All My Children Update Wednesday 2/14/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Glynis

Becca is explaining to Leo, Laura and Tina how the contest for is going to work. Some girls come to the party at the restaurant. They are from Biancaís high school and one of them flirt shamelessly with Leo. Tina takes the girls to get their hands stamped. Leo and Laura are trying to figure out how to make lots of cash with the company. Laura really has her hopes up for getting with Leo.

Vanessa is feeling much better and she is out with Palmer when Greenlee comes to visit. Vanessa is craving a martini and is a bit chilly so she asks Palmer to go and get her shawl. He kisses her and leaves. Greenlee tells Vanessa that she did exactly what Vanessa told her to do and she isnít any closer to getting with Leo because of it. She thinks that Leo doesnít like her trying to get him back. It is Valentineís night and Vanessa thinks that anything can happen. The contest draw is being held. All the ballots are in the box and they spin the box to see who is going to be the winner and who will get their dreamÖ Everyone is screaming as Leo gets the winning ballot out of the drum. The winner is number 312. One of the high school girls wins. Her dream is a romantic date with Leo. The girl runs to Leo, but he tells her that he is an employee and canít participate in the contest. The audience thinks that this is some rigged contest, so finally Leo agrees to go on the date. Leo hugs the girl and Greenlee happens to walk in and see them together. Leo thanks everyone for coming and Leo turns to the girl to start the date. Laura wants to buy the date from the girl. The girl is torn. There is a sale going on at the mall and she really wants the money. Greenlee comes forward and offers to buy the date for $2,000. She gets out her checkbook and writes the check. The girl runs screaming to her friends and Greenlee thinks that dreams really can come true.

Ryan and Gillian are in bed discussing her pregnancy. Ryan thinks that she should be happy that she has a little baby growing inside her. She should enjoy that. Gillian realizes for the first time that she is going to be a mother. She is genuinely happy about it for the first time. He promises to be with her every step of the way. They know that the child can feel their love. Ryan is going to read bedtime stories and he is going to be a magnificent father. They kiss. Their lives are going to change forever. He has given her so much love and hope for the future. They still have to deal with Jake and he wants the child. Ryan offers to take her away again. He has keys to a cabin and no one is around. They could stay there until she is strong enough to face Jake. She likes that idea and wants to do it right away. They leave immediately.

Dixie is with David kissing in her house and she tells him that they canít be doing this right now. David starts searching for the spider that was sent over in the flower box by Leslie. Dixie sits on the couch and David assures her that the creature is gone. She thinks that she is in the middle of a disaster. She tells him that Tad was there. She was to chaperone a dance at Juniorís school with Tad. He wants so badly to be a family again. He feels let down by her. She doesnít think that she is a good mother. She is allowed to find her own happiness. She thinks that Tad hates her. David knows that she is upset now, but she canít deny her feelings. If it hurts her son, she doesnít want to do this anymore. She canít believe that David sent her flowers with her family there. David denies that he sent her flowers. Well, if he didnít send the flowers, who did? She thinks that Leslie sent the flowers with the tarantula in it. David starts looking for a way to figure out if Leslie sent the box of flowers or not. This is not the first time that Leslie used Libidozone. David tells her that Leslie was the one that drugged the punch at the party on the boat. Dixie worries that Tad may be in danger. David doesnít think that Tad is in danger. Dixie is the one that Leslie thinks should be removed. David thinks that Dixie should stay with him until Leslie is gone. She wonít be safe until Leslie leaves. She has to be there when Junior comes home. She is not going to let Leslie chase her out of her house. She is sure that she is going to be fine. She is being really stubborn. David will take the tarantula to the animal authorities. He gives her a present for Valentines Day. She opens the box ad finds a necklace in there. It is lovely. She thinks that he shouldnít have done that. He has found his heart and now is hers. She will cherish it. He has to leave, but he reminds her not to talk to Leslie.

Tad is having a heart to heart with Junior who is demanding the truth. Tad tells him the truth. He tells him that he slept with Leslie. Junior is stupefied. Tad tries to explain about the party on the boat. Something happened and there was a fight and Leslie was just there. Tad is not proud of what he did, but he thinks that he should know the truth. He is not with Leslie; it was that one stupid time. Tad still loves Dixie more than anything. Tad tells Junior that his family is his life. Junior thinks that they should be able to work things out. Junior thinks that now that David is hanging out, they probably slept together too. Junior starts crying and he gets up and starts punching and swinging at Tad telling him that he trusted him and now he is hurt. Tad holds him close to his heart. He is promising that everything is going to be okay. Tad takes responsibility for everything. He started everything. The whole thing shouldnít have happened. Junior thought that his mother was perfect. Tad explains that Dixie is human. They have to love her until she gets over what has happened. Dixie was really freaked out when he ran out of the house. Junior doesnít want to go back to the house. Tad suggests that he stay at the Martin house. Junior wants to go to be with Jamie instead.

Leslie is in the restaurant and again she is approached by the concierge of the hotel and given her bill. She takes it this time and tells the man that he doesnít have to worry, because she only throws coffee.

David talks to the concierge and is told that Leslie has checked out. The concierge thinks that Leslie is unbalanced and David agrees.

Dixie is cleaning up the house and hears a noise. She calls for Junior and Tad, but no one answers her. She returns to her cleaning and then she hears a voice. She walks to the front door. Someone is moaning. Dixie opens the door and finds Leslie on the front step with her hand out to her. She is saying, "Dixie, please help me!"

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