have to do anything. She is calling the shots. She demands that he not tell anyone that she called. If he does, she will make sure that Dixie never speaks to him again. She looks at some keys that she has in her hands. She believes in payback. Someone else is going to take the fall for this. He hangs up and Dixie comes running into the room wanting to know who called. David tells her that it was the wrong number. Tad returns and David is there listening to everything that they discuss about Leslie missing. Dixie feels that she has to go out to find her son. David thinks that he should go with her in case Leslie is drawing Dixie into a trap. Both David and Dixie leave the house and Tad is alone. There is a call and it is from Leslie. She tells Tad that she has Junior and she hasnít harmed him. She acts like he is acting weird and this is a misunderstanding. She tells Tad that he can pick up his son, but he has to come alone with no one else around. Tad agrees to the conditions and wants to know where she is. He is being held in an attic in an old church. Tad leaves right away

Leslie tells Junior that she knows that Junior is a musician. She wants him to sing for his parents. She takes out a tape recorder and puts it in front of him.


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