All My Children Update Thursday 2/15/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/15/01

By Glynis

Greenlee has just bought a date with Leo. Laura doesnít like it one bit. She feels like an idiot because Greenlee has bought her boyfriend. Laura doesnít want to be involved with Greenlee and she leaves to prove it. Leo sees Gillian and Ryan enter the bar and he walks over to speak with them. Leo tells them that Greenlee bought the winners dream date with him. Ryan tells him that he is going to the mountains with Gillian. Greenlee thinks that everything is right with the world again. Ryan and Gillian leave for their trip. Leo calls everyoneís attention so that they can see a $2,000 kiss. He grabs Greenleeís face and kisses her intensely. He tells Greenlee that their date is over and so is there relationship. Jake arrives and sees the little scene with Greenlee and Leo. Jake reminds Greenlee that he told her earlier that she should forget about Leo. Greenlee thinks that Jake doesnít know what he is talking about because he was dumped pretty hard by Gillian. They are not friends, but she would appreciate it if Jake would save her from the ugly crowd. Jake offers to take her somewhere else for a drink. He thinks that she has taken enough abuse for one night.

Tad is alone and Liza comes to see him. Everything in his life is slipping away and there is nothing to do about it. He is losing Dixie and Junior. He feels beaten. Junior thinks that it is Tadís fault that their family has broken up. He asked if Dixie slept with David and Tad didnít answer, but it wasnít hard to figure out. Junior was so mad that he just sat there and cried. He hates Tadís guts because Tad promised that he would protect everything that they have and he didnít do that. Dixie is finished with him. David has snaked his way into their lives and nothing is going to be the same. Liza thinks that he has to fight for his life. Tad doesnít know what he can do anymore to save his marriage. He had to expect that Junior would be upset. He is taking too much on himself. Dixie slept with David. She wasnít forced to do that. Tad thinks that Dixie was bored with her life anyway. Liza thinks that Tad is being really pathetic. He thinks that she was bored and wanted to spice up her life. Liza thinks that his take on the whole thing is a little off. Tad loves her but Dixie wants something new and exciting and he canít stop her from getting it. Liza hits Tad sharply with her hand. She reminds him about his little pep talks about her being with Dixie. She canít believe that Tad is the same man that she went to hell and back with. She is his best friend and she knows that he can compete with David and Leslie. She will not be friends with him anymore if he doesnít fight for his life.

Leslie has appeared on Dixieís doorstep. She is on the ground begging for help from Dixie. She says that she needs to speak with Dixie and she twisted her ankle on the doorstep. Dixie helps her up and brings her into the house. Dixie asks her if she likes flowers. Leslie says that she is allergic. Dixie asks her, "What are you allergic to? Flowers or spiders?" And with that she throws the flower box at Leslie. Leslie jumps up and panics knowing full well that the flower box had the spider in it. Dixie informs her that if she wants to play, then they can play. Leslie denies that she is trying to play games. Dixie thinks that she was the one that sent the spider to her. Leslie says that she doesnít know who sent the flowers. Leslie thinks that she should leave. Dixie doesnít let her go. She puts her hand on Leslie. She tells her that nobody threatens her family. She goes to the phone to call the police. Dixie tries to make the call to the police, but the phone is dead. Leslie asks her if she has phone trouble. Dixie realizes that Leslie has done something to her phone. And now they are all alone. Leslie thinks that her phone being dead is a freak accident. She tells Dixie that she canít think about anything but David. Leslie knows what it is to love someone so much that you would kill for it. Actually, when it comes to love, the both of them are the same. Dixie disagrees with that. Leslie doesnít care what Dixie thinks of how she feels about her. Dixie has what she wants and she can help her to get David. She thinks that they should arrange to help each other out so that they can both get what they want. Dixie doesnít want anything to with her. She thinks that Leslie is deranged. Dixie points out that both of the men that they are talking about want her and not Leslie. Leslie takes off her scarf and starts winding it around her hands in a strangling manner. She wonders what it is about Dixie that everybody thinks is so special. She tells Dixie that she will leave her alone if she lets Tad go free so that she can have him. Leslie puts the scarf back around her neck and Dixie agrees to Leslieís deal. Leslie is quite close to her now and Dixie reaches over to the desk and grabs the cordless phone and whacks Leslie across the face with it. Leslie falls to the floor. Dixie warns her to get out. She tells Leslie that she had better get out because she is going to call the police and they are going to hunt her down and put her away. She tells her again to just get out. Leslie tells her that it isnít necessary for her to call the police, as they were just having a discussion. Dixie is out of breath and panting like a wild animal. Dixie gets the phone working and starts talking to the police to report Leslieís visit. Suddenly the batteries in the phone give out and she searches frantically for more to make another call about Leslie. While looking for the batteries, the lights suddenly go out. Dixie screams. She is still panting like she canít catch her breath and she stands against the wall terrified that Leslie isnítí finished with her yet. This is not good. Slowly, the front door opens and Leslie enters the house yet again.

Gillian and Ryan are in the car on their way to the mountains. They discuss the baby and the place that he is taking her to. Ryan doesnít seem to know where they are. He insists that he does know, but the fog is pretty thick. Men always say that they know where they are. Finally he admits that he is not 100% sure that they are going the right way. He thinks that he should turn around and try another way. She doesnít care, as long as she is with him. Gillian feels a pain in her stomach and it just as quickly goes away. She wants Ryan to tell her about the cabin and he starts with a description. As he is describing the cabin, Gillian starts screaming in pain. "It hurts so muchÖ" Ryan panics and doesnít know what to do.

Palmer is home relaxing when he gets a visit from Leo. He wants to see his mother. Palmer calls Vanessa who comes out immediately. She is looking well and she likes that he has come to see her. Palmer leaves to watch something on television. He reminds her that she needs her rest. After he is gone, she tells Leo that she doesnít deserve Palmer. Leo agrees. He puts her on notice that he wants her to back off and get out of his personal life. He tells her that if she doesnít behave, she will not like what he does next. Leo figures out that Vanessa is trying to set him up with Greenlee. She denies that she is coaching Greenlee to get him back. He thinks that Greenleeís behavior is classic and he has figured her out. Leo is begging her to please stay out of his life. He doesnít want her help with anything. Vanessa thinks that there are a lot of reasons for him dating Greenlee. She reminds him of the reasons that they came to Pine Valley in the first place. Leo says that he is not that person anymore. She reminds him again that they came there for one reason and Greenlee was at the top of that list at the time. Leo doesnít want his hand forced. Vanessa feels that she has to force his hand. She has to. She has been loyal to the reason why they came there. He reminds her that Palmer loves her and she tries not to be affected by Palmer loving her. She admits that she is not always acting. She actually has feeling for Palmer. This is the first time that Leo and his mother has had a place to call home. She came there to stake the place out and she is going to continue to do that. She doesnít want him to confuse the issue. She went after Erica first and that didnít work and then she went after Palmer. Leo tells her that what they have now is real. They donít have to be swindlers anymore. He tells her that he has gone legit by working for starters. Vanessa thinks that Leoís life is a scam. She doesnít believe that Leo is going to be successful at all. She thinks that he is going to be out on the streets in no time. She thought that when Leo refused the million dollars to leave Greenlee alone, she thought that was ingenious. She thought that was great. Leo tells her that it wasnít a scam. He did that because that was what he felt in his heart. She thinks that their plan is working better than they ever planned it to. She is not going to stand by and let Leo throw away this perfect opportunity. Leo tells Vanessa that he loves Greenlee and he is not going to do anything to hurt her.

Greenlee and Jake are at another location having drinks when she sees her father. She excuses herself to go and talk to her father. Roger tells her that her mother is divorcing him and it is Greenleeís fault. He tells her that she has money and she can leave him if she wants. He asks if she asked for an audit on her trust fund. She admits that she did. There was money missing from the fund and he was considered to be a thief. Greenlee offers to call her mother and clear things up, but Roger tells her instead that he wants her to stay out of his life. She begs to still be in his life. He tells her that she was never supposed to be a part of his life in the first place. Her mother was careless and that was why she was born. He tells her that she was a mistake. Her mother wouldnít say this. He doesnít like surprises like other people do.

While Greenlee is away from Jake at their table, Jake walks over to quickly visit with Liza and Tad. Liza tells them that they have managed to ruin their relationships. She leaves the brothers to talk. Jake wants to apologize for the things that he said about Dixie earlier. Tad thinks that no one knows what is going on anymore. How could something like this happen? Jake tells him again that it wasnít his fault that he was seduced on Libidozone. Dixie will fight for her children and Tad. Jake is sure of that.

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