All My Children Update Tuesday 2/13/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/13/01

By Glynis

Leslie enters the restaurant at the Valley Inn. She asks the waiter about Tad and the waiter cautions her about behaving badly again in their restaurant. The concierge walks up to Leslie in the restaurant and presents her with the bill for her staying at the restaurant. He tells her that she must pay and leave immediately. David has walked into the restaurant and finds her there arguing with the concierge. He walks over just as Leslie throws her drink into the conciergeís face. He tries to control the situation and tells the concierge that she is under medication and canít help herself. He takes her to her room and she tells him that Tad really loves her. He tells her that they have her on tape stealing the Libidozone. He warns her that she had better get away from there as soon as possible. She must leave Pine Valley. She realizes that if what he says to her is true, she may be up on charges. He knows that she gave Tad some drugs. She denies that she did it. He tells her that the tape was checked because they were trying to catch him with the drug. Everybody saw how erratic she was acting downstairs at the bar. She tells him that if anyone is going down for this, it is going to be him and not her. He tells her that whatever she does, he wins and she loses. She tells him that even with the drug, Tad didnít want her, he wanted his wife. She knows that it is over and she might as well do what he wants. She tells him that she is going to leave as soon as she gets packed. She promised herself that if Tad didnít want her she would cut her losses. David thinks that she is being very smart. She hopes that things work out with him and Dixie. He leaves her to let her start packing. She tells him goodbye, but after he leaves, she gets on the phone to make a call.

Dixie is in the living room when Tad comes. They had an appointment together and he still doesnít see any reason that they canít make the appointment together. As they are talking, he sees flowers on the table and thinks immediately that they are from David. He picks them up immediately and walks to the door to throw them out. Junior comes out of the back and tells his parents that he was the one that sent the flowers with Tadís name signed to it. He can see that he has made a mistake and he leaves the room. Tad canít understand either why they canít be together. She wonders if they can both chaperone Juniorís dance together the way that they have been acting. He tells her that he was acting the way that he was because Leslie drugged him. She canít believe what she is hearing. They havenít called the police yet. He isnít calling the police yet because he believes that David is the one that made her steal the drug and give it to him. Dixie thinks that once again, he is trying to blame David again for his problems. Tad doesnít care. He is going to go on fighting for their marriage. They have forgotten how they used to be in the house. She is willing to throw everything away. She doesnít want to be the one that is responsible for everything that has happened. Tad is scared for the both of them. She holds his heart in her hands. He is not as dangerous as David is and he is begging her to please come back to him. He wants to love her again. Junior comes out into the room and he is ready for the dance. He gives his mother a valentineís card with a picture of their family in it. She turns to him and hugs him seeing that her family is what matters most. A delivery comes for them and it is a box of flowers. It isnít Tad that has sent the flowers and Junior can tell by the look on his face. He realizes that the flowers are from David and throws them on the floor and storms out of the house. Tad goes after him.

Arlene and Mateo have just arrived at the courthouse. Hayley is very happy to see her and the judge decides to reconvene right away in court. Hayley finds out that her mother knew that she was in trouble and didnít come forward to save her. Hayley demands to know why. Arlene had questions of her own. She canít believe that Hayley left her for dead. Court is reconvened. The judge announces that the victim has shown up in the courtroom and wants an explanation. Arlene stands and tells the judge that there is no reason to continue with the trial. The judge wants to know if Arlene wishes to press charges. Arlene thinks that they have been through enough and they should leave things now. The charges are dropped and Arlene turns to find Vanessa in a wheelchair being pushed by Palmer. "Hello ArleneÖ" Vanessa says. Arlene canít believe her bad luck. Derek is there too and wants to know what Arleneís explanation for the necklace missing is. Vanessa knows that Arlene fenced the necklace. Palmer demands that Arlene be charged with the theft of the necklace. Hayley comes to Arleneís aide. She thinks that Arlene deserves a second chance. She got a second chance when she was vindicated after being accused of killing her mother. Mateo tells Hayley that Arlene didnít want to come back and help Hayley. Arlene was scared because everyone would want to punish her for what has happened. Adam is glad that she is alive, but wishes that she were on the ocean floor. Hayley doesnít want anything to happen to her mother. Palmer tells her that she will rot in jail for the things that Arlene has done. Adam offers to write the check for all the trouble that Palmer and Vanessa have suffered. He will pay for the necklace and anything else that has gone wrong for them. Arlene canít believe that Adam would do that for her. Then she realizes that there is a catch. Adam tells her that she better believe that there is a catch. He wants her to sign the divorce papers and leave town on a plane. Mateo also throws in that he wants her to never have contact with Hayley again. Hayley is not sure that she likes the conditions. Adam gives her 30 seconds to decide. He starts the countdown. Arlene turns to her daughter, full of despair. Arlene doesnít agree to the agreement. Arlene changes her mind when she realizes that Adam isnít kidding and was on the verge of having her put in jail. Hayley tells her mother that she is sorry that all of this happened. She asks her mother to forgive her for all that she has done. Arlene tells her daughter that she is forgiven. Hayley still has some bad feelings about what is happening and Mateo tries to make her understand that this is for the best. Arlene thinks that the only decent person there is Hayley. She leaves but vows that they will here about her in the future. Derek is a little disappointed that no one wants to put Arlene in jail. Palmer doesnít care, he has his money back and Adam thinks that this is the best scenario for everyone so thatís the way that it is. Hayley and Mateo leave together and Adam and Liza gets up to leave together. Derek stops Adam and tells him that he still set a fire in the courtroom and there is still someone in jail, Duffy. And when he rolls over and tells who hired him, Adam will be very interested.

Erica is in the hospital with Mrs. Livingston and she is trying to explain that Bianca and Sarah are good friends and nothing matters right now but the fact that her daughter is sick. Mrs. Livingston thinks that Erica is more tolerable about their daughterís lives because of the life that she lives in the fashion world. Bianca is listening to the conversation between the two women. Erica tells Mrs. Livingston that when she first found out that her daughter was gay, she wasnít accepting at all. She is there because Bianca is her child and baby and she loves her. That is reason enough for her. Bianca canít believe how understanding her mother is being on Sarahís behalf. Mrs. Livingston thinks that her daughter was punishing her. Erica doesnít know why Bianca says that she is gay. Erica is scared that she wonít be able to relate to her daughter, but she just wants her daughter to be happy. Mrs. Livingston wants her daughter to be happy and yet, she canít understand all of this. She doesnít know what to say to her daughter. Erica tells her to talk about the day that she was bornÖ. That she is exactly the same person now that she was then. Erica tells her that her daughter is the same. Mrs. Livingston gets up and walks to her daughterís hospital room door. She is grateful to Erica and she enters. Bianca comes up behind Erica and reveals that she is there. She remembers her mother talking to her father and she was feeling so helpless. Erica was afraid that she would lose her daughter. Erica could feel her heart breaking. Bianca takes her hand in hers and tells her mother that she feels like her heart is breaking too. Bianca tells her mother that she loves Sarah very much and Erica understands that. When Bianca was very sick, Erica asked grandmaís spirit to come down and protect her. Bianca asks her mother to please ask grandma to come down and protect Sarah. Erica tells her daughter that she will ask her grandma, and her grandma will come down and protect Sarah. She holds her daughter and comforts her. Bianca knows that it is very hard on her mother. Erica thinks that Bianca may get hurt. She thinks that people are going to judge her because of the label on her. She is crying and she explains that people may harm her. Bianca doesnít care what people she doesnít know think. Bianca thinks that she is afraid of something else. She thinks that her mother wants her to be something that she isnít ashamed off. Her mother doesnít want her daughter to be something that she is ashamed of. Bianca tells her mother that she is very proud of herself. She learned that from Erica. She says that she got her courage from her mother. Erica wipes the tears from Biancaís eyes.

Erica and Bianca go into see Sarah and her mother. Mrs. Livingston tells her daughter that she isnít going to force her daughter to stay with her husband. She knows that everyone has to know the truth. Mrs. Livingston wants her daughter to come home and Sarah canít believe her ears. Erica offers to buy Mrs. Livingston some coffee. They leave together and Bianca stays to talk with Sarah. Everything went okay. Her mother told her that she loved her and Sarah needed to hear that. Bianca thinks that things are going to easier now. Sarah is sorry that she put Bianca through all of this. Bianca tells her that she will always be there for her if she is needed. Sarah wants Bianca to visit her in Boston. It will be springtime soon and Bianca will bring her a tulip and she will smile like before. They hold hands. Bianca leaves the room and talks to her mother. It seems that they have reached a new understanding about their relationship together.

The deliveryman that brought over the flowers to Dixieís house has returned to Leslieís room in the hotel. He tells her that his mission has been accomplished. The special box has been delivered. Leslie is too happy at the thought of Dixie opening her special little package. She is sure that Dixieís heart will not be able to handle this.

Back at the house, Dixie is alone with the box with the bow around it. She is about to open the flowers to see what she thinks David has sent to her. She gingerly removes the bow on the box and then removes the lid. She looks into the box and slides the tissue paper to the side. She sees the flowers, but wonders where the card for them is. She lifts the flowers to find the card and lo and behold, she finds a giant spider or maybe a tarantula inside the box near the bottom, slowly crawling to the top. She jumps from the box, and throws it to the floor in horror. She runs screaming to the other end of the room and screams repeatedly in fear. She also clutches her heart as she screamsÖ

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