All My Children Update Friday 2/16/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/16/01

By Glynis

Gillian is in the car screaming from pain. Ryan has stopped the car and is going to turn around and take Gillian to a hospital right away. He tries to start the car, but it wonít start. He thinks that he can fix the car. He comforts her and tells her to relax while he sets about fixing the car. He is not going to let anything happen to her or the baby. She lets out another bloodcurdling scream. Ryan works on the car, but canít fix it without tools. Gillian is worried about what they are going to do. He gets his cell phone to make a call and finds that he canít get a signal on his phone to make the call. She screams again. She agrees to try walking with him to a service station. She is very ill. Ryan comes around to help her out of the car. He is sure that it will be okay. He gets her out of the car, and walks her around the car. She falls in his arms. She canít walk. He takes her back to the car and lays her down. He puts the seat back a little for her and covers her with a blanket. He gets back in the car and she screams out once again.

Vanessa is reminding Leo that there was a time when he felt that she was his best girl. She is still his best girl and she is going to give her permission to fall in love with Greenlee. She is in love with Palmer she says, but Leo suspects that Vanessa is more in love with Palmerís money. Palmer controls all the money and Vanessa canít even write a check. Greenlee adores Leo and Vanessa thinks that he could get his hands on her trust fund money and then they can sail away together. They remember the woman that they ripped off once. Women love him. Her son went after Leo with a dueling pistol. They barely got out of there with their lives. The targets were always Erica, Palmer and things have worked out for them she thinks. Leo says again that he is out of the game. She wants them to get as much cash as they can and then move to another adventure. Leo likes it where they are in Pine Valley. She thinks that they crave adventure. He tells her that they want the same things. He likes living on Adamís yacht. She wants him to think about owning his own yacht one-day. He is only acting like this because he is young. Eventually, she is sure that he is going to get tired of Laura and want something else. He is not going to go back to the lives that they once led. She tried to teach him about survival, and he failed at everything that mattered. He remembers everything. Most of the marks that they took deserved to be taken. He tells her that Greenleeís father is already stealing money from Greenleeís trust fund and he is not going to hurt her anymore. He still cares for Greenlee, even more than he thought possible. He thinks that he canít be with Greenlee because sooner or later he would have to tell Greenlee the truth. She couldnít take that. He tells her once and for all that he is out of the game.7

Roger is sitting with Greenlee and telling her that she was an accident. She was an unwanted child. Roger thinks that kids are a damn nuisance. He has friends that make a fuss out of their children and pretend that they are geniuses. Roger and his wife made a vow to remain childless. They had an aversion to having children. He wanted to end the line. She was born because they were having cocktails at a friendís house. The next morning he woke up with a premonition of doom. The rabbit died. They didnít get an abortion because her motherís parents would love a child and then love the childís parents too. The joke was on Roger. She thinks that she has been a fool. He thinks that she sets low goals for herself and he canít stand it. She wouldnít have done anything for him, but it wouldnít have mattered. She never had a chance. He thinks that she is like her mother. She thinks that he adored her mother. He tells her that he was never a love-match with her mother. He just followed her mother around. There is nothing there. Their ideas of happiness never intercepted. They stayed together for money. That was the only reason. Her mother had money and he never had any and she never let him forget it. He should have left her long ago when he could have gotten a good settlement. Greenlee just realizes that her mother may not know how he really feels. He tells her that he is just talking through the drinks. Greenlee gets upset and leaves the bar.

Jake is visiting with Tad. Tad wonít go and see Dixie because he is the last person that she wants to see. Tad wants to change the subject. Jake starts smiling and Tad wants to know what is making him so happy. Jake tells Tad that Gillian is pregnant and the baby may be his. Gillian and Jake got together on the boat and had a child. Ryan knows that it is probably Jakeís baby and he is not thrilled. It is not secret that finding out that Colby wasnít his hit him hard, but now he is going to be a father for real. He is counting the days. Tad doesnít understand why Jake is so happy. Jake is sure that the child that Gillian is carrying is his child. He is going to be a dad and he has no doubt about it. Tad doesnít think that the can give advice on being a father. The situation with Junior has changed. Dixie thinks hat there is good in everybody, including David. Jake wishes that the whole world knew about David. David has done a real number on his family and Dixie is the one that is going to be destroyed. It is time to go. Jake and Tad leave together. Tad is going to go and check on Dixie.

Leslie is stepping up her plan. Dixie is in the dark in the house and Leslie is terrifying her. Dixie has found a flashlight and shines it on Leslie. She tells Leslie that Td doesnít want her. Dixie warns that she has a cell phone. Leslie knows that the cell phone isnít working, and neither is the cordless for that matter. Leslie wants to play a little game. Hide and Seek. Leslie is going to hide and Dixie will be expected to seek. Leslie goes running out of the room. Dixie is holding the flashlight in front of her like a weapon trying to keep it on Leslie, but she loses her in the dark. Leslie manages to get behind Dixie and she calls out to her. Dixie is trying to find her with the flashlight held in front of her and swinging it around. Dixie is getting confused and she is panting in fear. Finally, she finds her with the flashlight. Leslie really has Dixie frightened. Dixie starts rummaging through a drawer in the desk and as she does that Leslie runs up behind her and shouts, "Die! Die!" She puts her hands around Dixieís neck and starts squeezing the life out of her. Leslie is telling her that she should have taken the offer and now she is going to fade out like she never existed. They are rolling around and Dixie manages to get away from Leslie and she grabs the flashlight. By turning very quickly, Dixie manages to whack Leslie dead on in the face. It knocks Leslie out and she falls to the floor and stops moving. Dixie gingerly kneels to the ground to see if Leslie is really out of it. Leslie appears to be unconscious, or maybe worse. Dixie is really panicking now. She goes for the phone, which is now working, and tries to make a call to the police. She starts talking and turns to look at Leslieís body as she does. She stops talking immediately because the injured Leslie is gone. There is no body there, just a drop of blood on the carpet. Dixie picks up her flashlight and shines it in the direction of the bloodstain. Leslie isnít hurt enough to stay down. She has managed to get away again. Dixie keeps her light shining and tries to find a glimpse of Leslie. She canít find Leslie anywhere. She has the flashlight shining on the back window, but sees nothing as she backs up to get a better view or her surroundings. She backs up some more, and a gloved hand touches her shoulder, which frightens her more than anything does. She screams and turns to see the person

Greenlee is very hurt by the things that her father has told her. She gets into her car and she shouts, "Damn you daddy." as she cries. She starts her car and starts driving. It is very bad out and she can barely see through the fog and mist. She squints to see better and her tears are not helping her with the visibility. She sees a small light. Unknown to her it is Ryan with holding up a light trying to get help for himself and Gillian. Before she could stop, she swerves too quickly and her car flies off the road. She just barely misses hitting Ryan who rolls over to the side of the road. Greenlee gets out of her car and now she is stuck too. Her car will not move now. The three of them are stuck. They need help. Greenlee canít walk for the help because she is wearing high heels. Ryan doesn't want to leave Gillian with Greenlee but it seems that she doesnít have a choice. He tells Greenlee that Gillian is pregnant and very sick. Gillian is shouting from the car for Ryan to help her. He shouts that he is coming. Ryan tells her that he has to get her to go. Greenlee gets the picture and agrees to help. She doesnít give a damn about him or Gillian. She agrees to walk up the street and get help. She leaves. Ryan comes into the car and finds that Gillian is unconscious. He tries to wake her, but canít.

Roger takes out a cigar and a drink when Erica enters the room. He starts to light up his cigar when Erica walks over to him and asks him if he really thinks that he is going to light up his cigar there. He lights it anyway in spite of her.

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